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Connections between "Falcon Crest" and Other Productions
(revised 12/04/2019)
Publicity photos taken by LORIMAR's and CBS' photographers were usually intended exclusively to promote "Falcon Crest". Sometimes, however, these photos resurface in other situations.
SUSAN SULLIVAN portrayed Martha Rodgers on "Castle", the title rôle's mother, during the show's complete run between 2009 and 2016.
SUSAN's character on "Castle" was an aging actress. Having had a lot of creative influence on her part, SUSAN sometimes included references to her actual acting career and used footage (for example from her guest appearance in the 1977 pilot of "The Incredible Hulk") and promotional photos from her various acting jobs to rededicate them as parts in Martha's character bio. In a "Castle" scene in "Inventing the Girl" (# 013 <2.03>; original U.S. airdate: 10/05/2009, ABC), Martha and Rick Castle looked at a publicity photo of SUSAN from season 6 of "Falcon Crest", referring to earlier years of her character Martha's acting career.
"Knots Landing":

For # 214 of "Falcon Crest", a photo of ROD TAYLOR and ANDREA THOMPSON was taken. It shows Frank Agretti and Genele Ericson in happier times and, nicely framed, was Genele's Christmas present for Frank.


This photo resurfaced in season 14 of "Knots Landing" in the episode "Rescue Me" (# 329 <14.04>; original U.S. airdate: 11/19/1992, CBS) on the desk of Anne Matheson's gynecologist, Dr. Ludwig, amongst a number of other framed photos.