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In times when editing was done on film, the final cut was usually made from the answer print (i.e. the "master"). Before LORIMAR, around 1986, started the first digital editing process on video, using a computer-aided device called Ediflex, the answer prints were physically cut in the editing room. "Superfluous" footage (frames that were not needed because the producing staff used coverage from a different angle, for instance) was usually thrown away. Some of these frames were rescued by staff members though and generously donated to the DFCF for historic preservation.
For further information, about the editing process of "Falcon Crest", check out our Making of section.
The following overview is a random collection of "lost" frames in the editing process, which will grow from time to time whenever such frames become available. Note that, due to aging, some of the film frames may suffer from discoloration, scratches and other anomalies.
Each cut frame is accompanied by the most similar frame that made it to the final version in the episode (both in its NTSC and PAL TV formats). Episode numbers and scene numbers are listed for your information. Large versions of the cut frames are availble to DFCF members only.