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Connections between "Falcon Crest" and Other Productions
(revised 05/15/2023)
Some character names and some company names were used identically before and after "Falcon Crest" in other productions.
Channing, Angela:
In the crime drama "Barnaby Jones" centered around the private investigator by the same name, the episode "Twenty Million Alibis" (# 013 <1.13>; original U.S. airdate: 05/06/1973, CBS) featured a character by the name of Angela Channing played by guest star SUSANNE HILDUR (later SUSANNE BENTON, born 1948).
It is pure concidence that the same name would later become the main character of "Falcon Crest".
In # 053 <3.13> of "Falcon Crest" (original U.S. airdate: 12/23/1983, CBS), KCPY Radio 96 was introduced as a radio station in the Tuscany Valley. It was also seen as a San Francisco radio station in # 104 <5.06>, and another affiliate station by that name was seen in Ridley, OK in # 143 <6.16>.
The same name was used in other productions as well. There is no information available at this time though if the use of this abbreviation on other shows was coincidential.

  • "Knight Rider":
    Only approximately a month after it was first established on "Falcon Crest", the same name — KCPY — was used on "Knight Rider" as a radio station in "White-Line Warriors" (# 037 <2.15>; original U.S. airdate: 01/29/1984, NBC).
  • "Dynasty"
    ("Der Denver-Clan")
    Later, same name — KCPY — was also used on the original "Dynasty" series as a radio station in "The Announcement" (# 178 <8.04>; original U.S. airdate: 10/14/1987, ABC).
Marlowe, Kit:
Kit Marlowe, the alias primarily used by KIM NOVAK's character, Susan Cameron, in season 6 of "Falcon Crest" was later reused on "Dallas" where, in season 13 (original count) / 14 (DVD count) the part of a young woman in Malibu (portrayed by SHARI SHATTUCK) was given that name. This rôle appeared on "Dallas" for the first time in "90265" (# 13.13 / 14.13 ; original U.S. airdate: 02/08/1991, CBS), followed by four more episodes that season.
For details about the Kit Marlowe name on "Falcon Crest", check the entry in # 128 <6.01> in our Behind the Scenes section.
It is an inside joke by HOWARD LAKIN, who served as the supervising producer on "Dallas" at that time. He had worked on "Falcon Crest" before — in seasons 6 and 7: in his first year, as a story editor and writer; in his second year, as a supervising producer and writer. HOWARD worked on "Dallas" from approximately mid-season 11 (original count) / 12 (DVD count) until the series finale in season 13 (original count) / 14 (DVD count); first, as a producer, then in the last two years as a supervising producer.
He had a preference for reusing some specific names. On "Dallas", some supporting characters appeared with the same last names that he had previously used on "Falcon Crest", but with different first names (e.g. Rosemont and Breslin).

In # 073 <4.05>, an issue of Mystique, an erotic magazine, was featured.
Note that back in the 1980's, this was not a real magazine, but a fictional one. It is purely coincidental that, approximately two decades later, a real magazine by the same name was published.

The name of this fictional magazine (plus the same design of its lettering) was used by other TV shows and movies. The following are a few striking examples (not a complete list):
  • "Poison Ivy":
    original U.S. airdate: 02/10/1985, NBC (screen capture 1)

  • "Moonlighting":
    Episode "Big Man on Mulberry Street" (# 30 <3.06>; original U.S. airdate: 11/18/1986, ABC; screen grab 2)

New York Chronicle:
In # 069 <4.01>, an issue of the New York Chronicle was used in Spheeris and Elke's hotel room in New York City.
The name of this fictional daily newspaper (plus, in most cases, the same design of its lettering) has been in use in many TV series and movies since the 1930's.
Examples of productions that included this newspaper (not a complete list):
  • "Citizen Kane":
    theatrical release date: 05/01/1941 (USA)

  • "When Worlds Collide":
    theatrical release date: 09/14/1951 (UK)

  • "I Love Lucy":
    episode "Vacation from Marriage" (# 041 <2.06>; original U.S. airdate: 10/27/1952, CBS)

  • "Breakfast at Tiffany's":
    theatrical release date: 10/05/1961 (USA)

  • "Kojak":
    episode "My Brother, My Enemy" (# 052 <3.05>; original U.S. airdate: 09/21/1975, CBS)

  • "Murder, She Wrote":
    episode "Deadpan" (# 087 <4.21>; original U.S. airdate: 05/01/1988, CBS)

  • "Beverly Hills, 90210":
    episode "Brandon Leaves" (# 245 <9.05>; original U.S. airdate: 11/04/1998, FOX)

  • "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow":
    theatrical release date: 09/14/2004 (USA)

  • "Heroes":
    episode "I Am Become Death" (# 38 <3.04>; original U.S. airdate: 10/06/2008, NBC)

  • "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them":
    theatrical release date: 11/08/2016 (Canada)

In # 119 <5.21>, 155 <6.28>, 165 <7.10> (screen grab from this episode), 171 <7.16> and 173 <7.18>, tickets of an airline named Transcon were shown.
Transcon is a fictional airline utilized particularly in 1980's TV series and movies. Among a few other fictional entities, it was sort of an industry standard to utilize names like that whenever real airlines did not pay for product placement.
Transcon was also utilized, for instance (not a complete list), in the comedy crime drama "Moonlighting" in the episode "Yours, Very Deadly" (# 28 <3.04>; original U.S. airdate: 10/28/1986, ABC; screen grab on the left).
It was also used in that show in the episode "Father Knows Last" (# 46 <4.07>; original U.S. airdate: 12/15/1987, ABC).
Wade's Wintergreen:
In # 056 <3.16>, 070 <4.02>, 119 <5.21>, 141 <6.14>, 182 <7.27> and 205 <8.22> (screen grab from the last aforementioned episode), the back of various magazines showed an advert for Wade's Wintergreen ("The Gum That Refreshes").
Wade's Wintergreen is not a real product, but a fictional chewing gum brand, which was presented in ads in various 1980's TV productions and movies. It was kind of an industry standard to use this prop ad whenever there was no sponsor for a certain product placement.
Examples of productions that featured the name of this gum plus usually the same layout of the ad (not a acomplete list):
  • "Night Court" (original series):
    original U.S. airdate: 1984 – 1992, NBC (screen grab 1)

  • "The Golden Girls":
    original U.S. airdate: 1985 – 1992, NBC

  • "April Fool's Day":
    theatrical release date: 03/28/1986 (USA)

  • "Married... with Children":
    original U.S. airdate: 1987 – 1997, Fox (screen capture 2)

  • "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation":
    theatrical release date: 12/01/1989 (USA; screen grab 3)

  • "Malcom in the Middle":
    original U.S. airdate: 2000 – 2006, Fox