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Official episode guides by LORIMAR and CBS, modified by SoapNet
© 1981 – 1990 by LORIMAR PRODUCTIONS, Inc. & CBS.
N.B.: These episode guides are sometimes not exact. Some of the program synopses contain information from previous script drafts and were not revised carefully before the original airing.
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156. <7.01> Opening Moves
Angela learns the truth about her supposedly deceased child. The car chase has endangered Melissa, Chase, Richard, Dan and Maggie's lives. After taking a disastrous fall, Chao-Li lies at the foot of the stairs. Emma, frustrated with her mother's meddling, stands high above Falcon Crest and threatens to jump.
157. <7.02> Obsession, Possession
A French woman and a mercenary soldier from Chase's past intrude on the lives of Angela and Maggie and force them to face unpleasant consequences. Angela's wiles work on Chao-Li. Emma believes she is embarking on a new life as a businesswoman. After Lance moves in with Dina amid Melissa's accusations that he cares more for his car than he does for her, Melissa attempts to make peace with Lance.
158. <7.03> Redemption
Unsuccessful in luring Lance back to her side, Angela turns to Dan to manage her winery and find someone new to run the spa. However, when Dan assigns Melissa to manage the spa, Melissa, to Angela's consternation, creates a successful nightclub for the Del Oro. On the turn of a card, Richard wins Eric's Nevada land and plans to create a town called Channing. While Maggie agrees not to press charges against Melissa, Nicole continues to harass Maggie until Angela enters the fray.
159. <7.04> The Big Bang
When Richard Channing and John Remick offer to help Maggie pay off Angela, each plays dirty to make sure that he will be the one to whom she is indebted. When Angela sends Lance and Dan to investigate Emma's new job, she is too late. Vickie not only tells Maggie that she is pregnant, but also confesses Eric's gambling mania. Dina is seriously injured in a car accident with Lance. While Maggie and Richard visit his new Nevada property, they are unaware that they are under surveillance. Consequently, they return home to face Angela's demand for payment.
160. <7.05> Dead End
After Angela and Richard individually maneuver to meet the man behind the mysterious activity in the Tuscany Valley, they are both placed in precarious positions. Maggie can't understand Richard's reluctance to rely on the police. Angela forces Wilkinson to reveal Richard's ownership of lake property in Nevada. Emma, agreeing to write her autobiography, acquires a ghostwriter and personal manager, and heads for Hollywood. While Lance discovers that someone sabotaged his car, Vickie finds herself among the homeless. In conclusion, an explosion destroys the Gioberti home.
161. <7.06> New Faces
After Angela and Richard meet the mysterious Carlton Travis, Angela conspires with Carlton to destroy Richard. Richard realizes that although Carlton is a man who won't listen to reason, he will listen to Angela. With all the trimmings Hollywood offers, Emma works on her screenplay. Melissa takes Dan to Australia to visit Cole and her son. With Frank Starr's assistance, Dina's nurse works on her patient to discredit Lance. Angela and Travis discover that they have a history.
162. <7.07> Sweet Revenge
After Richard rejects Carlton Travis's offer of a truce, Travis kidnaps him and Angela. After Maggie hires an old friend to plan a birthday party for Richard's son, Angela brings a puppy as a gift to the party. Melissa spirits her son away for a picnic and becomes lost in the Australian bush. Dina's nurse gets her to sign Lance's half-million-dollar check over to her. Lance suspects that Frank Starr tampered with his car.
163. <7.08> Manhunt
After Angela digs into the past to save Richard from Carlton Travis, she must open old wounds. Angela goes to the wife of a Supreme Court justice and one of Washington's most celebrated hostesses to recruit help in rescuing her son. When Lance is arrested for murder, Melissa comes to his aid. A man who Dan suspects is a thief turns out to be his father. While asleep, Lance is injected with a toxin that will kill him within 24 hours.
164. <7.09> Hunter's Moon
Lance's determination to clear himself and bring the real murderer to justice endangers his own life. Tony insists that Lance, who is very sick, check into a hospital. However, Lance, despite the poison coursing through his veins, brings Nurse Chadway to justice. Richard assists the daughter of an old friend and becomes involved in helping her save her ball team. Angela tries to destroy Melissa's new vineyards. Richard asks Maggie to marry him.
165. <7.10> Lovers and Friends
Upset with Richard's involvement with Liz and unable to make a decision about his proposal, Maggie leaves the Tuscany Valley to join Vickie in Monte Carlo. While a mysterious and eerie assassin figure stalks Liz, Maggie resents her reliance on Richard's protection. After Melissa gets even with Angela, Angela retaliates with a scheme that boomerangs. Maggie enters her new wine in a contest and wins second place. Angela discovers that Dan's father has a second family. After Lance rescues Emma from her would-be producers, she starts writing an advice column for The New Globe.
