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# 165 <7.10> Lovers and Friends
(revised 12/04/2022)
Tentative title: "Choices".
Season time frame: Three months after Chase's death. — As he disappeared in April, it must be July 1987 now. Giving respect to the fact that # 162 depicted the events around the beginning of May 1987, quite some time must have gone by. As # 163 depicts four days only (Travis chasing Richard in particular) and the subsequent # 164 depicts just two more days (Nurse Claudia's attempt to kill Lance in particular), there seems to be only one logical conclusion: Approximately six weeks must have gone by between the two final scenes in # 164 — Angela and Chao-Li in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion study; Liz entering Richard's New Globe office.

The tanker truck (Melissa's grim surprise for Angela) is a 1973 Ford F-600 vehicle. The license plate number is 1Y73193.


As in # 157 (compare there), an old establishing clip of the Gioberti Winery is reused, featuring the previous prop signage reading "Gianinni Winery" above the entrance. This is hardly a post-production mistake because no updated exterior shots have been filmed at Stags' Leap since season 5.


Fictional entity: According to Lance's ticket, he booked his flight to Los Angeles with an airline named Transcon (known from # 119 and 155).
The Transcon name was also used beyond "Falcon Crest"; check out the Beyond the Show – Identical Names section for details.

The pictures in Richard's New Globe office were replaced during the renovation after the firebomb. One of them — visible in full in this episode — is on the wall next to the double doors (on the right as seen from inside the room). It is a 1987 painting of a native American woman by WILLIAM LYNN EVANS (1951 – 2010). In his day job, the Utah based artist was a priest of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons); that is where his connection with the members of the WHITAKER / PETERSON / WALLENGREN family, who worked on the "Falcon Crest" producing staff, came from.
Another EVANS painting will be on the wall behind the sofa from # 168 on (compare there), but will replaced by yet another EVANS painting — particularly well visible in # 177 (compare there). The EVANS picture behind Richard's desk will be hanging on the wall from # 166 on; it will be visible in full particularly in # 171 (compare there).
Despite LORIMAR's "new wardrobe for new season" policy, this episode, Angela wears the white / green dress she already wore in # 100.
MICHAEL YAMA, the actor who plays Takahama in this and the following episode, also portrayed one of Richard's attorneys in season 6.
Edited scene: In the director's cut, Graves' secretary (JOAN LAUREN) appears after his phone call with Takahama. It is apparently more than an employer-employee relationship, and he confides in her that he is deeply in debt and desperately needs his 10 % commission from Takahama for Liz's sale of the baseball club. This part of the scene was removed in post-production. It was originally intended to lift this footage to # 166, which never happened in the end though.

The establishing shot of Hollywood shows Mount Lee — filmed in northern direction towards the Hollywood sign. It is stock footage from a film library.


The crop dusting helicopter flying over the Agretti Vineyards and Falcon Crest is a Texas Aircraft M74 Wasp.

Continuity error in the scene with the crop dusting helicopter: When the crop duster flies tightly over the vineyards, Angela grabs at the fence with her right hand, her Mercedes-Benz 380 SL Convertible being behind her. When the helicopter comes closer, Angela is looking in the opposite direction in her next frame, the fence being behind and the car being in front of her now. This is caused by post-production's deletion of some frames of the originally longer helicopter flight, which included a loop.
New license plate number of Angela's light beige Mercedes-Benz 380 SL Convertible (type R107): 2BCO976.
Again, this is a plate seen before: on Chase's GMC High Sierra in the scenes filmed at Stags' Leap in # 134 and on the Tuscany Land Company's Mercedes-Benz S-Class in # 147 (compare there) — not an appropriate prop policy!
The filming location for the scene depicting Liz' faked story about a ninja chasing her is Conzelman Road in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area with an southeastern view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
In the more dangerous parts of the car ride, LAUREN HUTTON is replaced by a stunt double.
Liz' rental car is a beige 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer with exterior wood trim.
Maggie "needs" a drink for the first time — a good hint for her becoming an alcoholic in the course of this season; this gradual movement will continue in # 166 and 168.

