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The names of the following places refer to the location names and addresses as known from the show. To learn more about the use of these filming sites in particular episodes of the series and to find out where they are situated in real life, refer to the behind the scenes information in the episode section. Please understand that addresses of private homes used as filming locations cannot be publicized in order to respect the residents' privacy.

Views from River Road over the vineyards of Falcon Crest — especially the original 50 acres (the Gioberti Estate) — and its neighbors. The tree-lined main driveway to Falcon Crest is in the center.
The historic Falcon Crest main gate with the coat of arms — old walnut trees on either side of the main driveway.

The stone bridge leading from the main driveway to the driveway to the Gioberti Estate, the original 50-acre founders vineyard of Falcon Crest.

Gioberti Estate
Western and southern views of the Gioberti House, the original Falcon Crest limestone manor built by Joseph Gioberti.

The Gioberti Estate Guest House near the Gioberti House — a limestone pergola is located closely to the Gioberti House on the southeast of the estate.

The Gioberti Estate later became part of the Gianinni / Gioberti Winery when Falcon Crest was parcelled off between Angela Gioberti Channing and Chase Gioberti, but was reunited with the bulk of Falcon Crest after Chase's second codicil to his last will and testament became activated.
In 1987, an explosion destroyed the Gioberti House almost completely.
Victorian Mansion

The Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion, a masterpiece of fine architecture, is the new elegant family residence built by Joseph Gioberti. After the 1988 fire catastrophe, it was rebuilt by Angela Gioberti Channing. The Mansion's phone number is (707) 555-7311.

The entrance of the Mansion with its stained glass windows in the front door. The stained glass window in the stairway (here seen from the second floor) includes a picture of the falcon as a symbol of Falcon Crest.
More location photos, especially interior photos of the real mansion, are available here.
Northern and northwestern views of the Victorian Mansion.
Western and southern views of the Victorian Mansion.
Guest House

The Falcon Crest Guest House near the Winery Building.

Winery Building Complex
The Château Style Main Building of the Winery Building Complex with its cave into the mountain behind was built for Joseph Gioberti by Chinese workers. The Winery's phone number is (707) 555-7823.

The Bottling Building adjacent to the south of the Winery Building.


The Cooperage on the Falcon Crest grounds houses additional winery facilities, wine cellars and barrel rooms.

Formal Gardens

The Formal Gardens on the Falcon Crest grounds are the perfect setting for the posh gala parties of the Giobertis & Channings.


There are stables with a nearby lake on the Falcon Crest grounds.

Stone Briar / Gianinni Winery / Gioberti Winery
Originally owned by Carl Reed, Stone Briar Winery was later acquired by Sam Gianinni, owner of Gianinni Vineyards, and renamed Gianinni Winery. After Sam's daughter, Connie, and Chase Gioberti had started a partnership by uniting the winery and vineyards with Chase's adjacent Gioberti Estate, the original Falcon Crest founders vineyard, she finally sold her share to Chase. The winery was renamed Gioberti Winery. When the second codicil to Chase's last will and testament became activated, the winery became part of Falcon Crest — which also led to the reunification of the Gioberti Estate with the bulk of Falcon Crest.

The cave of the winery goes into the Mayacamas Mountains behind the building.


The Gianinni home — situated on the Stone Briar grounds — is accessible through a separate gated driveway.


Another driveway to the vineyards at Stone Briar.

McKay Vineyards
Main wing and side wing of the half-timbered / brick home in Tudor style.
The McKay Vineyards were merged into the Gioberti Winery after Terry Channing's, the previous owner's, death and later also became part of Falcon Crest.
Whitaker Vineyards
Originally owned by Simon Whitaker, the vineyards were sold to Chase Gioberti, who later merged them into the Gioberti Winery. They later also became part of Falcon Crest.
The cabin on the grounds is situated quite close to the Tuscany Valley lake near Cross Creek.
Karl Beck Vineyards
Originally owned by Karl Beck, the vineyards were merged into Falcon Crest when Angela Gioberti Channing purchased them.
Short Vineyards
Originally owned by Gabrielle Short, the vineyards were merged into Falcon Crest when Angela Gioberti Channing acquired them — alongside 25 other vineyards — using a front company, the Tuscany Land Co.
Buckman Vineyards
Originally owned by George Buckman, the vineyards were merged into Falcon Crest when Angela Gioberti Channing acquired them — alongside 25 other vineyards — using a front company, the Tuscany Land Co.
Brandon Tame Vineyards
Originally owned by Brandon Tame, the vineyards were merged into Falcon Crest when Angela Gioberti Channing acquired them — alongside 25 other vineyards — using a front company, the Tuscany Land Co.
Views of River Road, the road adjacent to Tuscany Valley's finest vineyards

River Road facing east: McKay / Ranson Vineyards (vines in left foreground), parts of Falcon Crest's Gioberti Estate founders vineyard (hill where Jacqueline Perrault was buried), Gianinni Vineyards (on the left ridge), parts of the Agretti Vineyards (on the right ridge) and parts of the vineyards of Falcon Crest (vineyard rows on the right).
Facing west — valley view from the part of the Gioberti Estate vineyard where Jacqueline Perrault was buried: Visconti Vineyards (far right) and McKay / Ranson Vineyards (center); River Road is on the left next to McKay / Ranson Vineyards.

Main wing and east wing of the half-timbered Tudor style home. The addresses are 12 Lake Road and 414 Meadows, Tuscany Valley.
Guest wing: front view and rear view with guest pool. The address is 5436 Lindero Canyon Road, Tuscany Valley.
Pool House
There is an additional swimming pool and a pool house in the vineyards near the Agretti Residence.
[N.B.: This location also portrayed Darryl Clayton's and Terry Ranson's pools.]
There are various lakes and ponds on the Agretti land:
A lake with a pavilion is situated near the pool house.
Another lake is located in the vineyards in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains between River Road and the main driveway to Falcon Crest.
Finally, a pond near a mill is also located on the Agretti grounds.
Randolph Vineyards
The Randolph Vineyards were acquired by Melissa Agretti to form Joseph Wineries. That company was eventually merged into the Agretti Vineyards.

Keys Creek Vineyard was aquired by Tony Cumson in 1986 and renamed Tuscany Hill by Lance Cumson, the new owner, in 1988.


The Italianate / Neoclassic Nash House is the home to Seven Pines.


Demery Winery is one of the smaller businesses in the Tuscany Valley.


The winery acquired by Phillip Erickson is housed in a Spanish style building.

(listed alphabetically; unpictured)

  • Adrian Martoni
  • Arbor Vineyards
  • Castleton Vineyards
  • Cliff Oates
  • Crown Winery
  • Davalos Winery
  • DiGioia Winery
  • Fenwick Winery
  • Greco Winery
  • Lentino Vineyards (owned by Phil Lentino)
  • Marty Heller Vineyards (owned by Marty Heller)
  • Mesterfield Winery
  • Morton Grove
  • Oakbridge Winery
  • Paolo Bellini
  • Purdy Vineyards
  • Ristelli Brothers (owned by Eric Ristelli and his brother)
  • Robert Masello
  • Sal Serafino
  • Tuscany Vintners Associate Winery
  • Two Oaks