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# 157 <7.02> Obsession, Possession
(revised 02/13/2023)

Additional footage: In the recap, an unused take from the preceding episode is featured with Angela talking to Emma on the roof: "Emma, please come in the house." # 156 showed only one similar segment with Angela saying: "Emma, please!"

Different takes: After Melissa was saved from the bay in the previous episode (screen grab 1), she asked the surrounding rescue team as well as Maggie and Richard: "The baby?" In the recap before the main title of the current episode, a different take is used: The positions of the surrounding persons are slightly different (screen capture 2), and Melissa is more agitated when she frantically shouts: "The baby?!"
Different takes: In his phone conversation with John in the preceding episode, Richard's line was: "Death pact! Time to act on it." The camera was on Richard in his New Globe office during that complete line (screen grab 1). The recap before the main title of the current episode features a different take: Not only is Richard's position slightly different (screen capture 2), but also his wording: "Death pact! Act on it now!". Also, his second sentence is featured through John's satellite phone receiver with the camera on Remick.
Different takes: In the finale of the preceding episode, Emma admonished Angela: "The truth, mother, tell him the truth! Tell Richard who he really is." Her first sentence was featured in a close-up (screen grab 1). In the recap before the main title of the current episode, a long shot is presented (screen capture 2), and Emma's first sentence is slightly different: "Tell him, mother!"
The patrol car in front of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion is a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu with a 9C1 patrol car package. Its identification code is 0658.
This information can only be gathered from unused footage (a long shot of the car on the driveway) and scene stills. The episode itself opened on the rotating blue lights of the patrol car without the body of the vehicle being visible.
Early script drafts suggested that, after Nicole's first visit with Maggie, John follow her on the driveway in front of the Gioberti House, where she is about to enter a limousine. He threatens to stop her. This idea was dropped.
Deleted scene: This episode was supposed to include a scene with Angela climbing up to the attic of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion and speaking to an old oil portrait of Douglas Channing, blaming him for making her believe their first child had died after childbirth. When she punches and tears the portrait, Emma chastises her, asking her when she will finally learn to forgive. This scene was actually shot, but the film destroyed by the lab; it was never reshot.
The portrait of Douglas did not show STEPHEN ELLIOTT, who played Angie's ex-husband in season 1, but actually this episode's director. In an exclusive DFCF interview, MICHAEL A. HOEY shared more details.
Fictional entity: Nicole owns the London based Sauguet Pharmaceuticals.
Embarrassing prop: Nicole's business card reads: "Sauguet Pharmaceuticals — 17 Kensington Muse, London, W8 — Telex 555-98-26". "Muse" is misspelled and should correctly read "Mews" (a street name in London that is derived from the historic British term for a row of stables, usually with carriage houses below and living quarters above, built around a paved yard or court, or along a street behind large city houses). This embarrassing error occurred although the de Forest Research company had cleared this fictional address (with the correct spelling of "Mews") for use on the show.
Alternate suggestions from de Forest for usable fictional addresses were 144 Grosvenor Square, London, W1 and 38 Gramercy Place, London, W1, which remained unused though.
Inconsistency: Chase borrowed $ 30 million from Nicole Sauguet in Paris in 1981 to start his new wine business in California and put up his holdings as collateral. But how could that be Gioberti Enterprises or the Gioberti Winery? When Chase borrowed the money, he only owned the Gioberti Estate (the 50 acres he inherited from Jason). It is also strange that the estimated value of Gioberti Enterprises is said to be $ 30 million after Chase and Tony expanded a lot in 1986-87 and Terry's vineyards (McKay and Visconti) also became part of the Gioberti Winery after Maggie had inherited them from her sister and signed a proxy for Chase.
Solution: Maybe, this is the net worth after dissolving the partnership with Tony and Lance and paying back the $ 100 million credit line to the Tuscany Valley Bank, or it even refers to the net worth of the Gioberti Estate only. The last case is most likely to be the right interpretation because this would also explain what exactly Chase put up as collateral in 1981: the Gioberti House and the original 50 acres. In this case, however, the net worth seems to be too high considering one third of Falcon Crest (much more than 50 acres) had a net worth of approximately $ 30 million in 1984 (compare # 079); it is also strange why Maggie is afraid of losing also the winery to Nicole in foreclosure because the winery has never been part of those original 50 acres...
Early script drafts contained an act 1 scene with Maggie, rushing out of the Gioberti House towards her car. Richard happens to arrive that moment, and she runs into his arms with Chase's letter she got from John. This scene was dropped so Maggie and Richard's conversation about the letter immediately began on the terrace of the Tuscany Valley Inn.
The scene with Maggie and Richard on the terrace of the Tuscany Valley Inn is filmed on the grounds of the old Lisbon (Mathews) Winery in the city of Napa (nowadays Jarvis Conservatory). Also refer to # 165 to the future use of that location.
The scene with Richard and Maggie on the Tuscany Valley Inn terrace was originally longer: Towards the end, Maggie, near tears, crumples Chase's letter into a ball and tosses it into an ashtray. She runs into the restaurant, obviously to go to the ladies' room. Richard takes the ball, smoothes it down and reads the last sentence: "I'll always love you." — This part was removed in post-production.