The filming location for the barbecue in the Falcon Crest garden is not Spring Mountain, but the private garden at Sycamore Vineyard in Rutherford, CA, which belongs to Freemark Abbey, a winery in St. Helena, CA.

Uncredited extra KATHRYN BRYAN HAMPTON appears as Kathy, a Tuscany Valley inhabitant, again — this time at the barbecue at Falcon Crest.
It is her last appearance on the show. She was featured on various occasions in previous episodes (compare # 020, 045, 071 and 072). It can be concluded from these episodes that she is friends with the Giobertis, considering how cordially she was greeted by Maggie and Chase. As her professional equipment in # 071 reveals, she is apparently a photographer.
For details about the extra, compare # 020. The scene in the current episode is like a home game for KATHY because the filming location (see above) is the back yard of her family's residence at Sycamore Vineyards.
The exteriors of Valentino's, the "in" restaurant in Hollywood, is actually the old Lisbon (Mathews) Winery in the city of Napa. It was totally renovated in the 1990's and now houses the Jarvis Conservatory. In # 157 (see there), a smaller building on the grounds portrayed the Tuscany Valley Inn with its terrace. For the use of the interiors, see below.

Chip Weiner's car is a red 1987 Ford Mustang III Convertible.

Prop: In the scene in front of Valentino's in Beverly Hills, a black Mercedes-Benz is visible in the background. It is actually the very same picture car usually posing as Lance's Mercedes-Benz 560 SL Convertible (type R107). The prop master simply equipped the picture car with a different license plate number, 2CDO891, in contrast to the usual one (2PAD139; correctly mounted on Lance's car also in this episode in the later scene on the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion driveway) — so far an adequate prop policy. The license plate from the scene in front of Valentino's, however, will end up on Lance's car between # 199 and 205, which does not make any sense at all.
The San Francisco street where Angela finds Spence was an exterior set on the backlot of CBS-MTM STUDIOS. It was built on My Three Sons Street near stage 11 (compare # 152). For later filming in that set, refer to # 183, 185 and 223. This set, however, was completely revamped around 2003.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Exterior Sets section.

SHAHRAD VOSSOUGHI (uncredited extra) plays a waiter at The Max again.
Compare # 181 for a list of appearances as an extra throughout the series and # 209 for his speaking rôle as Nick Massoud.

Edited scene: The scene with Melissa and Dan at The Max (act 2) was initially longer: Before Dan arrives, Melissa and Tucker have a meeting with three businessmen from an ad agency, discussing an early promotional campaign for Joseph Wineries. The scene was filmed, but cut in post-production.
The exteriors of the Tuscany Valley Inn are filmed at the Vintage Inn in Yountville, CA — contrary to the previous establishing clips (see # 036 for instance).
The interiors of the Tuscany Valley Inn are portrayed by the location whose exteriors were used as Valentino's: Lisbon (Mathews) Winery in Napa, CA (see above)
Since it was rebuilt to house the Jarvis Conservatory, the interiors look totally different now.
Early script drafts contained a line in Liz's conversation with Maggie about Richard's marriage proposal that was omitted in rewrites: Liz says that her boyfriend, Guy, asked her to marry him, but she said she was happy the way things were. Then he was killed, and it was too late.
Deleted scene: The director's cut contained a night scene at the beginning of act 3 in which Richard and Maggie are lying in bed in his home. They are both wide awake; Maggie has her back to him. When Richard says he is not trying to pressure her with his marriage proposal, she turns over and nestles against his shoulder. This scene was removed in post-production.
The scenes on the driveway in front of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion are the series' last scenes ever to be filmed at Spring Mountain.
Edited scene: The scene with Maggie and Liz in the hallway of Richard's house was initially longer: It started out in the master bedroom with Maggie quietly getting up without waking Richard, who is continuing to sleep peacefully. That part of the scene was removed in post-production.
The filming location for the Japanese garden in the scene with Richard and Ito is the bridge near the Full Moon Tea House in the Japanese Garden at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, CA.
In the dangerous part of the scene with Richard and Ito, DAVID SELBY is replaced by stunt double JOE STONE.
According to early script drafts, the original choice for Ito's last name was Yamagishi. It was dropped in the final version though, leaving unanswered if Ito was his first or last name.
ANA-ALICIA is replaced by tunt double MARGUERITE HAPPY when Melissa falls off the horse.
The Agretti Vineyards and the vineyards of Falcon Crest (borderline between the properties) are portrayed by the Leonardini Vineyard of Whitehall Lane Winery & Vineyards (compare # 163 for details) in this episode and the following one.
Confusing: According to this episode, Dan was 10 years old when Tucker left him and his mother. Considering Tucker went away 20 years ago as stated in # 163, Dan would have to be 30 years old now, which is rather improbable because he sat next to Melissa in high school, as he said in # 131. Most likely, he must have been born in 1960, too. Probably, they rather meant Tucker left approximately 20 years ago — maybe in 1970 when Dan was 10.

