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The names of the following places refer to the location names and addresses as known from the show. To learn more about the use of these filming sites in particular episodes of the series and to find out where they are situated in real life, refer to the behind the scenes information in the episode section. Please understand that addresses of private homes used as filming locations cannot be publicized in order to respect the residents' privacy.
(listed alphabetically — by last name if related to a personal name)
Apartment House

The apartments where Claudia Chadway and Danny Sharpe lived are in a small apartment building in Tuscany.

Caproni House

Vince Caproni's house is located in downtown Tuscany.

Channing Homes

  • Hilltop Road Home
    Aerial view of Richard Channing's second house in the Tuscany Valley. The estate is situated on top of a hill and has balconies on two different levels of the terraced hill.
    The address is 2055 Hilltop Road, Tuscany Valley.
    The large upper deck of the house. A view from the upper deck down to the pool deck. The swimming pool was built of native stone from the Tuscany Valley.

    A breathtaking view of prime vineyards in the Tuscany Valley from the large balcony on the upper deck of the house.

    The house was blown up by a bomb planted by Pamela Lynch in 1985.
  • Channing House

    The gate to Richard Channing's third residence in the Tuscany Valley.

    Front and rear view of Richard's third house built of native Tuscany Valley stone.
    [N.B.: This location also portrayed Francesca Gioberti's house in Tuscany / Italy.]
  • Channing Ranch

    The gate to Maggie & Richard Channing's residence, a Tuscany Valley ranch between the hills away from growing grapes.

    Eastern view of the main house. View of the southern gable and terrace of Maggie & Richard's home.
    The spacious living room has a rustic charme and yet an elegant atmosphere: Billards corner and one of the sitting areas next to the fireplace.
    The bar separating the living room from the dining nook. View from the gallery above the living room area towards the eastern entrance.
Daniels House

Lauren and Walker Daniels' log home has some rustic charm.

Fixx Cabin

The Fixx Cabin is located in a suburban Tuscany street with houses in the same design, such as the Ortega House.

Chase Gioberti's House

Chase Gioberti's home where he moved in with Gabrielle Short after he and Maggie had parted.

Karlotti House

Vince Karlotti's home, where also his psychic parlor was housed, is a beautiful Victorian in downtown Tuscany.

Nuñez House
Front and rear view of the Nuñez House in the Tuscany Valley.
Ortega House
The Ortega House is located in a suburban Tuscany street with houses in the same design, such as the Fixx Cabin.
Reardon Ranch

Greg Reardon's ranch has extensive stables, paddocks and riding grounds.

Sharpe Homes
  • Michael & Savanna Sharpe's Home

    Michael & Savanna Sharpe lived in a luxurious home in the Tuscany Valley.
    [N.B.: This location also portrayed the Riebmann House in Buenos Aires / Argentina (painted rust-brownish).]

  • Michael Sharpe's House

    After Savanna divorced him, Michael Sharpe moved into a mordern white home in the Tuscany Valley.

Stavros House

Vickie and Eric Stavros' bungalow is located in downtown Tuscany.

Starr House

Frank Starr's semi-detached home is situated in downtown Tuscany.

Town Square

A small street with middle-class homes is located near Town Square in downtown Tuscany.

Houses on the left side of the street: Cole and Linda Gioberti's home (formerly Elizabeth Bradbury's house) and Nick Hogan's home.
Jeff Wainwright's Cabin

Jeff Wainwright's cabin where he held Maggie captive is located approximately five miles from the Peterson Crossroad.

(listed alphabetically — by last name if related to a personal name)
Melissa Agretti's Apartment

The apartment secretly bought by Melissa Agretti is situated in a brick apartment complex on Nob Hill.

Apollonia's Victorian

Apollonia's Victorian is located in a residential street with two more Victorian houses in the same design.

Cable Towers

Amanda Croft's apartment is located in an apartment building called the Cable Towers.

The Comstock

Jordan Roberts' duplex is located in a luxurious Nob Hill apartment house named The Comstock.

Liz McDowell's Apartment

Liz McDowell's condo is located in an apartment highrise at the corner of Chestnut and Hyde Street in San Francisco.

Samantha Ross' Apartment

Samantha Ross' apartment is located in a modern white town row house on Hyde Street in San Francisco.

Royal Towers

Both Phillip Erickson's apartment and Pamela Lynch's are located in the Royal Towers apartment house at the corner of Green and Taylor Street on Russian Hill.

Lori Stevens' Apartment

Lori Stevens' apartment is located on the top floor of a typical San Francisco style apartment building on crooked Lombard Street.

(listed alphabetically — by last name if related to a personal name)
Cabot House

The address of Daniel Cabot's (R.D. Young's) Victorian home is 2411 Howze Street, Mill Valley, CA. The phone number is (707) 555-2242.

Skylar Kimball's Apartment

Skylar Kimball's apartment is located on 25730 Ocean View Drive, Palm Beach, FL 33480. The phone number is (305) 555-9822.

Riebmann House

The front of Johann Riebmann's house in Buenos Aires / Argentina.
[N.B.: This location was also used as Norton Crane's New York home (terrace and pool), a mansion on Hudson, as well as the Tuscany Valley residence of Michael & Savanna Sharpe (repainted yellow).]

Stavros Château

Peter Stavros' château in the hills of Monte Carlo / Monaco.

Travis Mansion

Carlton Travis' mansion in Tahoe, NV near Lake Tahoe.