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# 202 <8.19> Grand Delusions
(revised 04/10/2023)
Fictional entity: Angela is at Whitney's Grill, a posh restaurant in San Francisco, at the beginning of this episode.
Original script drafts named it Messina's Restaurant (inside joke: PATRICE MESSINA is one of this year's assistants to the co-producers), but the name was changed for the final version.
The exterior shot is stock footage from LORIMAR's archives and features French Street on the backlot of WARNER BROS. STUDIOS in Burbank. Whitney's Grill with the red awnings and entryway canopy is the second building from the northern corner at Midwest Street.
The filming location for the interiors is what used to be Perino's, a former restaurant at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and South Norton Avenue in Los Angeles; the restaurant had already closed down in the mid-1980's, but the building was still used as a party location and filming site until its demolition in 2004. For the location's previous use as the Opera Café, see # 044.
The limousine in front of Whitney's Grill (screen capture 1 above) is a black 1968 Mercedes-Benz 600 6-Door Pullman (type W100).
The basic model is the same type as Angela's previous Mercedes-Benz 600, which was a 4-door saloon though. This model here, in contrast, is the variant with a long wheelbase and six doors.
Uncredited extra ROBERTA STORM appears in this episode again as Mrs. Winslow — first, at Whitney's Grill. For her later appearance in this episode, see below.
Compare # 219 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 035.
Strange: Looking at his map of the Tuscany Valley (compare # 198), Richard claims he is in control of all the vineyards except Falcon Crest, Tuscany Hill and the Agretti Vineyards. The way the new writing staff depicts the Tuscany Valley (also with the prop map) creates the idea the valley might have been downsized.
An establishing clip of 611 Place skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles is used to introduce the building where the law office of Maggie's divorce lawyer, Cynthia Wallace, is located in downtown San Francisco — in contrast to the establishing shot in # 197 (compare there).
This building was featured in # 169 already (compare there).
The San Francisco Financial District high-rise Nick and Frank pass by is actually the Metroplex Wilshire on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.
The Agrettis' gray Jeep Wrangler YJ has a new license plate number again: 2MRO968. It is the third number this season (compare # 184 and 195) — not an appropriate prop policy; particular not since the same license plate used to be mounted on Cole's Jeep Grand Wagoneer in season 6 (compare # 134) and has been in use on Richard's Jaguar XJ-SC Targa since # 185 (compare there).
Uncredited extra SHARRI ZAK appears as the gray-haired Tuscany Valley socialite with the pony tail again; this episode on the street in San Francisco when Frank and Nick walk to their car. For her second appearance in this episode, see below.
Also compare below for a complete list of this extra's appearances throughout the show.
For details about the extra, compare # 053.
Real life allusions: Richard mentions magician HARRY HOUDINI.

Product placement: Richard uses a Panasonic microcassette recorder.


The armoire in Lance and Pilar's bedroom in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion is the same prop as the one used at the beginning of this season in Melissa's bedroom in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion. This prop was also used in the New Globe penthouse where Richard kept Angela between # 199 and 201 (compare # 200).

Mysterious: Why would Lance have to sign the adoption papers for Lisa? — From a legal point of view, he is not her father because her father is "unknown" according to her birth certificate.
It also remains a mystery how Lisa's last name could have been Vargas before the adoption. But it obviously was as she was said to be Mercédes and Steve's child.
Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion interior set: As it can be seen for the first time after the house was rebuilt, the dining room window has changed. It no longer resembles the real Villa's three-casement window. Although the current set has a three-casement window, the center casement consists of double French doors; each casement is divided in many more panes with the wooden shades missing. Compare # 030 for the window in the previous set.

The street number of Mercédes and Steve Vargas' home in San Jose is 666.
It is actually the real house number. The filming location is in a middle-class residential neighborhood in Hancock Park in Los Angeles.


Product placement: Samantha reads the 1978 book "The Art of Color Photography" by JOHN HEDGECOE.

Mistake: The close-ups of Pilar and Lance in front of the Vargas house are from various takes that were combined in the editing process. This becomes apparent when Pilar's right hand suddenly touches Lance's shoulder although it was nowhere to be seen in the precedent frame. Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.

