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View original drawings and sketches of filming locations (printing disabled) in this section.
These drawings and sketches as well as the downsized reproductions of original drawings come from LORIMAR's art department. The downsized copies were handed to all staff and crew members concerned for their day-to-day operations, in particular to each episode's director as well as to the set dressers and prop masters. Some directors made annotations or added lines to indictate the camera angles from which they wanted to shoot scenes in the particular episode (listed in parentheses).
Some files may contain additional pages with explanations by the DFCF board, such as camera angles and further details as well as changes in the set or how the same set was redressed for different purposes.
"Distant Locations" — from the production company's perspective — are filming locations beyond the usual 30-mile zone around the major movie studios in Greater Los Angeles; in the case of "Falcon Crest", the term usually refers to filming locations in Northern California, particularly the Wine Country (Napa and Sonoma Valleys).
These site layout plans from early 1981 give an overview of the following filming locations from "The Vintage Years":

These site layout plans from the summer of 1981 give an overview of the following filming locations from the "Falcon Crest" series: