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Connections between "Falcon Crest" and Other Productions
(revised 06/12/2023)
Many picture cars from "Falcon Crest" were reused in other productions, which is a usual process in the entertainment industry because not everything is bought specifically for a production. Below are a few striking examples of vehicles that were prominently reused in other shows or came from other shows and were reused on "Falcon Crest".
BMW 635 CSi Coupé
(Kit Marlowe; # 133 and 141 / Andy Stryker; # 150):
The picture car used for Kit Marlowe in # 133 (screen capture 1) and in # 141 as well as for Andy Stryker in # 150 had been used by LORIMAR before in seasons 6 and 7 of "Knots Landing" as Harry Fisher's vehicle; screen grab 2 is from "The Long and Winding Road" (# 130 <6.30>; original U.S. airdate: 05/23/1985, CBS).
Chevrolet Corvette C4 Convertible
(Eric Stavros; # 156 and 166):
The picture car used as Eric Stavros' gray Chevrolet Corvette C4 Convertible in # 156 and 166 (screen grab 1) had been used by LORIMAR before as Dr. Jerry Kenderson's vehicle on "Dallas"; screen grab 2 is from "Masquerade" (# 215 <8.24 – original count> / <9.24 – DVD count>; original U.S. airdate: 03/07/1986, CBS).
Chrysler LeBaron Convertible
(Ben Agretti; season 8):
The picture car used as Ben Agretti's red Chrysler LeBaron Convertible in season 8 (screen capture 1) had been used by LORIMAR before as Sly Lovegren's vehicle on "Dallas"; screen grab 2 is from "Showdown at the Ewing Corral" (# 288 <11.07 – original count> / <12.07 – DVD count>; original U.S. airdate: 12/16/1988, CBS).
Crown Firecoach
(Tuscany Valley Fire Department; # 186):
The fire truck with identification code 256 in "Dust to Dust" (# 186 <8.03>; original U.S. airdate: 11/11/1988, CBS — screen grab 1) was a picture car owned by LORIMAR.
Before that, the vehicle was used in "Hart to Hart", which had just moved to THE BURBANK STUDIOS to film its 1982/83 season; the fire truck was visible in the episode "One Hart too Many" (# 076 <4.09>; original U.S. airdate: 12/07/1982, ABC — screen capture 2). "Hart to Hart" rented the vehicle from LORIMAR; it was dressed with a different identification code on that show.
Horse Buggy
(Falcon Crest; # 030):

The Falcon Crest carriage at the Founders Day Parade in "'...Divided We Fall'" (# 030 <2.12>; original U.S. airdate: 12/31/1982, CBS) was a prop owned by LORIMAR. It was also used on other shows:


  • "Hart to Hart":
    Just a few weeks before, the same horse buggy was used on "Hart to Hart", which had just moved to film its 1982-83 season at THE BURBANK STUDIOS; the episode was entitled "Hart's Desire" (# 073 <4.06>; original U.S. airdate: 11/16/1982, ABC — screen grab 2). "Hart to Hart" rented the horse buggy from LORIMAR.
  • "Paper Dolls":
    After "Falcon Crest", the horse buggy was utilized in a scene of a model shoot on the Bahamas, actually filmed in front of the Irving Thalberg Building at MGM STUDIOS (nowadays SONY PICTURES STUDIOS) in Culver City, CA. The screen grab is from # 11 (original U.S. airdate: 12/11/1984, ABC).
    The short-lived "Paper Dolls" series, which only ran for one season, was produced by MGM TELEVISION and filmed at what was then MGM STUDIOS where LORIMAR, at the same time, was the major tenant and filmed "Dallas" and "Knots Landing" among other shows. MGM rented this horse buggy from LORIMAR's prop department, which was stationed on the MGM lot at that time.
Jaguar XJ (Series III)
(various users; seasons 4 through 8):
One of the many luxury cars among LORIMAR's assets was this burgundy Jaguar XJ (Series III), which was utilized as a background car on "Falcon Crest" from time to time and whose most prominent use was as realtor Louella's vehicle in # 123.
Like many other props, LORIMAR moved this picture car around in their various productions. On "Knots Landing", it was Anne Matheson's rental car during her first stay in the town of Knots Landing; the screen capture is from "A Plan of Action" (# 180 <8.20>; original U.S. airdate: 02/05/1987, CBS).
Lotus Esprit Turbo
(Terry Ranson; season 4):
Terry Ranson's sports car from season 4 (screen capture 1 from # 069) was given another life by LORIMAR in year 7 of "Knots Landing"; in "Friendly Enemies" (# 148 <7.18>; original U.S. airdate: 01/30/1986, CBS), Gary Ewing showed some interest in purchasing it in a car dealership.
Mazda RX7 GXL
(Kathryn Anderson; # 175 and 177):
The picture car used as Kathryn Anderson's light blue car in # 175 and 177 was previously used by LORIMAR in seasons 8 and 9 of "Knots Landing" as Olivia Cunningham's vehicle; the screen grab is from "Gifts" (# 174 <8.14>; original U.S. airdate: 12/11/1986, CBS).
Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC Coupé
(Greg Reardon; season 5):
The picture car used as Greg Reardon's blue car in season 5 became available for LORIMAR's next use in seasons 8 through 13 of "Knots Landing" as Greg Sumner's vehicle; the screen grab is from "Slow Burn" (# 165 <8.05>; original U.S. airdate: 10/09/1986, CBS).
Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL
(Richard Channing; seasons 4 and 5):
The picture car portraying Richard Channing's burgundy vehicle in seasons 4 and 5 became Charles Scott's rental car in season 9 of "Knots Landing"; the screen grab is from "Weak Moment" (# 202 <9.12>; original U.S. airdate: 12/17/1987, CBS).
Mercedes-Benz 600
(Angela Channing; seasons 1 through 4):
Angela's iconic black Mercedes-Benz 600, which she had until the end of season 4, was used by LORIMAR — while "Falcon Crest" was in production — as a background car on "Flamingo Road": In "Little Foxes" (# 22 <2.07>; original U.S. airdate: 12/22/1981, NBC; screen capture 2), it was parked in front of the Shorecrest Clinic where Eudora Weldon underwent treatment. Ironically enough, an establishing shot that originated during shooting this "Flamingo Road" episode was later used on "Falcon Crest"; for details, see our Behind the Scenes section.
Porsche 911 Carrera Targa
(unknown couple; # 117):
The red Porsche 911 Carrera Targa, a background car used by the couple checking in or out of Harry's Hide-away Adult Motel in # 117, later got a more prominent use on "Knots Landing" where it was purchased by Valene Ewing Gibson in "There are Smiles" (# 195 <9.05>; original U.S. airdate: 10/22/1987, CBS; screen capture 2). It was used on that show until the end of season 11.
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible
(Andrea Thompson; # 203):
The picture car portraying Andrea Thompson's silver VW Rabbit (series I, type 17) in # 203 was used a few months later as a background car in a scene on "Knots Landing" filmed on a parking lot at LORIMAR STUDIOS (previously MGM STUDIOS, now SONY PICTURES STUDIOS) in Culver City, CA; the screen grab is from "Close Call" (# 251 <11.04>; original U.S. airdate: 10/19/1989, CBS).
Volkswagen Vanagon T3
(Filovia; # 008):

In # 008, Cole arrived in this white / brown Volkswagen Vanagon T3 in Lucca, Tuscany / Italy. This van belonged to LORIMAR.

It was also used in "Flamingo Road" as a background vehicle — first, in "Secrets" (# 13 <1.13>; original U.S. airdate: 03/10/1981, NBC) on a highway; later in the series finale entitled "Murder, They Said" (# 37 <2.22>; original U.S. airdate: 05/04/1982, NBC) in downtown Truro, FL (filmed on Midwest Street at THE BURBANK STUDIOS / WARNER BROS. STUDIOS, which also served as Town Square in Tuscany on "Falcon Crest").
Zimmer Golden Spirit
(Tony Cumson; season 6):

Tony's neo-classic convertible — a screen capture from "The Stranger within" (# 130 <6.03>; original U.S. airdate: 10/17/1986, CBS) — is an old LORIMAR prop.

It is best remembered as Mark Graison's (JOHN BECK) car on "Dallas" where it was used previously; the left screen grab is an example from "The Road back" (# 132 <6.01 – original count> / <7.01 – DVD count>; original U.S. airdate: 09/30/1983, CBS).
Later it was used in that series again — as Al Halliday's (LANCE LeGAULT) car in "Ka-booom" (# 311 <12.04 – original count> / <13.04 – DVD count>; original U.S. airdate: 10/06/1989, CBS).