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Frequently asked questions:
In this section, you can ask all "Falcon Crest" related questions, especially those about the production process on the set. The DFCF Board will be happy to answer your questions or pass them on to a crew or cast member.
Please be advised it might take some time to find out what you would like to know and the club will refuse inquiries not related to the show.
Please send your questions directly to the production office.
Question (anonymous):
There are different versions of the spelling of JANE WYMAN's nickname on this website: JANIE and JANEY. Which is the correct spelling?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; April 9, 2018):
Until most recently, we were not sure. Many of her colleagues, including executive producer JEFF FREILICH, used "JANEY". In 2014, BOB CRUTCHFIELD, LORIMAR's senior vice-president TV publicity, informed me during our interview that he thought "JANIE" was the correct way to spell it. Since her nickname was pretty much spoken only and we had never seen any written document with the name, we could not be sure. Only a few days ago, we received some correspondence between JANE WYMAN and LEE WALKLING, the "Falcon Crest" script supervisor. LADY LEE generously donated her personal documents from the show to the DFCF archives. JANE signed some of these papers in a very personal way: "JANIE".
So, with immediate effect, we decided to use "JANIE" as the correct spelling of JANE's nickname on this website.

Question (JAMES, NC/USA):
For SUSAN SULLIVAN: Which storyline of Maggie Gioberti's did you find to be the most fun? And which turned out to be the most frustrating?
Answer (SUSAN SULLIVAN; Dec 10, 2012):
My favorite storyline was the one with DAVID SELBY.
And most frustrating... well none really — all compelling in their own way...
Having a baby on the rug with Angela was pretty interesting!

Question (LUDGER, Bestwig/Germany):
For MARGARET LADD: Who was your favorite male co-star out of all the boyfriends Emma had on the series?
Answer (MARGARET LADD; June 10, 2012):
I loved them all dearly. This is truly the case. They were all my friends and I hope still are. Thanks for asking.

Question (THOMAS J. PUCHER):
On April 12, 2012, THE PALEY CENTER FOR MEDIA in Beverly Hills, CA opened a WARNER BROS. exhibition called "Television: Out of the Box", including LORIMAR classics. I understand that DAVID was there — and LORENZO [LAMAS], BILLY [MOSES] and PARKER STEVENSON. Are there many items from "Falcon Crest" on display there, and is it worth going there?
Answer (CHIP SELBY on behalf of DAVID SELBY; April 17, 2012):
Very little from "Falcon Crest". There's one cast picture of the first year — no DAVID — with a lot of other cast pictures in a hallway. There's one spot where a small TV is playing a video of a scene between JANE [WYMAN] and BOB FOXWORTH (no sound). Otherwise, there is nothing — disappointing when you think of how big the LORIMAR shows were. But there is a limited amount of space in that building. "ER", "Friends", and the space series, etc., get attention. And there is a really nice corner devoted to animation from the early days. It's all nice, but I don't know how worth a trip it is if you're only going for the LORIMAR shows.

Question (LUDGER, Bestwig/Germany):
For DAVID SELBY: Besides SUSAN [SULLIVAN], who else was a great love interest for Richard from your point of view?
Answer (CHIP SELBY on behalf of DAVID SELBY; April 17, 2012):
DAVID says the only real love interest Richard Channing had on the series was Maggie. He dated ANA-ALICIA's character a little, but the other older women — KIM, GINA, LESLIE, etc. were all just fun/business.

Question (various fans):
Is "Falcon Crest" available on DVD?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; Dec 18, 2009):
WARNER BROS., the successor of LORIMAR, owns the rights to "Falcon Crest" nowadays. WARNER HOME VIDEO started to release the series in DVD region 2 in April 2009; the region 1 release is scheduled to start on April 20, 2010. Check out the current status on our Media – DVD site.

Question (various fans):
Is a video tape or a DVD of "The Vintage Years", the pilot of the series, available?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; Nov 11, 2009):
"The Vintage Years", the original pilot and predecessor of "Falcon Crest", was never aired on TV. The film reel was locked away in LORIMAR's (WARNER BROS.) movie archives for 25 years. Due to corporate decision and legal reasons, the pilot was unavailable for the public for a long time. AOL and WARNER BROS. surprisingly changed their policy for the mid-March 2006 début of In2TV, their Internet video-on-demand system, where it could be viewed until January 2009. After that, "Falcon Crest" was removed from the system due to the European DVD release. On this website, you will find a lot of background information in the Show menu — click on Episodes (Analysis & Interpretation – Behind the Scenes) and Photos (Main Titles and Publicity).

