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The names of the following places refer to the location names and addresses as known from the show. To learn more about the use of these filming sites in particular episodes of the series and to find out where they are situated in real life, refer to the behind the scenes information in the episode section.
St. Timothy Church of Tuscany Valley

The church and convent of St. Timothy. A view of the nave towards the altar.

A view of the nave towards the church entrance.
[N.B.: This location also portrayed Couvent Sainte-Marthe outside Paris / France, where Richard spent parts of his childhood.]

The Tuscany Valley Parish Church with its adjacent rectory is situated on the grounds of the church and convent complex of St. Timothy. The nave of the Parish Church.

The back of the rectory and the pond.
[N.B.: This location also portrayed Convent Magdalena in River Bend, Oregon the nunnery where Julia was sent to.]


A smaller chapel is also situated on the vast grounds of St. Timothy.

Tuscany Valley Church
The Tuscany Valley Church.
[N.B.: This location also portrayed the Marysville Convent in Marysville, Connecticut where Father Christopher was raised.]
St. Martin Church of Tuscany Valley
The church and convent of St. Martin. The nave of the church.
Community Center
The Catholic community center with its inner courtyard.
The front and the nave of the Protestant Church in the Tuscany Valley.