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# 162 <7.07> Sweet Revenge
(revised 11/01/2022)
The filming location for the San Francisco hotel where Travis takes Maggie to the reception is the former main building of Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco's Financial District.
Travis mentions "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by LEWIS CARROLL (1832 – 1898).
Mistake: In the scene with Richard and his security guard at the Del Oro, a bellboy is walking from the hallway towards the lobby in the close-up (visible on the left of the frame). Although he has arrived at the reception, the same bellboy is walking exactly the same route again in the long shot a few seconds later.

SHAHRAD VOSSOUGHI (uncredited extra) plays a waiter at The Max again, this time moving through the Del Oro lobby.
Compare # 181 for a list of appearances as an extra throughout the series and # 209 for his speaking rôle as Nick Massoud.

There is another new picture in the sitting room of Richard's house. Behind the couch hangs an art print of a serigraph by American artist ROY LICHTENSTEIN (1923 – 1997) now. The artist created the serigraph in 1969 specifically for his first solo exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, which took place there between September 19 and November 16, 1969.

Different camera angles in the sneak preview and the scene itself: In their drive through the Australian outback, Melissa and Joseph are seen from one side in the sneak preview before the main title (first three screen grabs), but from across in the scene itself.

Melissa's vehicle in Australia is a lousy prop, too, because it has a left-hand steering wheel.
Editing mistake: In the close-up, Melissa turns the steering wheel to the left although she wants and does drive to the right as the wide angle shot shows. The editors put the close-up in the wrong place; it should have been put in a few seconds later when Melissa turns back to the left.
License plate number of Melissa's rental Jeep Wrangler YJ: Australia PRC 486.
The filming location for the scenes in the Australian outback is the Napa Quarry of Syar Industries located east of the Napa Vallejo Highway.
Early script drafts contained an act 1 scene in which Maggie, Ashok Anand and Carlton Travis arrive in Carlton's limo under the portico of Richard's house the morning after Maggie's abduction. Garth and his squad are alarmed, but Maggie tells them to back off. Before Carlton and Ashok leave, Maggie and Carlton agree that they both want peace. This scene was omitted. The final episode only kept the following interior scene with Maggie telling Richard that Carlton wants to call off their feud.
MAGGIE COOPER, who played Lori Stevens in season 2 (compare # 023), now guest-stars as Alison Price.
Cast and crew background: It was part of MAGGIE COOPER's divorce agreement to get a new rôle on the show when she and her husband, GARY ADELSON, son of LORIMAR's main stockholder MERV ADELSON at that time, split up.
In early script drafts, Alison mentioned her ex-husband's name during her conversation with Maggie: Jim Price.
As the establishing clip shows, Lance's Del Oro suite is in one of the guest cottages near the Country Club mansion (actually a Silverado Country Club guest cottage).
The same establishing shot of Polo Road as in # 158 (although not called Polo Road yet) introduces a toy store again, this time The Toy Shoppe (compare # 175).
The Toy Shoppe interiors are portrayed by Toys — Oz for Kids, which used to be located in the Winship-Smernes Building in Napa, CA, and whose exteriors were used as a different toy store in # 158 (compare there).

Inside joke: An advert with a photo of ANA-ALICIA is on the wall in the QVH corridor.


Mishap: When Lance and Frank Starr fight in the hospital corridor, the whole wall of the interior set is shaking.

On a pillar of the gate to Travis' property, "H" and "18" can be read. "81" and another "H" are carved into the second pillar, which is not shown in the series, in real life. This refers to the real-life founder of the property, Henry Hagen (compare # 160) and the year he established his company, Cedar Knoll Vineyard (1881).
The heavily filmed pond at the former Inglewood Estate Winery (nowadays Sinegal Estate) in St. Helena, CA is used as the pond on Travis' property (scene with Ashok Anand). For other purposes of this site, refer to # 073, 137 and 160 (about the lake in particular) and # 027 (about the location in general).
Season time frame: On day 3 of the current episode, Michael's birthday is celebrated. He was born 05/06/1986, which means day 3 of the current episode depicts 05/06/1987.
Inconsistency: On Michael's birthday cake, "2" can be read, but he is only one year old. By the way, the actor playing Michael, ALEXANDER ROSS DeANGELIS, is obviously too old for the character. Again, this is the typical TV phenomenon of the "rapid aging syndrome" of children.
Nice prop: A photo of Lance and Dina from a skiing vacation is seen on Lance's desk — actually a real-life photo of LORENZO and ROBIN! The only problem, however, is that no such vacation of Lance and Dina was ever mentioned on the show. It might have taken place in the few weeks in the winter 1986-87 that were not depicted between # 144 and 145.
Frank Starr's semi-detached home in downtown Tuscany is actually located in downtown Napa, CA.
Frank Starr's car is a gray / black 1980 Cadillac Seville.
Angela's favorite color is yellow.
The temporary desk chair in Richard's New Globe office (until it is finally renovated) is a striking prop: The very same antique swivel armchair used to be in the New Globe executive office during season 4, even after Richard left, all through Lance's tenure. It is obviously a company owned chair. The question remaining, however, is if the prop department coincidentally chose the same prop or if this was actually done on purpose with the chair's history in mind. Production documents of this episode are inconclusive though.
Early script drafts contained an act 4 scene in the New Globe parking garage: After her meeting with Richard in his office, Maggie goes to her car, sits behind her steering wheel, lowers her head and is frustrated and upset because she feels Richard is not telling her everything about Travis. This scene was omitted.
In the more dangerous parts of the scene with the fast driving Jeeps at the Kookaburra Station, ANA-ALICIA and BRETT CULLEN are replaced by stunt doubles.
The parking garage of the New Globe Executive Building is portrayed by the parking garage of the City National Bank in Studio City, CA.

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