Product placement: Dan christens his home with a bottle of Perrier-Jouët (Fleur de Champagne).

In the scene with Maggie, Melissa and Kevin in front of the Gioberti House, the close-ups of Melissa (screen grab 3) are from different takes and were combined in the editing process. This becomes apparent because, in the close-ups filmed towards Melissa, both she and Maggie are standing the other way round in contrast to all other segments. While the other segments are filmed away from the Gioberti House towards the lawn beyond the driveway, Melissa's close-ups are filmed from that lawn area towards the Gioberti House — the short wall of native stone around the veranda is visible in the background.
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.

The interior scene in the Roman-Catholic church where Angela meets with Father Bob is filmed in the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Napa, CA. The same location will be used for another scene with these two characters in # 166.

In this episode, Angela wears the same necklace as in # 139.
Even until the revised final draft of the script, Father Bob was not part of this episode. It was only decided on short notice before shooting on distant location began that Father BOB CURTIS would travel to Northern California again, as in seasons 3 through 6, so the writing staff eventually included him into the memorial service for Chase. When this addition was made, writer LISA SEIDMAN also created the scene at the church with Father Bob and Angela in which she consults with him about her love for the baby she thought she had lost shortly after childbirth and the hatred she feels towards Richard. When the scene was developed, it was supposed to take place the same day as Chase's memorial service (which is held towards the end of this episode; day 5 of the plot). In the final version as aired, however, post-production moved the church scene up to the first day in this episode's timeline. The original chronology is still recognizable by Angela's wardrobe because she wears the same outfit as in the later memorial service (see below).

Nicole's suite at the Del Oro is the usual interior set used for any suite at the spa (compare # 132, 141, 151 and 152) since season 6. As usual, only minor changes in the furniture and other equipment were made to meet budget criteria. The same goes for Eric and Vickie's suite.

Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion veranda set — inconsistency: The replica of the dining room window is a three-casement window with the center casement consisting of double French doors. The real dining room window to the east, on the contrary, has no doors, but just a big three-casement window without being divided in so many panes. The replica of this window was different and in accordance with the real architecture of Miravalle before the earthquake (compare # 030).

The close-ups of SUSAN SULLIVAN in the night scene with Maggie and Nicole at the Gioberti House were destroyed by the film lab and had to be reshot during the filming of # 159.

Early script drafts suggested as the act 2 opener a scene in the front yard at the Gioberti Estate with Maggie working in the garden and Angela coming over. She offers paying off Nicole and taking over the Gioberti Winery and the Gioberti Estate so that Maggie can leave the valley with her dignity intact. Maggie declines the offer. This scene was omitted.

Product placement: Richard serves Perrier mineral water to Maggie.

Richard's nickname for Angela is the "Wicked Witch of the West" (as it will be in # 175 again). In # 031, Maggie already used that term; in # 127, Melissa used a similar nickname.
The nickname is an allusion to the children's novel "The Wizard of Oz" by L. FRANK BAUM and the stage play and film version by the same name where this name was first used.
Different footage: When Maggie, in Richard's New Globe office, tells him that the last thing Angela would want was him for a son, Richard's reaction shot is from different takes. In the sneak preview, Richard just laughs it off and is just about to sip from his glass of milk (screen capture 1). The scene itself, however, features a different angle of Richard; he is standing much farther back and has just taken a sip from his glass of milk, reacting more as if he could not believe Maggie just said that (screen grab 2).
Real-life allusion: Emma's gift for Richard is a spoon made by PAUL REVERE (1735 – 1818), a master craftsman, highly praised for his work in gold and silversmithing.
The filming location for Emma's picnic with Richard is the Nature's Table area near a small stream at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, CA. The location manager's original plan to shoot the scene at Spring Mountain in the Napa Valley did not work out due to scheduling conflicts.

