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# 159 <7.04> The Big Bang
(revised 11/01/2022)

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Different takes: The moment when Angela, in the Del Oro lobby, asks Maggie if she would like to discuss her first loan payment was presented in a long shot in the preceding episode (screen capture 1) while it is featured in a close-up in the recap before the main title of the current episode (screen grab 2).
The piece of music with a certain Latin American flavor, which is played during the fashion show at The Max, is the same music that was played during Vickie and Eric's dance at Dan and Vickie's engagement party in # 149. It was composed by MARK SNOW specifically for the series.

Uncredited extra LENNART JAKELL appears in this episode again as the distinguished Tuscany Valley gentleman — this time at The Max.
Compare # 227 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 016.


Cast and crew background: One of the uncredited dancers at The Max is ERNIE's brother MARK WALLENGREN, who is the bumper and sneak preview announcer for the previous and the current season and who also had supporting rôles in # 107 and 113 (see there).

A bottle of the fictional Dish Liquid brand is visible in the Gioberti House kitchen. Although the lettering was changed, it is pretty obvious that the bottle is actually Sunlight. It remains a mystery why LORIMAR decided against actual product placement here since they already featured Sunlight prominently in # 051.
Early script drafts contained an act 1 scene on the terrace of Richard's house in which he and Garth discuss that there are no leads in the Sandy Patterson case yet. Richard wants Garth to make sure that his land in Nevada is secure when he goes there with Maggie for the weekend. This scene was omitted in rewrites.
Melissa drives her white Porsche 911 (last seen in # 098) again — or a new one, same model?
Real-life allusion: Lance mentions the Indy 500, the 500-mile Indianapolis car race (established 05/30/1911).

Product placement: The Ford Motor Company logo is put all across the raceway.

The shot of Lance at the car race course in this season's main title (right screen capture) is from an unused version of the scene in this episode (compare the left screen grab for the version used this episode).
Early script drafts contained an act 1 scene at The Max at night: Having returned from the Gioberti House, Vickie is having a glass of tonic water at the bar. Eric arrives and wants to dance whereas Vickie wants to talk about their financial problems. The situation is heating up when Eric grabs her arm and keeps tugging at it. When she yanks it out of his grasp, Eric falls backward, knocking into a nearby couple. He warns Vickie never to do that again. This scene was omitted.

The interior scenes in Richard's house featured in this episode as well as # 160 through 162, 166 and 167 (foyer and living room) are shot in the private Napa Valley residence that has been in use for the exteriors since 1985.

Richard quotes from SHAKESPEARE's "Julius Caesar".
Wonderful improvisation: According to the script, DAVID SELBY's line was only the quote ("Let's slip the dogs of war"). But CARL HELD spontaneously added "Julius Caesar", which — again — caused DAVID to reply "act 3, scene 1". They work very well together.

Fictional entity: The building Maggie and Richard are in front of in Channing Nevada once housed the Fiorno Brothers Hardware Store.

The picture in the hallway to Emma's bedroom in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion is the same prop that was used in Gustav's office at his dummy company, De Bercy Land Development, in season 4.
Product placement: Adeline Romanov mentions Tupperware.
The filming location for the Nevada lake where Richard's ghost town is located nearby is a part of Lake Hennessey near Conn Valley Road in the Napa Valley, CA. Another part of that lake was used in # 069 (plane crash site; compare there).
The location manager's original choice of filming location was Lake Berryessa in the Napa Valley, but these plans were changed.

Spoiler: Hopkins mentions Travis' name when talking to him via radio from the helicopter.
Travis' chopper is a Bell 206 Jet Ranger.


SHAHRAD VOSSOUGHI (uncredited extra) plays a waiter at The Max again.
Compare # 181 for a list of appearances as an extra throughout the series and # 209 for his speaking rôle as Nick Massoud.

Uncredited extra SHARRI ZAK appears as the gray-haired Tuscany Valley socialite with the pony tail again; this episode dancing at The Max nightclub.
Compare # 202 for biographical details about this rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 009.

