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# 177 <7.22> Dirty Tricks
(revised 02/13/2023)

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Different footage: The preceding episode showed a close-up of Lance's hands reaching into Remick's grave only to find sand in the body bag (screen grab 1). In contrast, the recap before the main title shows a long shot of that very moment (screen capture 2).
In early script drafts, the opening scene was initially a bit longer. It started on Maggie waking Richard up by sensuously brushing his face with a daisy, sliding down over his chin, tickling his nose. When he is awake, she announces it is "Richard and Maggie Day" with breakfast in bed and a backrub in the jacuzzi to follow. This part of the scene was omitted shortly before it was shot.

The establishing shot of the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York (where Lance and Kathryn arrive from North Africa) is stock footage from a film library. It shows what used to be the International Arrival Building, which was demolished and replaced by the new Terminal 4 in 2001.


Fictional entity: The flight tickets in the scene with Lance and Kathryn are from an airline named Transcon (known from # 119, 155, 165 and 171).

In early script drafts, Remick's note to Lance read: "Estabrook had the right idea. Stay on Channing. I'll be around. Remick." — Shortly before filming, it was changed to "Keep after Channing. I'll be in touch. Remick."
Again, Malibu Canyon and the grounds of Saddlerock Ranch are used as filming locations for the Agretti lands as they will be in # 179.
On 11/09/2018, the Woolsey Fire, a destructive wildfire in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, destroyed many parts of the Saddlerock Ranch.
The pickup truck of the pickers union's laborers is a white 1964 Ford Ranchero.

Luis Banouelos' pickup truck is a black Ford Ranger.

The picture behind the couch in Richard's New Globe office was replaced; for the previous EVANS painting, refer to # 168. Visible in full in this episode, the new picture is a 1987 painting of Monument Valley by WILLIAM LYNN EVANS (1951 – 2010). Compare # 165 for another EVANS painting, his biographical background and connection to the show's producing staff as well as # 171 for yet another one of his pictures.
An establishing shot of what used to be the Bank of America building (nowadays called 555 California) in San Francisco is used followed by a scene in the New Globe offices. This either happened accidentally, or the establishing clip was supposed to represent just the Financial District in general, not specifically the New Globe.
The interior set used as Garth's room at Richard and Maggie's ranch in # 174 and 176 is reused as Michael and Kevin's nursery in this episode — furnished differently and some walls being rearranged.
The interiors of Rosemont's rental limousine are portrayed by the same picture car that has been in regular use as Richard's limo in the scenes filmed in Greater L.A. since # 160 and that was also used as Lance's rental limo in connection with the Habermans in # 171; it was also used as the interiors of Dimitrov's rental limo in # 168. The vehicle is a stretched black 1985 Lincoln Town Car.
The filming location for the Tuscany Valley road where Rosemont and Kathryn meet (visible through the rear window of the limo) is the driveway of Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu Canyon.
Original script drafts had staged this scene in a conference room. This idea was changed shortly before filming.
Sound stage 4 at CBS-MTM (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) is used as the delivery entrance to the Falcon Crest Winery Building in this episode.
Sheriff Buckman's patrol car in front of the Falcon Crest Winery Building is the usual 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury previously used by Sheriff North.
Uncredited extra LARRY HUMBURGER appears again in this episode — now as a winery worker at Falcon Crest, carrying a protest sign withe crossed out falcon logo. For two more appearances in this episode, see below.
Compare # 227 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 078.
Instead of taking Melissa's key and throwing it into the stainless steel tank, early script drafts had Angela take a pickax and puncture one of the tires of Melissa's Porsche, enjoying to watch the tire deflate.
Uncredited extra PAUL VAN appears in his usual rôle as the mustached Tuscany Valley doctor again — this time at The Max at the Del Oro.
Compare # 227 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of all his appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 014.

SHAHRAD VOSSOUGHI (uncredited extra) plays a waiter at The Max again.
Compare # 181 for a list of appearances as an extra throughout the series and # 209 for his speaking rôle as Nick Massoud.

After his first appearance in this episode (see above), uncredited extra LARRY HUMBURGER participates again — now as a patron at The Max. For another appearances in this episode, see below.
Compare # 227 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 078.

As in some previous episodes, soul music is played at The Max again. This time, a 1960's Dance Contest takes place.
Cast and crew background: One of the uncredited dancers is MARK WALLENGREN again — as in # 159 (details there).

THE CONTOURS' song "Do You Love Me?" is played during Melissa and Richard's famous "dirty dancing" — a funny allusion to the "Dirty Dancing" movie, which débuted in movie theaters shortly before the production of this episode.
The original choice for the song, by the way, was "Harlem Shuffle" by BOB & EARL.

Cameraman's mistake: In the scene in the bedroom at Richard and Maggie's ranch, reflections of the studio lights can be seen in the upper part of the screen.

Early script drafts contained an act 3 scene right before Kathryn's phone call with Lance. It was staged in Angela's study in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion: Lance tells Angela about his "safari" in Africa and shows her a copy of Remick's note. This scene was omitted in rewrites, which created the problem that it remained unanswered in # 179 how Lance was able to provide Ryder with that note (see there).
Music score: Composers JESSE FREDERICK & BENNETT SALVAY use MARK SNOW's "Maggie's Theme" (compare # 137) in the scene with Maggie and Emma at Jeeter's in this episode.
The scene with Maggie and Emma at Jeeter's was staged at the park in early script drafts.

After his two earlier appearances in this episode (see above), uncredited extra LARRY HUMBURGER is visible at his workplace in the Falcon Crest Winery Building again.
Compare # 227 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 078.

Early script drafts contained an act 3 scene with Emma coming to Angela in the Falcon Crest Winery Building after the workers created havoc there. Angela tells Emma that it was all Melissa's fault, but that she will fight back mean and dirty. This scene was omitted in rewrites.
The scene when Richard finds Maggie at Chase's memorial plaque at the Gioberti Family Cemetery contained the following line in early script drafts: "For all our differences, Chase was a good man. I miss him, too." Reading the script, DAVID SELBY felt that this remark was so out of character for Richard that he demanded it be dropped. It was omitted, indeed, when the scene was shot.
The heavily used red Volvo 242 DL sedan (compare # 055 for details) is used as a prop again; this time, it is parked in front of the Golden Park West apartment building in San Francisco where Kathryn lives.
The Golden Park West apartment building is portrayed by office building 3, the Mack Sennett Building, at CBS-MTM STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER).
Uncredited extra RAY POURCHOT appears in another rôle — this time as The Thirteen's henchman planting the bomb in Kathryn's apartment.
It is his last appearance on the show. He was featured on various occasions in different rôles in previous episodes (compare # 091, 095, 097, 121, 124, 170 and 176).
For details about the extra, compare # 091.
The building in the background during Kathryn's farewell scene is the front of office building 5 at CBS-MTM (RADFORD STUDIO CENTER). Compare # 091, 094, 160, 174 and 176.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Exterior Sets section.

Parker's van used for Kathryn's departure is a blue 1986 Ford Aerostar.

It can be concluded from Melissa and Richard's conversation as well as the map and information from # 181 that Hobart must be located about half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.
Season time frame: This episode opens Friday, 03/11/1988 and closes Monday, 03/14/1988. Compare # 173 and 178 for details on how to find out these dates. As Lance, in # 179, will confirm Melissa's "dirty dancing" with Richard was on a Saturday, the correctness of the interpretation given on this website is obvious since day 2 of the current episode was Saturday, 03/12/1988 according to this interpretation.

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