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The names of the following places refer to the location names and addresses as known from the show. To learn more about the use of these filming sites in particular episodes of the series and to find out where they are situated in real life, refer to the behind the scenes information in the episode section.
Tuscany Downs

The Club House of Tuscany Downs is the home of the race track and the Turf Club with its posh restaurant.

Hotels and Restaurants
(listed alphabetically)

  • Auberge du Soleil (restaurant)
    Situated on a hill overlooking the Tuscany Valley, the posh restaurant offers spectacular views from its balconies.
  • Ceceo's (Restaurant)
    The Ceceo's is located on Main Street in downtown Tuscany.
  • Cold Duck (bar)
  • Cooperage Club (restaurant)
    The Cooperage Club is located in a brick building and has a beautiful patio for outdoor dining.
  • Crossley's Honky Tonk (bar)
  • Henri's (restaurant)
    Henri's is located in a pinkish Art Déco style building.
  • Hideaway (bar)
  • Italian Pastries (café)

    Italian Pastries is located on Market Street — right next to the building housing the Tuscany Jewelry Shoppe / Amy's Boutique.

  • Johnie's Broiler (diner)

    Johnie's Broiler is a 1950's diner located on the outer portion of Main Street.

  • Laban's Delicatessen (restaurant)

    Laban's Deli is situated at the corner of Hansen and Calloway behind the Tuscany Valley Bank high-rise on Polo Road in an outer portion of Tuscany.

  • La Serre (restaurant)
  • Nick's Diner / Jeeter's (diner)
    Originally called Nick's Diner, this small restaurant — located in the Market Street block between Polo Road and Main Street in downtown Tuscany — was renamed Jeeter's when it was turned into a trendy 1950's style diner with a jukebox and cozy booths with leather sofas.
  • Park West – Broiled Steaks (restaurant)
  • Petri's (restaurant)

    Petri's is a small restaurant located outside Tuscany.

  • River Oaks / Del Oro Spa & Country Club (hotel and restaurant complex)
    Originally called River Oaks, the spa hotel complex was renamed Del Oro Spa & Country Club when it was taken over by Angela Gioberti Channing.
    • Country Club Mansion
      The Country Club mansion — with its outdoor fitness area, tennis courts and swimming pool nearby — houses two restaurants (the Vintners Court and the Country Club Restaurant), a night club (The Max), the main lobby and several luxury suites.
      The address is 2332 Tierra Vista, Tuscany Valley, CA 94577.
    • Guest Cottages

      More suites and apartments are located in several guest cottages nearby.

    • Spa Building
      The Spa Building on the Del Oro grounds houses a spa and sauna facilities, a large number of elegant suites, a lounge and reception area and the Spa Restaurant & Bar, which became the Channings' favorite restaurant between 1988 and 1990. Swimming pools and tennis courts are nearby.
    • Golf Club

      The Golf Club building, situated amidst the vast golf course on the Del Oro grounds, houses the Golf Club Restaurant and elegant suites.

  • Safari Inn (motel)
  • Santo Pietros (Restaurant)

    The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Bank of Tuscany Valley high-rise at 12001 Polo Road in a business park on the outskirts of Tuscany.

  • The Saloon (restaurant)
  • Tuscany Valley Inn (hotel and restaurant complex)
    The Tuscany Valley Inn half-timbered Tudor Style main building houses a restaurant and various suites. More guest bedrooms are located in guest cottages. A second restaurant with a terrace is also located on the grounds.
  • Other Hotels and Restaurants
    (listed alphabetically; unpictured)
    • Bud's Red Hots (hot dog takeaway)
    • Caroline's Coffee Shop (café)
    • Chandrelle (restaurant)
    • Château du Monde (French restaurant)
    • Chez Petite (French restaurant)
    • The Corral (cocktail bar)
    • Dukes (burger restaurant)
    • Fat Joe's (burger restaurant)
    • Fellini's (restaurant and café)
    • Gussie's Pizzeria (pizza restaurant)
    • La Bufa (Mexican restaurant)
    • La Choza's (Mexican restaurant)
    • O'Brien's (bar)
    • Paroli's (restaurant)
    • Renoir's (French restaurant)
    • Rive Gauche Café (café at small shopping mall)
    • Roadhouse (restaurant)
    • Rudolpho's (restaurant)
    • Simones (beer bar)
    • Smoke House (steak restaurant)
    • Tropical Fish (fish restaurant)
  • Tuscany Federal Savings

    The Tuscany Federal Savings is located at 500 Broadway — at the corner of Market Street in downtown Tuscany.

  • Tuscany Valley Bank / Tuscany Interstate Bank
    Tuscany Valley Bank merged with previously independent First Merchants Bank of Tuscany Valley in 1987 and became Tuscany Interstate Bank in 1988 when it was purchased by Glenbraddoch Corporation. The bank has several branches in the Tuscany Valley.

