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# 204 <8.21> The Last Laugh
(revised 05/15/2023)

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This episode's title, The Last Laugh, is identical with the one of # 047. Refer to # 198 for details about the reuse of episode titles.
Different footage: The moment when Samantha is on her way to Garth's car before Lance can reach her is featured in a close-up in the recap (screen capture 2) whereas the scene in the preceding episode showed a distant shot from behind her only (screen grab 1).
Different camera angles in the sneak preview and the scene itself: When P.A. Loomis begins with his opening statement in Angela's competency hearing, he is shown in a long shot in the sneak preview; the scene, however, features a close-up of this very moment.
Uncredited extra DOUGLAS MAIDA appears as Dave in this episode again — as usual, at his place of work in the lobby of the Del Oro Spa Building.
Compare # 224 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 034.

Product placement: Calvin has a Spalding Pro-Flite 20 tennis racket.


Uncredited extra GAYLE FRANK plays the court stenographer again — this time in Angela's competency hearing at the San Francisco Municipal Court.
Compare # 215 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 017.

Parker's Hardware is another store in Tuscany.
Chao-Li testifies in the competency hearing he has been working for Angela for 40 years. So he must have started in 1949.
The Italian diner where Kelly works is what used to be the Cleo & Cucci restaurant on the third floor of the Glendale Galleria shopping mall in Glendale, CA.
Product placement: A Bunn coffee brewer can be seen in the diner.
The forklift at the Glenbraddoch Winery construction site is a Hyster H-Series model.
This forklift is owned by the transportation department of CBS-MTM STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) and was already used in # 094 and 168 as one of the forklifts of the Falcon Crest Winery, in # 117 as the forklift on the truck parking lot in Tijuana / Mexico, in # 141 as the forklift near the warehouse in San Francisco where Erin and Meredith were shot by Green and in # 144 as the forklift at the Gioberti Winery.
The Agretti family plot at the Tuscany Valley Public Cemetery was constructed at the Grand View Memorial Park, a cemetery in Glendale, CA.
While the graves in the background are real ones, the prop department specifically built the whole parcel surrounded by a low fence. They used the usual props. In particular, Melissa's headstone is the one that used to be Jasper Gioberti's at the Gioberti Family Cemetery in the previous two seasons (compare the red mark on the screen grab from # 183). The headstone behind Franco Agretti's grave was dressed differently in the previous two years — as Jasper Gioberti's headstone at the Gioberti Family Cemetery (yellow mark); in the Agretti family plot, the inscription reads "Elaine Parker" now, which is awkward because it remains unclear who that deceased woman is and how she is related to the Agrettis.
On the marker of Franco Agretti's grave, his birth and death dates are legible: Jan 26, 1870 – Dec 30, 1905.

Hard to be seen: On the headstone of Melissa's grave, her date of birth can be read: September 17, 1960.

An FMC Link-Belt crane is visible on the building site of the future Glenbraddoch Winery.
The Bragg inscription on the crane is the name of a real Long Beach based crane rental company, which provided construction vehicles for building the new sound stages at CBS-MTM STUDIOS (RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) at the time — compare # 201.
Lance buys Glenbraddoch stock from Pilar for $ 4 million.
The Ortega Trauma Center will be established at the QVH (referred to as "Tuscany Hospital" again).
RONAN O'CASEY, the actor who plays QVH board president Elroy Higgins this episode, also portrayed an ambassador, a friend of Angela's, in season 7.
The logos of MasterCard and Visa credit card companies (yellow mark) are attached to one of the shop windows of Harris Rare Books.
The street number of Harris Rare Books in San Francisco is 14426.
The phone number of the San Francisco real estate agency leasing Harris' store is (415) 555-5623.

Product placement: A box of Bekins, the nationwide U.S. moving company, is in Harris' store.

Mysterious: It will never be solved how Christopher Harris died. Accident, suicide or even murder? — Besides this storyline, the following season will abandon many more plotlines.
The street number of the boarding house where Kelly's single room apartment in Tuscany is located is 1231.
This is the filming location's real street number. It is a private home in Glendale, CA.

Kelly drives a light blue Honda Accord SJ.

Season time frame:
This episode continues on the same day where # 203 left off, i.e. Tuesday, 04/04/1989. After the first hearing in Angela's competency case, Lone says the hearing will be continued "Monday", i.e. 04/10/1989, the final day of the episode. This makes it clear that a few days remain unseen in this episode — most likely after day 2 because the next to last day (day 3) of the episode is a Sunday as Richard mentions while he explains that he is paying extra money for the construction of the Glenbraddoch Winery.
At the beginning of the episode, prosecuting attorney Loomis quotes Angela saying she had been held captive by Richard "for seven days". This matches the time frame as explained in this analysis.

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