Question (THOMAS J. PUCHER):
Who is the producer or crew member standing behind JAMIE ROSE on the season 1 photo (see below)? N.B.: Exec producer MIKE FILERMAN is standing next to BOB FOXWORTH, series creator EARL HAMNER next to LORENZO LAMAS.
Answer (MARGARET LADD; Jan 12, 2009):
Thanks so much for the picture! Happy new year!
Answer (LORENZO LAMAS; Dec 20, 2008):
Thomas, Sorry I have no idea who that could be. LL
Answer (SUSAN SULLIVAN; Dec 19, 2008):
Hi Thomas,
I have not a clue!
But this gives me a chance to wish you Happy Holidays!!
Answer (WILLIAM R. MOSES; Dec 19, 2008):
I believe that man is MALCOLM HARDING. I think he was only on board for the pilot. Hope that you have a nice holiday season.
Best regards,
Answer (JAMIE ROSE; Dec 18, 2008):
I don't remember him either! That is so odd. I don't think it's BARRY STEINBERG though.
Happy Holidays,

Question (MAJA, Hamburg/Germany):
Why was the spelling of "Vicki" on this site changed to "Vickie"? Which is correct?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; Dec 10, 2007):
There are three different ways of spelling the name (Vicki, Vickie and Vicky) in the original materials from LORIMAR, e.g. press kits and scripts. It was only recently we discovered that only episode 144 contains a written "document" of the name — on Dan's cast: "Vickie". As used by the characters, this has to be the primary way of spelling the name.
There are similar problems with other characters: Phillip Erickson (according to his letter head, episode 25), who even sometimes was mis-credited as "Phil(l)ip Erikson"; it is rather Skylar Kimball (see Peter's address notebook, episode 128) than "Skyler"; and rather Jeff Wainwright than "Wainright" (see gravestone, episode 153).

Question (ROBERTO, Colombia):
Is the name of the Hispanic familiy introduced at the beginning of the series Nunouz or Nunez?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; Nov 12, 2007):
Both versions are wrong. According to MARIO MARCELINO and NICK RAMUS, the correct spelling is Nuñez, which will be used on this website.

Question (ROBERT, Dallas, TX/USA):
References to the orientation of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion were corrected in the behind the scenes information recently. Is the front view the southern view of the Mansion (as previously described) or is it the eastern view (as described now)?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; Sept 17, 2005):
The front view of the Mansion is the eastern view. Previous architectural references were revised in accordance with improved on-location experience and satellite images.

Question (INKA, Hannover/Germany):
Why is it that some names are spelled differently on this site if you compare them with previous fan club newsletters, e.g. Stone Briar instead of Brier or Charbone instead of Jearbon?
Answer (INGO A. KÜPPERS; July 30, 2004):
This is the result of improved research opportunities. Contrary to previous years, the fan club now has access to a lot more original materials from LORIMAR's "Falcon Crest" production office, including many scripts. The corrections made on this site give respect to the correct spelling as stated in these documents.

Question (MARKUS, Regensburg/Germany):
Where is the variation of the falcon coat of arms on this website from?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; Feb 16, 2004):
As the coat of arms from the show is not suitable for this website due to the low TV screen resolution, the logo was revamped — based on the golden season 6 design. The current version was redesigned by Thomas J. Pucher and Hanne Neumeier specially for the exclusive use on this website and in DFCF newsletters.

Question (RIJS, Eindhoven/The Netherlands):
What are the names of the typefaces used for the "Falcon Crest" main titles?
Answer (THOMAS J. PUCHER; Jan 18, 2004):
The "Benguiat Book" font (seasons 5 – 8 and 9.II), named after its designer, is also available as low-resolution fonts called "Bangkok", "Bangle" etc. Season 9.I featured a typeface named "Foxglove" a.k.a. "France". Whereas these fonts are available on many reasonably priced CD-Rom font collections, the "Letraset Romic" typeface from seasons 1 – 4 is exclusively available at Font Shop for a license fee of approximately $ 250.

Question (DFCF Board):
What happened to Richard's toy soldiers after the show? Where are these props nowadays?
Answer (DAVID SELBY; Jan 15, 2004):
We have only one little soldier — it was made for me by the guy who made the soldiers for the show. I have no idea what became of them.

Question (LYDIA, Aix-en-Provence/France):
Who designed the falcon coat of arms for the opening titles?
Answer (BOB McCULLOUGH; Oct 8, 2003):
The crest was designed by someone in the art department... and with amazing haste. I think it happened in about four hours!