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General Information
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# 206 <9.01> The Price of Freedom
After the many hints in season 8, season 9 certainly makes it very clear even in shorter time: The end of the "Falcon Crest" series is near!
New producers were supposed to change the course with new, faster stories, new main cast members and a lower budget — but like on the Titanic, it is too late: The iceberg is in sight and inevitably comes closer and closer towards the sinking ship.
Richard in prison, Maggie alone at "the ranch"; she is torn apart in her love for Richard, which will be fatal in the end: Maggie's ring, a gift from Richard, a proof of his love, gets caught in the pool drain; she drowns.
"There's evil in the air," Mario, a vineyard laborer, tells Lance and makes a prophecy what we, the "Falcon Crest" fans, have to expect from season 9.
Senior Editor and Art Director
# 207 <9.02> Charley
The appearance of Charley St. James, his arrogant, presumptuous and insulting behavior is like a foreign object in the series. Angela never would have reacted like this in the past — reacting with a lack of a reaction.
"Falcon Crest" will finally be a crime show with the inception of Michael Sharpe and Charley St. James and has nothing in common with the first seven years that made the show big and successful.
At least, Maggie gets a "reasonable" farewell scene and does not have to disappear the primitive way like Dan Fixx and Eric Stavros, for instance, at the beginning of season 8. Maggie's death — foreshadowing the end of "Falcon Crest".
The departure of SUSAN SULLIVAN, who portrayed Maggie, one of the most popular characters of the series, sets the seal to the end of "Falcon Crest". After ANA-ALICIA (Melissa) had been written off at the beginning of season 8, it seems things cannot get worse after Maggie's death. Far from it, however!
Senior Editor and Art Director
# 227 <9.22> Home Again
The final episode!
Particularly DAVID SELBY (Richard Channing) seems to have been playing his rôle much more enthusiastic again since JANE WYMAN's (Angela) return in # 225. The old Richard is back. In many previous episodes, it became apparent that DAVID was very frustrated about the whole current production of "Falcon Crest". He gesticulated like: "Finally stop this trash!"
Especially the scene with Lance and Pilar in the Winery Building when Richard is unable to handle the various incoming calls, features the old Richard. This is DAVID and his excellent acting!
In the end, it is JANE WYMAN, who, after her long absence this season, comes back and presents a worthy ending for the series. Her soliloquy was written by JANE herself, her very own idea. She looks back at the past nine years of "Falcon Crest", remembering (and reminding us of) all the characters we loved and hated. It is only JANE's doing that gives "Falcon Crest" that worthy ending.
I toast to you, Falcon Crest, and long may you live!
Senior Editor and Art Director