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Connections between "Falcon Crest" and Other Productions
(revised 01/10/2022)
LORIMAR sometimes used standing sets specifically built for "Falcon Crest" for other productions to trim down their production cost.
While sets from other productions used on "Falcon Crest" are listed under the respective episode in the Behind the Scenes section of this website, this paragraph gives an overview of "Falcon Crest" sets utilized on other shows.
The following interior sets from "Falcon Crest" were used in other shows:
Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion – Second Floor Bedroom:
The usual Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion bedroom set from the first three seasons, which was redressed as various bedrooms, was built on stage 1 at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS) — compare the entries in # 014 and 023 in the Behind the Scenes section of this website for this set.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Interior Sets section.
This set was borrowed by "Flamingo Road" multiple times:
In order to reduce production cost, LORIMAR used the movable elements of this set in "Heatwave" (# 25 <2.10>; original U.S. airdate: 01/19/1982, NBC) of that show as the hotel suite where Constance Carlyle (MORGAN FAIRCHILD) met with Julio Sanchez (FERNANDO ALLENDE). In that case, the wall elements were arranged just like the bedroom set from season 1 of "Falcon Crest" (depicting Angela's, Julia's and Lance's bedrooms as well as the guest bedroom). While the wallpaper matches the one in Angie's bedroom and the guest room, the set was slighly redressed for "Flamingo Road", particuarly furnished differently.

It was redressed again on "Flamingo Road" for "The Explosion" (# 27 <2.12>; original U.S. airdate: 02/09/1982, NBC) as another hotel room.

Other redresses of the same set occurred on "Flamingo Road" for "No Dice" (# 32 <2.17>, original U.S. airdate: 03/23/1982, NBC) as yet two other hotel rooms: Sam and Lane's suite (screen captures 1 and 2) as well as Field and Constance's suite (screen grabs 3 and 4); when the door is opened, even the same wallpaper from the upstairs hallway of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion is visible in the corridor.
Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion – Second Floor Hall and Hallway:
Known from season 1, the upstairs hall at the top of the stairway landing and the adjacent hallway of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion was an elaborate interior set on stage 1 at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS): At one end, there was the distinct stained glass window, which would later also be seen in other parts of the Mansion (screen capture 1 from # 005 <1.05>). The center part contained the staircase to Emma's rooftop studio (screen capture 2 from # 002 <1.02>) and, just across, the door to one of the guest bedrooms where Chase and Maggie stayed during # 001 <1.01>. The other end of the set was a hallway leading to other rooms, including Angela's bedroom (screen capture 3).
This interior set was also borrowed by "Flamingo Road":
"An Eye for an Eye" (# 35 <2.20>; original U.S. airdate: 04/20/1982, NBC) was a "Flamingo Road" episode featuring a part of this Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion set as a hotel corridor.
Filming "Flamingo Road" was cleverly done towards the end with the stained glass window. By doing so, the director of photography obscured the stairs leading to Emma's room, which would have been visible from the opposite direction. What really gives it away that this is the upstairs hallway set of the Victorian Mansion, though, is the stained glass window although the set decorators tried to conceal it behind a plant.
Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion – Study:

Even Angela's study in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion in its original design from season 1 — with the partly wooden wall paneling in brown color — was reused.

It appeared on "Flamingo Road":
In "The Explosion" (# 27 <2.12>; original U.S. airdate: 02/09/1982, NBC), the niche where, later in season 5 of "Falcon Crest", the pocket doors to the sun room would be installed was redressed as Sam Curtis and Lane Ballou's hotel suite. The "Flamingo Road" crew was very careful to keep the reuse a secret by choosing only one narrow camera angle.
In "No Dice" (# 32 <2.17>, original U.S. airdate: 03/23/1982, NBC), the set was redressed and refurnished as Michael Tyrone's hotel suite, accessible through the door where there used to be a walk-in closet in Angela's study during seasons 1 through 4 of "Falcon Crest". The book shelves next to the fireplace were covered with a drywall and a picture (visible on the left frame of the screen capture); the fireplace itself remained out of the camera angle.
The same redress occurred for "An Eye for an Eye" (# 35 <2.20>; original U.S. airdate: 04/20/1982, NBC) of "Flamingo Road" (screen captures 2 and 3). Once again, the set was redressed and refurnished as Michael Tyrone's hotel suite. Again, filming "Flamingo Road" was cleverly done: The little walk-in closet near Angela's desk (where from season 5 on the sun room was located) was used as the door to the suite, and one wall was placed behind that door so it created the illusion of a hotel corridor. In the beginning of the scene, Michael Tyrone (DAVID SELBY) is standing near the double pocket doors to what actually is Angie's study. His position was filmed so closely that it was not easy to recognize that he actually stands in the foyer of the Victorian Mansion set.
New York City Police Department /
San Francisco Police Department /
Tuscany Valley Hospital
In season 1, "Falcon Crest" used a multi-purpose set for the interiors of different police stations and the Tuscany Valley Hospital, which was redressed for its various purposes: It was the New York Police Department in # 001 (in contrast to the other scenes, filmed from across; screen grab 1) and the San Francisco Police Department in # 009 (screen captures 2 and 3). In # 017 (among other episodes), it was redressed as a corridor in the Tuscany Valley Hospital. Identical areas are color-coded; for more details consult the Behind the Scenes section of this website.
This set was also borrowed by LORIMAR's "Flamingo Road", which also filmed at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS) at the time:

In "The Stranger" (# 23 <2.05>, original U.S. airdate: 12/08/1981, NBC), it was used as the interiors of the Truro Bus Terminal.

While LORIMAR, in its earlier days, usually used standing sets at AIR MOCK-UP, a Pacoima based company that specialized in renting out airplane interiors, they later built a jetliner cabin set of their own for the use on their shows. It consisted of a few basic wall parts and a variety of seats in different fabrics and colors for easy redressing. The standard seat model that was used quite often was made of blue and purple fabric.
This set was used on "Falcon Crest" in # 156 for both Nicole Sauguet's private jetliner and the Boeing 747 John Remick used for his flight from North Africa to San Francisco, the latter being in the typical blue and purple seat dress. It was also used in # 180 for Vickie's flight from Geneva / Switzerland to San Francisco.

In "Only 'til Friday" (# 203 <9.13>, original U.S. airdate: 01/07/1988, CBS) of "Knots Landing", the jetliner cabin set was used in its basic Boeing 747 configuration as the airplane for Johnny Rourke's flight.

San Francisco Globe – Douglas Channing's Office:
Douglas Channing's executive office at the San Francisco Globe from season 1 was a permanent interior set on stage 19 A at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS), which was redressed as the billiards room in the Agretti Residence — compare # 016 in the Behind the Scenes section. The same set with the distinct oakwood paneling was used later in other productions:

  • "The Waltons":

    The set was borrowed for the first reunion movie of EARL HAMNER's other successful series. Redressed for "A Wedding on Walton's Mountain", it appeared as an office in that TV movie (original U.S. airdate: 02/22/1982, CBS).

  • "Flamingo Road":

    Redressed again, it was used in "Flamingo Road" as Michael Tyrone's (DAVID SELBY) "sacred room" in season 2; the screen capture is from "The Bad and the Beautiful" (# 34 <2.19>, original U.S. airdate: 04/13/1982, NBC).