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FALCON CREST Travel Guide Light Edition
On July 16, 2018, the DFCF released its new compact travel guide. Unlike the sister publication, the complete travel guide in four volumes, the light edition is focused on the top highlights of "Falcon Crest" filming locations.
This compact guide book (98 pages) introduces you to the most important filming sites in Northern California's Wine Country, San Francisco and Greater Los Angeles plus the two movie studios where the series was shot.
The publication is not a mere illustrated listing of locations, but a real travel guide with advice for routing, overviews of opening hours, recommendations for the best photo spots and much more.
The light edition of our travel guide is published as a hard copy (double-sided printed book in A 5 format; coil binding) or e-book (*.pdf). It is in full color with the exception of very few historic black & white photos.
The e-newsletter type can be downloaded in two different resolutions — a higher resolution for bigger display screens (printable editions optimized for prints not larger than A 4) and, upon request if needed, a compressed version for mobile devices (tablet computers and cell phones). All *.pdf files are optimized for Microsoft Windows and Android.
Download & print editions are downloadable and printable *.pdf files with a watermark on prints for copyright protection; the watermark is not displayed on screen.
Download & read editions are downloadable *.pdf files that are readable only, but not printable.
For e-newsletters, a specific URL and a password will be sent to you via e-mail so you can download and open the file.

  • hardcopy:
    EUR 42.99 (regular)
    EUR 439.99 (members )
  • e-newsletter (download & print):
    EUR 30.99 (regular)
    EUR 27.99 (members )
  • e-newsletter (download & read):
    EUR 26.99 (regular)
    EUR 23.99 (members )

Shipping Cost

  • Germany: EUR 4.50 (EUR 0.00 for DFCF premium members )
  • Europe (air mail): EUR 9.00
  • USA, Canada and Australia (air mail: approximately 7 to 10 days): EUR 16.00
  • For shipping charges to other destinations or special deliveries (such as UPS or any other airfreight company), please contact us via e-mail before you make your order.
How to Order

Please send your order with your name, address and phone number via e-mail to order@falconcrest.org or contact us via letter.
You will receive an invoice with payment instructions.
Payments have to be made to our bank account in EUR. The bank account information (including IBAN and BIC numbers) will be included in the invoice. Alternatively, in exceptional cases international payments can be made by using PayPal. Please contact us whether you wish to pay via PayPal, you will then receive an invoice directly from PayPal. We are sorry we are unable to accept checks or money orders.

A sample of a page from the travel guide light edition is here.
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