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# 190 <8.07> Life with Father
(revised 05/17/2020)
Agretti Residence interior set: A completely new first floor set is introduced this episode. The living room / study resembles the den first featured in # 186 in furniture and style as well as the fireplace and the French doors to the terrace; but the access to the room is completely different — it no longer has the doors known from Melissa's den (now replaced by a wall), but is accessible right from a small octagonal foyer now. The new door frames to the other rooms are formed in typical Tudor style décor. The kitchen is completely new.
The exteriors, however, are still old clips of the original half-timbered Tudor Style residence as seen between seasons 1 through 7.
Refer to # 193 for more information on the Agretti Residence.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Interior Sets section.
Deleted scene: During breakfast at Emma's room in the boarding house in Mill Valley, Daniel asks her again who she really is and what she is hiding. She covers by telling him that she is an unpublished mystery writer, with a day job as a waitress, and applied for the job at Young's house to learn from the master. When they begin to make love, Daniel asks her to leave a sample of her work for Mr. Young. Emma is disconcerted by the prospect of more lies though. This scene was filmed, but removed in post-production.

Tommy rides a 1978 Kawasaki KZ 1000 A2 motorcycle.

The piano piece Emma plays in R.D. Young's house is a part of FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN's (1810 – 1849) étude Op. 10 No. 3, "Tristesse".
As in # 188, MARGARET LADD only creates the illusion again that she plays the grand piano. The piece was actually added to the scene from a professional recording during the music editing process. Again, it is the very same recording that was added to # 118 (Eric playing the piano) and 188 (Emma playing).
Deleted scene: Before his meeting with Paco in town, Tommy has a job interview with Mr. Henderson (HAL LANDON, Jr.), the personnel director at the Del Oro Spa Restaurant. Tommy applies for a the position as a waiter, but Henderson declines him and says they will hold his application in case the position of a busboy (which Tommy does not want) becomes vacant. This scene was omitted in the editing process to stay within the one-hour program time frame.
Copper Lamp, a small supermarket in downtown Tuscany, is featured this episode. Only sophisticated editing after the scene there created the illusion that this store is located near the Tuscany Herald on Market Street.
The filming location is a store by the same name (Copper Name Liquor and Deli) in Monrovia, CA. The store is still in existence, but was remodeled since filming.
Product placement: Lay's Chips are visible on the shelves at the Copper Lamp. Paco and Tommy buy Budweiser beer cans there.
Mistake: In the scene with Maggie and Tommy in front of the Tuscany Herald, the pedestrian wearing a red outfit (an extra) passes by on the sidewalk behind Tommy in the long shot, but does so again in the subsequent close-up.
This is a mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Tuscany Herald interior set — inconsistency: The wall between the window and the wall to the adjacent building is much wider as seen from the outside (exterior photo: # 191). As seen from the inside, the newspaper offices are partly in the adjacent building as well. This means that the business rooms of the adjacent jewelry store are on the second floor of that building, which must be accessible from a stairway right behind its front door; only the shop window is on the first floor of the Tuscany Jewelry Shoppe.
Of course, the inconsistency comes from the fact that the interior shots are not filmed inside the exterior set, but on sound stage 10 at CBS-MTM.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations — Movie Studios — Interior Sets section.
MICHAEL FOX, the actor who plays Amos Fedders, the editor-in-chief of Maggie's newspaper, also portrayed a Swiss prosecutor in Geneva in season 7.
Amos mentions the following Tuscany Valley entities: Simpson, Brummel & Rice (Marcus Simpson, CEO), Marlow Fashions (owned by Fiona Marlow) and Black & Pickering (Jerome Black, CEO). These people and companies, however, will never be seen on the show.
In early script drafts, the scene between Emma and Angela about Emma being lovesick was staged in Emma's Del Oro suite. It started with Emma unpacking her suitcase and Angela being irritated by the cheap-looking clothes Emma had used for her undercover job at R.D. Young's house. Angela's reaction: "Did you get them at a garage sale?"
Shortly before filming, that part was omitted and the conversation moved to Angela's Del Oro suite.
Season time frame: The Christmas dinner at Angela's Del Oro suite takes place in the afternoon of Christmas Day (Sunday, 12/25/1988). This means the episode opens on Dec 23 and closes in the night of Dec 25 to 26, 1988.
By the way, it is astonishing that this is the first on-screen Christmas celebration in the course of the series.
Del Oro Spa & Country Club — spa building interior set: Strangely enough, the lobby seems to have no exit as seen in this episode and the previous one. All the doorways seem to lead to other interior hallways, rooms or the Spa Restaurant.
GREG COLLINS, the actor who plays a Del Oro security guard in this episode, already appeared as Riebmann's security guard in season 4. He will participate again in # 206 where his character name (Wyzanski) will be revealed.

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