166. <7.11> Across the Bridge
When Maggie returns to the valley with Vickie and Eric, she learns that Richard and Liz have been traveling together. Eric realizes that his gambling debts are following him and that he must pay more than money to escape them. When Melissa starts to experience strange phenomena due to Angela's hired illusionist Foster Glenn, Melissa's world begins to fall apart. Emma's success as a columnist disturbs Angela, who goes to Father Bob for advice about her family.
167. <7.12> Twist and Shout
After discovering that Maggie has finally accepted Richard, Emma and Angela throw a surprise engagement party. During the party, Melissa makes her entrance dressed only in a bathrobe. Lance discovers that the charming stranger he has befriended knows secrets that could directly impact him. Liz makes an announcement that infuriates Angela but delights Maggie. Melissa overhears Angela talking about her plan to drive Melissa insane and have her committed. Richard saves Eric from making a terrible mistake.
168. <7.13> Rescue Me
After Vickie vanishes from Angela's party, Richard and Eric frantically search for her. After Dan is surprised by the arrival of a half-sister whom he didn't know he had, he puts her to work in the grape fields. Shannon tries to leave the valley after Lance questions her. Melissa is able to deflect Angela's scheme to get her committed so that Angela instead loses her hold on Dan. Angela succeeds in prying into Maggie's affairs.
169. <7.14> Hornet's Nest
Angela takes advantage of Richard's absence to get closer to her grandson and Maggie, while Richard and Eric search for Vickie overseas. Richard seeks the help of a beautiful party leader to help him rescue Vickie, but must use strong tactics and blackmail to get her cooperation. When Dan tries to help Carly, Melissa lacks the patience to deal with the wild young woman who could threaten her happiness. Emma's kindness makes her prey for a scheming couple. Shannon thinks she might find happiness with Lance, but her past again interferes. Angela anticipates that all of her own wishes will soon come true.
170. <7.15> The Uncertainty Principle
In spite of Emma's well-laid plans for a beautiful affair, fate makes a travesty of Maggie and Richard's wedding day. After Maggie finds the perfect house, Richard agrees to have the wedding in the garden. Tempers erupt when Eric creates an unpleasant situation at Richard's bachelor party. When Melissa shows up at Maggie's bridal shower, the two finally reconcile. While Eric is able to perform an errand for Richard that could affect Maggie's future, Carly runs an errand for Angela, which does affect Melissa's future. Lance and Tony fight over Shannon.
171. <7.16> A Madness Most Discreet
Maggie and Richard decide to try again, while Angela proves uncharacteristically supportive. When Lance moves back into the manor house, Angela joyfully greets him with the news that Carly will be staying for a few days. In a misguided attempt to help Emma, Curtis digs dirt on Richard. At Lance's instigation, Melissa enters into an elaborate masquerade to rescue Emma. In his effort to break the codicil to Chase's will, Richard enrolls some dangerous assistance. When Gabrielle returns to the valley on the anniversary of Chase's death, she gives Maggie some hopeful news.
172. <7.17> Stormy Weather
When Maggie and Richard spend their wedding night at Falcon Crest, they are trapped in a house with no food, no phone, a murderer, and no way out, while Angela listens at every keyhole. A storm forces Angela to be the unwilling hostess for Maggie, Richard, Dan, Melissa, Vickie, Eric, Garth, Curtis and Sheriff Buckman. I order to keep the uninvited guests, Lance, Carly, Chao-Li and her mother occupied during their forced hibernation, Emma organizes a game of murder. However, when the game turns into reality at midnight, Richard is the prime suspect.
173. <7.18> Legacies
Melissa rejects her long-lost Uncle Frank, who turns to Angela to help him heal the family rift with his only living relative. After Maggie turns the reins of her Gioberti winery over to Angela, she and Richard start their delayed honeymoon in the Caribbean, which proves not to be the idyllic getaway for which she had hoped. Emma blames Richard for her friend's death and seeks revenge. When Dan's former wife tries to meet with him, Melissa interferes. Before Richard can seek revenge for Eric's disloyalty, Eric makes plans to take Vickie and escape from the valley.
174. <7.19> Wheels within Wheels
Maggie's frustrations with Richard's stubbornness start her on a path of self-destruction. Richard refuses to compromise with Maggie on issues which become important in her new role of housewife, which include Angela's visits with her grandson and Garth's presence in their home. For Emma's sake, Lance continues to investigate the recent deaths at the manor house. Vickie and Eric discover that they have underestimated Richard. Angela arouses Melissa's curiosity about Frank's mysterious activities.