Inside joke: On the ribbon cockade for Maggie's wine (second place in the competition), "La Fortune" is legible. Although the French word for "fortune" may make sense in the context of the wine competition, it is an obvious allusion to associate producer VICTORIA LaFORTUNE.

In this and the following episode, parts of the Agretti Vineyards are portrayed by Flora Springs (compare # 129 for the distict slope) and the former Inglewood Estate Winery (nowadays Sinegal Estate) in St. Helena, CA whose pool house was heavily filmed for previous episodes (compare # 027 and 156 in particular).

ANA-ALICIA's picture on her main title card comes from a scene in this episode.

Liz McDowell's apartment is located in an apartment building at the corner of Chestnut and Hyde Street in San Francisco. The establishing shot of the building as seen from Hyde Street was taken during location filming for # 023 in San Francisco (during season 2).
The San Francisco skyline as seen from the balcony set of her apartment is apparently a set — the skyline is a huge photograph (translight) on the background of the sound stage; but the set designers were not very careful with it because the actual building does not offer a view of downtown high-rises, but only of low-rise buildings north of San Francisco's Financial District.
This backing actually shows an eastern view from the 1969-annexed tower of the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill. It is the exact same backdrop that was used for the Gioberti Enterprises office in # 131 (compare there), by the way.
The scene with Richard and Liz on the balcony of her apartment was originally scripted for # 166, but moved to this episode in post-production.
Mistake: In the scene in the Agretti Vineyards, the fencing is rolled in the truck bed. In the close-up, it is lying against the back of the truck in an angle. In the subsequent wide angle shot, however, it is standing up straight (compare yellow marks).
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
The pickup delivering Melissa's fence is a white / red Chevrolet C-/K-10.
License plate number of the patrol car taking Sheriff North to the property line between Falcon Crest and the Agretti Vineyards, a 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury: 639405. This is the same number that was used on the unmarked San Francisco Police Department car used by Lieutenant Matthews and Tony in # 164 (compare there) — not an appropriate prop policy.

License plate number of the Ford 555, the backhoe loader hired by Angela to destroy Melissa's fence: 2A19846.

A sheriff's election will take place. Strangely enough, this happens very soon again after the election in the previous season. Also compare # 079, 105 and 135 for this problem.
The scene with Angela, Melissa and Sheriff North at the property line between the Agetti Vineyards and Falcon Crest was originally scripted for # 166, but moved to this episode in post-production.
The original cliffhanger for the current epsiode was the scene in Richard's bedroom with Maggie's departure and a freeze frame on Richard as his heart shatters into tiny pieces.

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