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The names of the following places refer to the location names and addresses as known from the show. To learn more about the use of these filming sites in particular episodes of the series and to find out where they are situated in real life, refer to the behind the scenes information in the episode section.
Tuscany County Administration

The county administration is located in various buildings:
The first one is the historic Tuscany County Building, which houses the County Farm Bureau, the Department of Records, the Department of Water and Power, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Commissioners Office and the Supervisors as well as the Department of Parks and Recreation, the County Clerk, the Planning Commission and one of the sheriff's offices.
The second one is a new concrete building called Tuscany County Administration Offices housing more office space for local authorities.
[N.B.: The concrete building also portrayed various other companies and public buildings. Refer to episode # 074 in the behind the scenes information of season 4 for detailed information.]

The County Building is located on Main Street in downtown Tuscany — close to Town Square.


The Tuscany Valley County Health Department is located in a separate buidling on a cross street of Main Street in downtown Tuscany.

Tuscany Valley County Court

The historic main wing of the Tuscany County Courthouse in downtown Tuscany, the place of many civil law suits and criminal trials.

For more courtrooms and additional office space, new wings were built adjacent to either side of the rear of the main wing of the Courthouse.

Additional courtrooms and offices are located in the Commissioners Building nearby.


When additional office space was needed in 1982 and 1983, some court offices were temporarily located in an annex of the Tuscany County Building.

To accomodate the needs for more office space, the Hall of Justice was built near the historic Courthouse.
Also some courtrooms and offices were established in the Tuscany County Administration Offices building.

The Family & Probate Court later moved to another court building in downtown Tuscany.

Tuscany County Jail

The historic main building of the Tuscany County Jail also houses one of the sheriff's offices. It is located on Market Street in downtown Tuscany.


An additional jail building — also for the purpose of remand and short terms of imprisonment — is located outside Tuscany.

Tuscany Police Department / Tuscany Sheriff's Department
The headquarters of the Tuscany Valley police are located on Polo Road in downtown Tuscany.
Town Square


Town Square is the historic city center of Tuscany right next to Main Street. There are several stores around the historic gazebo in the center of the street.

Main Street

The county administration and many stores are located on Main Street.

Market Street

Market Street is another office and shopping square in downtown Tuscany. In this section, for example, the law offices of Terry Channing's attorney were located.


More stores on Market Street — the building where Caproni's Italian Bakery was housed, in the center.

In this section of Market Street, the cartel's front company, DeBercy Land Development, was located.
Polo Road

The most expensive shopping street in downtown Tuscany is Polo Road with its many fancy stores.


An office and store building across the Tuscany County Courthouse in downtown Tuscany was used as Chase Gioberti's campaign headquarters for the 1986 County Supervisors election.