Gioberti House interior set — inconsistency: The window in the guest bedroom is too tall. Compared with the filming location (Stags' Leap Manor), second floor windows of a similar height are only located in the turret. The guest bedroom, however, is not in that area of the house as it can be concluded from its rectangular shape.


The Gioberti House basement interior set consists of the very same elements that are usually used for the interiors of the Falcon Crest Winery Building and the Gioberti Winery. Compare # 152 in particular.

Allusion to the movie industry: When Hopkins tampers with the gas main at the Gioberti House, he says: "Gone with the Wind". This obviously refers to the famous movie.
Hopkins' van is a white 1980 Ford Econoline E-Series model.
Hopkins' van is supposed to be parked somewhere near the Gioberti House (Stags' Leap Manor). A fence can be seen in the foreground (not the heavily filmed fence at CBS-MTM, now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER, this time; see # 086 about that one). The filming location was not chosen too carefully because the gate with that fence is on the southern driveway to Stags' Leap, meaning it is not near where the van is supposed to be parked to have a view of the turret and front veranda as Hopkins' monitoring suggests from his position.
The wall decoration in the bedroom of Erics and Vickie's Del Oro suite is the same prop that was hanging above the fireplace in Melissa's secret apartment in San Francisco in season 6 (screen grab from # 153). The metal sculpture in brass and silver colors was just rotated 90 degrees this time.
There is a new picture in the sitting room of Richard's house. Above the fireplace hangs an art print of a lithograph by American artist ROY LICHTENSTEIN (1923 – 1997) now. The artist created the lithograph in 1967 specifically for an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam / The Netherlands, which took place there between November 3 and December 17, 1967. The poster is a numbered limited edition art print with an original pencil signature of the artist.
Richard mentions England's King EDWARD VIII.
Product placement: The logo of the Camel tobacco company is featured on a sign at the Tuscany Raceway.
In the more dangerous scenes at the raceway, particularly during Lance and Dina's accident, LORENZO LAMAS and ROBIN GREER are replaced by stunt doubles.
The picture in the living room of Richard's house is "In a Garden" (a.k.a. "Three Sisters"), an 1890 Impressionist style painting (oil on canvas) by EDMUND CHARLES TARBELL (1862 – 1938).
As with all artwork on the show, it remains unanswered throughout the series if they are originals or if they are meant to be reproductions. The original of the aforementioned artwork is located at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI.

The establishing shot of the Tuscany Valley Airport is from the Van Nuys Airport in Greater Los Angeles.

John's commuter flight from Tuscany to San Francisco, where he leaves the country on a plane to Africa, is number 564.
Mistake: In the scene with Maggie and Richard in his bedroom, the position of his hand on / under the magazine is different in subsequent frames, depending on the angle of filming.
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Despite LORIMAR's "new wardrobe for new season" policy, this episode, Maggie wears the orange blouse she already wore in # 131.
The seasonal sneak preview before the main title in # 156 featured the Gioberti House from a more distant view during the explosion (left capture) than the scene itself in the current episode (right grab). It is the very same frame on film, which is now zoomed in the current episode.
The miniature model of the Gioberti House used for the explosion is an absolutely ridiculous replica! The set designers did such a poor job:
In the sneak preview (# 156), a concrete wall, which actually does not exist anywhere near the house, can be noticed in the foreground. The wall is actually the concrete basin of the Los Angeles River because the filming location for the explosion of the model replica was located just beyond the river on the northern part of CBS-MTM STUDIOS (RADFORD STUDIO CENTER), which was still undeveloped at that time. Strangely enough, the model has vines in the very place where actually the front yard is located.
They even built two big windows in the second story above the southern veranda although there is only one smaller window there in the center as well as one very small window right next to it in real life.
The center part of the house is much too wide.
The balcony above the dining room is missing.
The French doors to the balcony have three instead of two casements.
The east wing (kitchen area) is missing completely.
The turret is not in circular shape.
The real turret has three windows in every floor. The two windows in the model and the blank space next to them does not resemble the real architecture; nor does it do any justice to the perspective from which the explosion is supposed to be seen.
In the background, there are too many large trees — there would have to be only a few trees and the top of some palm trees to be seen in the near and the Mayacamas mountains in the far distance.

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