Old establishing shots of the Gioberti Winery with the prop sign saying "Gianinni Winery" are still reused. This is apparently wrong because the company has been called Gioberti Winery since # 114. This is hardly a post-production mistake because no updated exterior shots have been filmed at Stags' Leap since season 5.


The Gioberti Winery interior set consists of the usual movable walls (compare # 152 for details) and is propped with the cases known from # 145 (Kibbler Beverages) and # 149 (Gabrielle's former wine cellar).


Despite the new "make-up" (compare # 156), the skin on LORENZO's right shoulder appears darker than on the rest of his body due to his tattoo.

In the scene with Lance and Melissa at the Agretti Residence pool, Lance first touches Melissa's hands with both his hands, so his left arm is in front of his torso. In the subsequent frame filmed from across, however, his left arm is beside his torso and nowhere near Melissa's hands.
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.

The Silverado Country Club & Resort in Napa, CA is used as the filming location for the Del Oro this season again — this episode features the driving range, and so will # 159; # 165 will feature the aerobic area near the main building.

Fictional institution: Vickie's old yearbook entitled "Wildcats" gives away that she went to Eastlake High School in New York City.
According to a crew member, who wants to remain unnamed, LESLIE CARON was not shy at all to play the bathroom scene in Nicole's suite. She undressed in front of the whole crew, indeed.
Confusing: A sign reads Tuscany Valley Land Company. In season 6, the entity was called Tuscany Land Company or Corporation. Compare # 147 and 148 for details.
This is the only time the exteriors of the old American Savings building in Napa were used as the Tuscany Valley Bank. The building is owned by the Wells Fargo Bank and repainted nowadays.
In # 144, Philip Tindall worked for the First Merchants Bank. Chase did business with this bank manager. Strange: Tindall now works for the Tuscany Valley Bank (the name will be seen in # 164) and tells Maggie Chase got a $ 100 million loan from them. So it has to be the same bank.
Explanation: Since the Tuscany Valley Bank was previously in existence (see # 050), the First Merchants Bank must have merged with it this year, thus becoming a subsidiary of the Tuscany Valley Bank.
The interior set of Phil Tindall's office at the Tuscany Valley Bank consists of the same wall elements that were used for the Del Oro billiards room in # 147.
According to original script drafts, Tindall, whose name had not been mentioned in the previous season, was called Thompson. The character name, however, was changed during filming.
The exterior shot of the Tuscany Raceway is from the Sears Point Raceway (nowadays Sonoma Raceway) outside Sonoma, CA. Exterior scenes will be shot for the two following episodes there.
Different from # 155, the interior shots of the garage in this episode as well as # 160 and 161 are also filmed there at what used to be the Zephyr Racing Garage in those days.
Real-life allusion: Lance mentions RALPH NADER, the politician.
The filming location for the Tuscany River where bathing John is confronted by Maggie is the Napa River under the Rutherford Bridge on Rutherford Road in the Napa Valley.
In early script drafts, John Remick's family's name (the name he had changed to Remick) was Ryan. It became Ryder in rewrites. Early script drafts did not only include Maggie's mentioning his brother, Peter Ryder, but also their parents, Charles and Rosemary.
The coroner's white van is a 1980 Ford Econoline E-Series.
The identification code of the S.F.P.D. patrol car — a 1980 Dodge Diplomat — is 395.
The scene with Richard and Remick at the San Francisco Bay is shot near the port of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area at Fort Baker (also compare # 137 for that location). The later scene with Maggie and Remick is filmed nearby.
Inconsistency: When John and Richard are discussing Chase's disappearance near the Golden Gate Bridge, Remick says: "Nobody really knows what happened down there. [...] Like how Chase's jacket accidentally got caught in the car door." Since Chase removed his sports coat before he dove into the bay in # 155, it seems an awkward thing to say. It also remains unclear where John would have that kind of information from.
The part of their conversation introduced by this statement was not in the final script. The conversation was extended on short notice while shooting the scene. It remains a mystery what the writing and producing staff aimed for.
Early script drafts planned for the act 4 opener to be a scene between Lance and Nicole in her Del Oro suite in the evening. Referring to his shares in Gioberti Enterprises, he wants to know how her proposed takeover of Chase's shares will affect the company. She dryly replies that it will be a pleasure not doing business with him. This scene was omitted. By the way, it would have contained a rather strange reference to Lance being in control over 30 % whereas he actually owned 5 % and probably had a proxy over Tony's 27.5 %.
Furthermore, it is never mentioned explicitly that Maggie dissolves Gioberti Enterprises and the partnership with Tony and Lance. But this must happen around this episode or will happen around the following episode because future episodes will no longer refer to Gioberti Enterprises, but only to the Gioberti Winery, and Tony and Lance have obviously left the company.