    The historic main building of the bank is located in downtown Tuscany.


    Another branch is located at 12001 Polo Road — in a high-rise in a business park on the outskirts of Tuscany.


    Another branch is located in a different area of downtown Tuscany — on Market Street.

  • Bank of Tuscany Valley

    The high-rise of the Bank of Tuscany Valley is located in a business park on the outskirts of Tuscany.

  • City Trust and Savings Bank (unpictured)
  • San Francisco International Bank

    A branch of the San Francisco International Bank is situated in downtown Tuscany.

  • Tuscany Bank (unpictured)
  • Pinewood Savings & Loan (unpictured)
    It is a subsidiary of the San Francisco based United Pacific Bank.
Miscellaneous Companies
(listed alphabetically)
  • Al's Bakery

    The chain store of the San Francisco based industrial bakery is located at 673 Market Street. The same building later housed the Tuscany Herald when the store of Al's Bakery was closed down.

  • Amy's Boutique

    The Market Street store right next to Al's Bakery (later the Tuscany Herald) became the home of Amy's Boutique when the previous business, Mr. Stern's Tuscany Jewelry Shoppe, was closed down.

  • Caproni's Bakery / Caproni's Italian Bakery
    Originally called Caproni's Bakery, Vince Caproni's business was located on Main Street.
    It later moved into a bigger building, the Sebastiani Theatre, on Market Street and was renamed Caproni's Italian Bakery.
  • Carrie's Clothes Closet

    The store is located in downtown Tuscany.

  • Certified Market

    The supermarket is located in the Tuscany Valley; the street number is 227.

  • Copper Lamp

    The small supermarket is located on Market Street near the Tuscany Herald.

  • Cresant Trucking / Fixx Trucking / Tuscany Trucking

    Originally owned by Rocky Cresant, Cresant Trucking became Fixx Trucking when Dan Fixx bought it and later became Tuscany Trucking when it was taken over by the Companía del Pueblo, the consortium of Hispanics in the Tuscany Valley.

  • D. Brown Cleaners

    The dry cleaning store is located on Vineyard Avenue in downtown Tuscany.

  • Good Showing Maternity Fashions

    The maternity clothes store is located on Market Street.

  • Hendricks Builders Supply Company

    The store is located in a business district of the Tuscany Valley.

  • Hogan's Home Center

    Nick Hogan's business for building materials became insolvent in later times.

  • Lakeside Marina Gourmet & Spirits

    The food store is located in the Lakeside Marina shopping district near a Tuscany Valley lake.

  • Maternity Fashions and Children's Wear

    The store is located on Main Street.

  • Mission Hardware

    The store is located on Market Street quite close to Caproni's Italian Bakery.

  • Nelson's Sporting Goods

    The store is located on Main Street.

  • Sebastiani Theatre

    The movie theater is located on Market Street in downtown Tuscany. One of the first floor stores houses Caproni's Italian Bakery.

  • Silk & Indigo

    The clothes store is located on Market Street right next to the building that housed Gustav Riebmann's front company, DeBercy Land Development.

  • The Photo Shop

    The photo store is located on Main Street.

  • The Total Look

    The clothes store is located on Market Street to the left of the Tuscany Federal Savings.

  • The Toy Garden

    The Toy Garden, a toy store, is located in a shopping area in downtown Tuscany.

  • The Toy Shoppe
    Front and back of The Toy Shoppe, Tuscany's fanciest and most expensive toy store, located on Polo Road.
  • Toy Store

    Another toy store is located on Market Street.

  • Toys – Oz for Kids

    Toys – Oz for Kids, another toy store, is also located in downtown Tuscany.

  • Tuscany Herald

    Carl Seward's — later Maggie Channing's — newspaper moved into the building at 673 Market Street, which previously housed Al's Bakery.

  • Tuscany Jewelry Shoppe

    The Market Street store right next to Al's Bakery was Mr. Stern's Tuscany Jewelry Shoppe. It later became Amy's Boutique when the store was closed down.

  • Wally's

    The liquor store is located in downtown Tuscany.

  • Zumwalt New and Used Cars

    The automobile store is located in a business district of the Tuscany Valley.

