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Exclusively available to DFCF members, the "Falcon Crest" club library will allow reading a large number of episode scripts in the long run. Most of these scripts were donated by the late CHAO-LI CHI and his wife, GANA.
Out of respect for the legacy of one of the key actors of "Falcon Crest", the fan club intends to keep the memory of CHAO-LI CHI alive and honor his wish to save his production documents for the future world.
Special thanks to writer and story editor GARNER SIMMONS, set costumer KAREN DAVIS, MARY A. HURD and SCOTT YOUNG for their support in establishing this library.
If you would like to contribute your scripts to complete the collection of this library, please contact the production office.
Please be advised of the following:
Basic knowledge about the development and the characteristics of a script is available in the Making of section of the production office menu.
The scripts cannot be printed, but read only. They are displayed to show the development process of the respective episode and to give evidence of the conclusions, comments and reviews in the Analysis & Interpretation – Behind the Scenes section.
Some original scripts are preliminary drafts. Please refer to the seasonal lists to find out which drafts are available. Early drafts, in particular, might be rather different from the final version of the episode as it appears on film. Those scripts, however, are particularly interesting from the perspective of the show's history and oftentimes provide detailed information about the development of the respective episode or season.
Even the revised final of a shooting script can be different from the version of the episode as it eventually went on the air. Typical differences, for example, are often the result of

  • last minute changes during the filming of an episode due to a director's stage directions,
  • moving a scene to a different episode,
  • completely omitting a scene, in particular to stay in the one-hour episode format,
  • changing the order of scenes in post-production (editing).