As visible in the scene with Nicole on Richard's terrace, his wine goblets and water glasses are the then-trendy black-stemmed signature glasses from the "Domino" series of the French Luminarc brand.

Early script drafts contained an act 4 scene in the sitting room of Richard's house with Richard feeding Michael strained peaches and asking him rhetorically if he thinks he would ever want to call Angela grandma. At the same time, he apparently wonders whether he can imagine ever calling her mother. This scene was omitted.

Angela's outfit in the scene with Chase's memorial service reveals that her conversation with Father Bob was supposed to take place shortly before on the same day; see above for the chronology change.

It is questionable from where exactly Nicole watches Chase's memorial service in front of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion.
The producers' "secret" is that this scene was not filmed anywhere near Spring Mountain's Villa Miravalle, but towards a hill behind the driveway around the house that will be utilized as Carlton Travis' home from # 160 on (compare there).
Nicole's rental limousine in the Tuscany Valley is a black stretched 1985 Lincoln Town Car, modified by Classic Limousine of Fountain Valley, a California based coachbuilder. This picture car was rented by LORIMAR in the Napa Valley for shooting on distant location.

The car on the driveway in front of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion, which belongs to one of the mourners, is a white 1980 Cadillac Coupé DeVille.

Mistake: In the scene with Richard stepping on the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion veranda to talk to Angela, the wide angle shot filmed at Spring Mountain in the Wine Country and the close-up filmed at CBS-MTM STUDIOS, the props do not exactly match: In particular, the roller blind is in a different position in the living room window (yellow mark), and the wicker chaise longue mysteriously appears in the close-up only (red mark).
According to this episode, Richard was born in 1942 since Angela says her son "died 45 years ago".
At first sight, this seems to be in contrast to previous statements about his age. These are most likely discrepancies caused by negligent writing, but they do not make things implausible.
In # 031, Angela said to Jacqueline she was "35 years late" for discretion, and Phillip said what Jacqueline did occurred "more than 35 years ago". As they referred to Jacqueline's affair with Douglas in that episode, it is likely it was only a rough estimation about how long their affair might have gone on after Richard's birth. These statements do not refer to Richard's year of birth. When Angela saw Sister Marie-Thérèse in France in # 037, the nun mentioned that Jacqueline brought "her" infant son to the Convent Sainte Marthe in 1945. This is no contradiction either because Richard had spent his first years of life — prior to Sister Marie-Thérèse's involvement — in the Convent of Loraine in France.
Full family trees of the Giobertis and Agrettis including dates (birth, death, marriages, etc.) are available here.
In the first script draft of this episode, the conversation between Angela and Richard in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion after Chase's memorial service was much different and with a lot more aggression between the two characters. At the end of the segment, Angela reveals a draped object that sits on an easel in the corner of her study — it is a memorial plaque for Richard, reading: "Richard Channing — March 3, 1941 – October 5, 1987 — R.I.P." After she removed the drape with a flourish, her laughter follows Richard out of the house. This idea was omitted in rewrites as it seemed too sardonic and basically pointless because there would have been no use for the plaque other than tormenting Richard. The scene was rewritten, and the object Angela eventually showed Richard became the silver teething ring she kept for 45 years, which underlined the fact that, despite what she says, she still has underlying motherly feelings towards him. The final version turned out much better because it showed that she is torn between her hatred towards Richard and her maternal emotions.
By the way, the dates on the proposed plaque from the first script draft would not have been in accordance with the established timeline, particularly not with the current time frame of the episode and season (unless the writer's idea was to point to Richard's death in the not too distant future as a threat, which would have been even an even more cruel thing to do on Angela's part).

In Richard's nightmare, JANE WYMAN is replaced by a photo double — MELODY McCORD in a wig — in the scenes in the bedroom (only Angela's legs visible) and in the nursery (only hands with gloves and hair visible).

Angela's car in Richard's nightmare is a black 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue.
By the way, it is the same picture car that was previously used as Frank Ryan's (compare # 128) car, as one of the two identical vehicles of Richard's squad (# 141 and 142) and as the vehicle of Saunders' henchmen (# 148) as well as Wilkinson's car (# 155 and 160).

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