  • Other Companies
    (listed alphabetically; unpictured)
    • Ace Rent-a-Car
    • American Industries Company – Sugar Plant No. 1 (sugar refinery)
    • Apex Rent-a-Truck
    • Ashley's Florist (flower store and delivery service)
    • Auberlin Realty (on Market Street)
    • Beckley's Shoes
    • Bicycle Shack
    • Black & Pickering (Jerome Black, CEO)
    • Caswell Realty
    • Champagne Taste (Champagne store on Market Street)
    • Crumrine Motors (car dealership)
    • Delano Real Estate
    • Earl's Liquor Store (on Skyler Road)
    • E. Grenwald Construction Co. (contractor)
    • G.H. Hotz (on Market Street)
    • Gomez Hardware
    • Hobson's Men's Clothing Store
    • James Thomas Stained & Leaded Glass
    • KCPY Radio 96 (radio station)
    • KRFJ (TV station)
    • KTNS (radio station)
    • KTF News (TV news station)
    • Kellogg Investigations
    • Marco Congiu Contractors
    • Marlow Fashions (clothes store owned by Fiona Marlow)
    • Minelli Cork (cork producing factory)
    • National Unified Properties (company owning residential cottages in the Tuscany Valley)
    • New & Used Vineyard Equipment
    • O'Connor Paint Supply (on Main Street close to Town Square)
    • Parker's Hardware
    • Patterson's Florist Shop (flower store and delivery service)
    • Ramsey Bottling (wine bottles factory in Sutterville, the neighboring town of Tuscany)
    • Rapid Taxi (taxi company; phone number (707) 555-4328)
    • Rigg (real estate agency)
    • Ruggles Variety Store (on Market Street)
    • Silver Towing (towing company)
    • Simpson, Brummel & Rice (Marcus Simpson, CEO)
    • Skipper Ward Surplus (surplus store owned by Skipper Ward on Main Street close to Town Square)
    • Sloan Wine and Spirits (wine distributor)
    • Todson Construction Company (contractor)
    • Tuscany Exchange (newspaper)
    • Tuscany Gas Co.
    • Tuscany Jewelry Exchange
    • Tuscany Limousine Service
    • Tuscany Picture Palace (movie theater on Town Square)
    • Tuscany Valley Cable T.V.
    • Tuscany Valley Catering
    • Tuscany Valley Farm Supplies
    • Tuscany Valley News (newspaper)
    • Tuscany Valley Racquet Club (tennis club)
    • Tuscany Valley Real Estate Agency
    • Tuscany Valley Tennis Club (tennis club)
    • Tuscany Valley Times (newspaper)
    • Valley Aerobics
    • Video Arcade
Channing Enterprises
Channing Enterprises is a corporation formed by Richard Channing, the major stockholder, in 1988. The corporation owns several subsidiares, including the New San Francisco Globe, Channing News, Channing Productions, the Sacramento Clarion, the Tuscany Shopper, the Eureka Sun as well as several other publications — all of which used to be independent companies before they were acquired by the holding.
The corporation went bankrupt in 1989.
  • Headquarters

    Channing Enterprises is located on Market Street in San Francisco's Financial District. Its headquarters are located in a high-rise, a part of a vast complex of some detached and some connected buildings. Richard Channing's office phone number is (415) 555-2368.

  • The (New) San Francisco Globe
    • Publishing Building

      The Publishing Building of the biggest newspaper of San Francisco, The San Francisco Globe — renamed The New San Francisco Globe in 1982 — is another part of the building complex of Channing Enterprises.

    • Executive Office

      The address of the New Globe Executive Office and its annex — also parts of the Channing Enterprises building complex — is 1438 Yerba Linda, San Francisco, CA 94237; the postal address is San Francisco, CA 94132.


    Best known as KRDC, Richard Denault Channing's San Francisco radio station (transmission range: 890), this station used to be KEFW before it was taken over by Channing and later became KBRR, Bay Rock Radio, when it was taken over by Lance Cumson. The phone number is (415) 555-6213.

    [N.B.: This location also portrayed various other companies and public buildings. Refer to episode # 074 in the behind the scenes information of season 4 for detailed information.]
    Gioberti Enterprises

    Chase Gioberti formed a holding for his winery (Gioberti Winery) and distribution company in 1986. The offices are located in the skyscraper at 101 California Street in San Francisco's Financial District. Tony Cumson brought in his Tuscany Valley vineyard, Keys Creek, and became partner. Lance Cumson also joined, bringing in the Agretti Winery in 1987. After Chase's death, the partnership was dissolved and Gioberti Enterprises wound up.

    Murdy & Sampson / Channing & Sampson / Channing & Associates

    The offices of Channing & Associates, investment bankers, are housed in a skyscraper at 138 Gramercy Place in San Francisco's Financial District. The company was originally called Murdy & Sampson, renamed Channing & Sampson when Richard Channing took over the major stockholder's shares in 1989 and finally became Channing & Associates. It was dissolved in 1990.

    Wilder Advertising

    The offices of Wilder Advertising are located on the 20th floor of the Bigelow Tower on California Street in San Francisco's Financial District.

    Hotels and Restaurants
    (listed alphabetically)
    • Blainfield's / Coit Café (restaurant)

      Originally called Blainfield's, this restaurant — most famous for its large terrace for outdoor dining — was renamed Coit Café because it is situated quite close to Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill.