All the buildings Samantha takes photos of are not in San Francisco in real life. The scenes are filmed in the neighborhood of the Paramount Plaza on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles with St. Basil's, a church, nearby.


Product placement: During Samantha's photo tour through San Francisco, a newspaper box of USA Today is visible.

After her earlier appearance in this episode (see above), uncredited extra SHARRI ZAK appears as the gray-haired Tuscany Valley socialite with the pony tail again; now on the street in San Francisco where Samantha takes the photos.
SHARRI ZAK was featured on various occasions in previous episodes; compare # 009, 053, 057, 058, 062, 066, 072, 076, 078, 085, 092, 093, 095, 096, 098, 110, 118, 122, 123, 124, 133, 136, 139 (reused clip from # 136), 140, 141, 142, 144, 146, 158, 159, 161, 166, 167, 168, 170, 174, 175, 179, 180, 181, 183, 185, 192, 196 and 198. These episodes reveal that the lady's day job is at the Tuscany Valley Hospital (# 053) / Tuscany Valley Medical Center (# 136) as an ICU nurse. Concluding from her appearances at many social events in the Tuscany Valley's high society, it is pretty obvious that she is a wealthy, upper-class lady, who is also interested in local politics (# 062). This episode marks her final appearance on the show.
For details about the extra, compare # 053.

Judge Stratton's chambers at the Tuscany County Courthouse was a permanent interior set at LINDSEY STUDIOS (now VALENCIA STUDIOS) in Santa Clarita, CA, which was leased to movie companies on a regular basis.

Uncredited extra ROBERTA STORM's second appearance in this episode as Mrs. Winslow is in San Francisco. For her first appearance in this episode, see above.
Compare # 219 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 035.
Uncredited stand-in MARTHA MANOR appears as an extra again — this time as a lady with two dogs near Harris' bookstore. It is her real hairdo this time, by the way.
It is her last appearance on camera on the show. She was featured on various occasions in previous episodes (compare # 001, 016, 017, 026, 029, 030, 031, 032, 042, 043, 048, 052, 053, 062, 063, 064, 065, 103, 116, 127, 132, 144, 145, 147, 155, 171, 185, 186, 191 and 202; all uncredited); she received credit for her small speaking rôles in # 128, 175 and 182 (compare there).
For details about MARTHA MANOR, compare # 001.
According to Christopher Harris' address book, the phone number of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion is (707) 555-7311. This is Angela's extension in her study; also compare # 094.

The courtroom for the custody suit (Michael and Kevin) is a heavily filmed courtroom in Greater Los Angeles. It was a permanent interior set at LINDSEY STUDIOS (now VALENCIA STUDIOS; see above), which was leased to movie companies on a regular basis.

Inconsistency: A male psychiatrist is called as a witness in the custody suit about Michael and Kevin. He is supposed to be the doctor who treated Maggie's recovery from her addiction to alcohol. But last season, only Dr. Beth Everdene was seen as Maggie's doctor in that respect.
BILL STRIGLOS, the actor who plays the psychiatrist in this episode, portrayed various other supporting rôles in seasons 4 and 6 (compare # 132).
As it can be seen in detail for the first time in this episode, there is a sign with the estate's name on the wooden paneling of the entrance of the newly built Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion now.
Compare the left screen grab from # 125.
Two actors, who played various supporting rôles in previous seasons, appear as new characters this episode: JOHN ZENDA (left) as a state marshal (compare # 181); MARK VOLAND (right) as Dr. Fraser Preston (compare # 061).
The character Dr. Fraser Preston was named Dr. John Fisher in early script drafts.
Season time frame:
Mysterious: The visa stamps in Angela's passport are in English although they actually would have to be in Greek language.
Angela's visa stamps in her passport (March 17 and 23, 1989) prove the time frame as stated in this analysis.
This episode continues on the same night where # 201 left off, i.e. Friday, 03/24/1989. In the night of March 24 to 25, 1989, Richard says the custody hearing (re: Michael and Kevin) "has been set for Friday this week". Apparently, this is an inaccurate statement because he obviously refers to the next Friday, i.e. 03/31/1989 (3rd and final day of the episode). So a few days must have gone by between day 2 and day 3 of the current episode, most likely right before the scene when Pilar and Lance try to pick up Lisa.

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