175. <7.20> Channing vs. Channing
After a court hearing with Judge Ambrose, Angela wins visitation rights to her grandson Michael, which infuriates Richard. Maggie receives reassuring cards from Vickie and Eric, which let her know that they are all right. When Lance finds an ally within the Justice Department to help pursue his investigation of Richard, he receives a warning that he may be in danger. Carly organizes a surprise party for herself and Angela. Angela finds out that Maggie has a drinking problem. Although Melissa's Uncle Frank saves her from disaster, he pays a price.
176. <7.21> False Faces
After Richard begins to realize the problems he and Maggie face, he seeks professional help. After Angela plants a spy in Maggie and Richard's house, she directs Carly to report on Melissa, and considers a suit for custody of Michael. Dan seeks financing for his trucking company, but refuses Angela's offer of a loan. When Lance and Kathryn travel to Africa in search of Remick, Lance learns that he is not getting the help that he expected from Kathryn. Richard adds a movie studio to his newspaper and television holdings.
177. <7.22> Dirty Tricks
Maggie will only submit to her family's demands that she seek professional help on her own terms. Confused by her children's response when she starts to pack to go to a sanitarium to please Richard, Maggie takes the first step in solving her problems by consulting Dr. Everdene. After Lance protects Kathryn from the wrath of The Thirteen, Richard faces up to them. In order to keep her Uncle Frank's legacy from going to Angela, Melissa seeks Richard's help.
178. <7.23> Flying Blind
When Maggie discovers Richard's role in Vickie's disappearance, Maggie's struggle to overcome her alcohol addiction becomes more difficult. After Maggie insists that she must face withdrawal her way, a smuggled letter from Vickie makes her view Richard's loving care as hypocritical. When Dan receives a chance at making enough money to start his trucking company by facing a dangerous situation, both Melissa and Carly try to convince him against it. Angela tries to persuade Melissa into giving permission for a dangerous operation for Frank. As Angela faces Rosemont and makes a dangerous enemy, Richard looks for a way out of his precarious association with The Thirteen.
179. <7.24> The Key to Angela
At Falcon Crest, the last codicil to Chase's will bequeaths to Melissa "the key" to Angela. Worried, Angela directs Lance to discover the secret to "the key", which she fears could lead to the destruction of her and her family. Maggie accepts Angela's invitation to stay at Falcon Crest until she can come to terms with her emotions about Richard. Carly discovers that Dan's mission to make money is more dangerous than she had realized. Richard is frustrated in his attempts to obtain Vickie and Eric's release from Switzerland. While Melissa makes a decision about Frank's operation, Richard may be in more trouble than he realizes.
180. <7.25> King's Gambit
When Richard tries to correct some mistakes and has difficulty making anyone believe him, Maggie is the only person who really trusts him and his story of his involvement with The Thirteen. After Richard and Maggie reaffirm their relationship, she returns with him to their home. As Eric has further business to discuss with Madame Malec, Vickie returns without him. Carly saves her brother's life. Angela plots to bring Lance and Melissa back together. Richard's inability to prove his innocence places him in trouble with the government.
181. <7.26> Telling Tales
When Richard insists on testifying before the investigating committee, his underestimation of the The Thirteen and its influence plunge him more deeply in danger. Madame Malec tightens her web around Eric, which creates more trouble between him and his wife. When Dan gets his trucking business, he won't make up with Melissa. As Angela continues her campaign to bring Lance and Melissa together to get possession of the key that could destroy the Gioberti fortune, Lance helps Melissa in her pursuit of Uncle Frank's treasure.
182. <7.27> As Tears Go by
When Maggie believes that Richard will risk himself for her and the children, Maggie seeks John Remick to testify. Angela decides to join Richard to face The Thirteen. Lance accompanies Melissa into a cave, where Melissa hopes to find a deed stating that Falcon Crest belongs to her and Frank. While Lance, Vickie and Emma testify at Richard's hearing, Eric, brainwashed, begins to carry out Rosemont's orders to kill Richard. Carly receives a phone call informing her that her father is not really her father and that Dan isn't really her brother. Although Lance and Melissa discover that the deed for Falcon Crest is in the Agretti's name, they are trapped in the cave.
183. <7.28> Last Dance
After Melissa and Lance are rescued from the cave, Richard informs Angela of Melissa's plans. After The Thirteen program Eric to assassinate Angela and Richard, Eric shoots Angela, wounding her. After a meeting with The Thirteen, Richard, on the condition that Maggie and his children are to be left alone, agrees to allow Eric to kill him. With the newly discovered deed, Melissa wrests Falcon Crest from Angela but loses Lance and Frank in the process. Several months later, Angela meets a bearded man in the shadows of a church and asks him, "Isn't it about time Maggie knew you were still alive?"