    • Carlyle of Nob Hill (hotel)

      The Carlyle is located on Nob Hill.

    • Fairmont (hotel and restaurant)

      The Fairmont is located on Nob Hill.

    • Lau's Restaurant (restaurant)

      Lau's Restaurant is located at the corner of Eddy Street and Leavenworth Street.

    • Mark Hopkins (hotel and restaurant)

      The Mark Hopkins is located on Nob Hill. The top floor restaurant is called Top of the Mark.

    • Perkins (restaurant)

      Perkins is located close to the San Francisco Marina.

    • Whitney's Grill (restaurant)
    • Other Hotels and Restaurants
      (listed alphabetically; unpictured)
      • Albion's Bistro (restaurant)
      • Bridgewater Hotel (hotel)
      • Canterbury Inn (hotel and restaurant)
      • Cyrano's (restaurant)
      • The Flowering Rose (Chinese restaurant; Chinatown)
      • Harry's Hide-away Adult Motel (motel)
      • Highwayman Motel (motel)
      • La Crèpe (restaurant)
      • Little Mike's (bar; North Beach)
      • Luccio's (restaurant)
      • Micenzo's (restaurant)
      • Nob Hill Regency (hotel and restaurant)
      • Norman Hotel (hotel and restaurant; Alameda Street)
      • Oyster Bowl Bar (bar)
      • Park Wyndham (restaurant; overlooking San Francisco Bay)
      • Pasquale's (restaurant)
      • Playtime (topless dancing bar)
      • Riverview Hotel (hotel)
      • Rusty's Tavern (bar)
      • Safari Room (bar; North Beach)
      • San Franciscan (restaurant)
      • Seacliff Inn (hotel and restaurant)
      • Serafino's Café (hot dog takeaway)
      • Tate Hotel (hotel and restaurant)
    (alpabetically; unpictured)
    • First Federated Bank
    • Oakmont National Bank
    • Parkview Bank (on the 13th floor of the Transamerica Pyramid in Financial District)
    • San Francisco Merchants Bank
    • United Pacific Bank (parent company of the Pinewood Savings & Loan in the Tuscany Valley)
    Miscellaneous Companies
    (listed alphabetically; unpictured)
    • Al's Bakery (industrial bakery)
    • Bay Cab Co. (taxi company)
    • Casablanca Salon (beauty salon on Clay Street)
    • Carl's Delivery Service (courier service; phone number (415) 555-7783)
    • Chet's (taxi company; phone number (415) 944-8143)
    • Chumley Galleries (art gallery)
    • City Wine Distributors (wine distribution company)
    • Exotic Adult Entertainment (porn movie store)
    • Harris Rare Books – Fine Used Books Bought & Sold (antique books dealer)
    • Helios Food (food and drink distribution company)
    • Kenderson & Associates (brokerage firm owned by Eric Kenderson)
    • KKSF (TV station)
    • KRKD (TV station)
    • KSFB 3 (TV news station)
    • San Francisco Register (newspaper)
    • Sansamour Construction (construction company owned by Richard Channing)
    • The Patio Man (patio building company; phone number (415) 762-1138)
    • Yellow (taxi company)
    Newspapers in Oakland
    • Oakland Register
    • Oakland Star
    Sharpe Capital Ventures

    The headquarters of Sharpe Capital Ventures, Michael Sharpe's investment company, are located in Sausalito, CA.

    Glenbraddoch Corporation

    The headquarters of Glenbraddoch Corporation, one of the world's largest distillers and winery conglomerate, are in Chicago, IL. Troilus, the company that owned the controlling interest for a long time, is a Swiss firm.

    Whitewood Industries

    The headquarters of Jacqueline Perrault's Whitewood Industries, the leading company in the international cartel founded by her and Johann Riebmann, are located in a high-rise in Battery Park City, New York.

    The Thirteen

    The Thirteen's headquarters are located on the 13th floor of a skyscraper at 13 Park Avenue in New York.
    [N.B.: This location also portrayed the San Francisco Indemnity Company.]

    Kleeger Distributions
    Angela Gioberti Channing holds a controling interest in the wine distributing company run by Calvin Kleeger (place of headquarters unknown).
    Kibbler Beverages / Channing Incorporated
    The wine distributing company (place of headquarters unknown) was sold by Silverton to Richard Channing, who renamed it Channing Incorporated and later sold it (first 50 %, then the rest, too) to Peter Stavros.
    XTL Construction Company
    XTL (place of headquarters unknown) is a construction company.
    Stavros Industries
    The headquarters of Stavros Industries — the conglomerate consisting of various divisions, primarily Stavros Shipping Lines and Stavros Chemicals — are located in Monte Carlo / Monaco.