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# 154 <6.27> Chain Reaction
(revised 10/10/2022)
Oddity in the opening credits: During the first few segments of the episode, KIM NOVAK's credit appears during a close-up on her feet shortly before she steps down from the sanctuary in the dimly lit church of the Swiss monastery — at least in the PAL version (the film format aired in Europe, Australia and South America in particular as well as other regions; screen capture 1). In the NTSC version (the format aired in North America in particular), KIM NOVAK's name is missing from the opening credits though; but no part of the picture is missing, it is just her superimposed name that is not there — in that place, JOHN SAXON's credit appears already (screen grab 2). The PAL distribution copies give evidence that KIM NOVAK's credit was created for the answer print of the episode in post-production. It remains a mystery why it disappeared from NTSC distribution copies since the NTSC master is usually the earlier generation print from which the PAL master is created.
Strangely enough, ROBERT STACK receives no on-screen credit for the newly filmed flashback scenes in this episode.
The establishing shot used for the Swiss Alpine monastery where Kit has Nick hidden is actually Schloss Neuschwanstein (Neuschwanstein Castle) near the village of Schwangau / Germany. The shot is stock footage from a film library. A very similar establishing clip will be reused in # 183 (compare there).
The interior shots were filmed in the same church that was used as the Tuscany Valley Mission where Angela and Peter got married in # 122.
It is actually the San Fernando Mission Rey de España in Mission Hills, CA. Refer to # 122 for more information.
Early script drafts suggested an eerie version of "Carmina Burana" as the background music during Kit's visit with Nick in the monastery. For the final version, however, MARK SNOW used a specifically composed score.
Mistake: Kit's Hand is on Nick's chin in the first frame (filmed towards Nick); in the subsequent frame (filmed towards Kit), her hand, however, is no longer in that position.
Once again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
The Alps were not filmed specifically for this episode. The clips with the white Rolls-Royce driving along the Alpine mountain roads is borrowed footage from a movie.
JEFF FREILICH had to look for that particular Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud model to rent for the interior shots with Kit and Garth and the close-up scenes at the airport.
Continuity error: While the vehicle in the borrowed footage is a later model year of the Silver Cloud III type with a four-headlamp layout (hardly visible at the speed in the scenes), the picture car rented for the close-ups and interior shots is a very similar 1962 Silver Cloud II with two headlights only.
Contrary to popular myth, it is not the exact same car used as Angela's Rolls-Royce, yet the same model of course.
All exterior footage, however, is not from Switzerland, but from near the Mont-Blanc in France.
The first clip featuring the Rolls-Royce driving through the mountain road actually shows Route de Saint-Gervais in Combloux.
The road sign in the Alps reads "Chamonix", which is located in France. It is a French road sign. The filming location is the N 205 national road (European Road E 25) near Les Houches / France, which used to be a two-lane highway, but is nowadays a four-lane freeway.
This implies Garth and Kit's route from the Swiss convent to the Swiss airport must go through France. The reason for their detour is not mentioned.
The scene with Garth and Kit inside the Rolls-Royce (while driving) was filmed on the parking lot of San Fernando Mission Rey de España (see above). The road and mountain scenery seen through the windows in the Rolls-Royce's interior scene, however, are replacements added via blue screen technique in post-production; these exteriors (featuring an Alpine road near the Mont-Blanc) are stock footage from a film library.
Swiss license plate number of the Rolls-Royce: GE 46803.
Kit and Garth speak German in the Rolls-Royce (English subtitles during this scene). Raised in the U.S., but a child of German parents, CARL HELD speaks impeccable German. He used his German in # 149 as well.
The announcements at the Swiss airport are also in German language — wonderful attention to detail. It remains a mystery, however, where exactly that airport is located. If it is in the French speaking part of Switzerland, which might be the case considering they are close to France (refer to the above discussion about the road sign to Chamonix), the announcement would have to be made in French language, too. It seems also possible, however, that Kit and Garth traveled from the French / Swiss borderline to an airport in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

The airport scenes in Switzerland were filmed at Van Nuys Airport in Greater Los Angeles. For another use of the same location, see below.

The exterior footage of the plane in the sky shows a different jetliner (6 windows) than the one used in the scenes at the airports (3 windows).
The clips of the jet above the clouds are not specifically produced for this episode, but bought from a film library (also compare # 156 and 195). They feature a Hawker Siddeley HS.125-600A (built in 1972) whose registration number is not legible in this episode, but will be in the aforementioned episodes. This footage originated in the movie "Can't Stop the Music" (1980).
The shots specifically filmed for this episode, in contrast, feature a Learjet 25.
Inconsistency: None of these jetliners, however, is capable of a trans-Atlantic flight (Switzerland — San Francisco) without refueling several times.
N61108 is the registration number of Richard's jet (as seen on the picture plane on the ground). It is a fictional number — neither the picture plane's actual one, nor the jet's from the stock shot.
Inconsistency: Chao-Li says his family served "this house" (Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion) since his father's time. But in # 147, Angela told Vickie about Chao-Li's grandfather telling stories of Joseph and Tessa.
Explanation: Although Chao-Li's grandfather did work for Joseph and Tessa, he probably was not the majordomo, but maybe one of the Chinese workers, who digged the caves at Falcon Crest.
Different camera angles in the sneak preview and the scene itself: Melissa's line "I'm going crazy" in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion foyer is a close-up in the sneak preview; the scene, however, features a wide angle shot of both Melissa and Angela of this very moment.
Allusion to the movie industry: Melissa thinks she looks like "The Bride of Frankenstein" on her vinyl album cover — just like the movie title.
According to Angela, Melissa's secret condominium is located on Nob Hill in San Francisco.
Inconsistency: The filming location introduced in # 148, however, is situated near The Embarcadero.
Early script drafts suggested for the farewell scene between Maggie and Chase in the Gioberti Winery in which they agree to divorce one last kiss. Rewrites changed this to their embrace.
Edited scene: In the arrival scene at San Francisco International Airport, Meredith's sarcastic remark to Kit when they all step out onto the tarmac ("Thank you for flying Channing Airlines.") was cut in post-production.
The scenes at San Francisco International Airport are also from Van Nuys Airport in Greater Los Angeles (just like the Swiss airport scenes; see above).
License plate number of Richard's black stretched Cadillac Fleetwood limousine: 2UB1754.
In this scene, "TCP 3527 P" is legible on the lower part of the rear bumper. The art department apparently missed to cover this lettering. It is the real number of the Transportation Charter Permit issued to the limo service company from which LORIMAR rented this picture car.
In the dangerous parts of the limo scene with Kit's abduction by Lance, LORENZO LAMAS, the driver and the security man, who is finally dumped from the limousine, are replaced by stunt doubles.
JOE STONE, who played various rôles in previous episodes this season, now portrays Lance's henchman to help kidnap Kit. The script originally suggested Parker (played by R.J. MILLER) for this part, who was introduced as Lance's phone surveillance technician in # 151. Since a stuntman was necessary for this part, however, these plans were changed.
JOE STONE is a key stuntman in seasons 6 and 7 and will be seen in various rôles. Compare # 183 for a complete list of appearances.
The emergency service phone number at San Francisco International Airport is (415) 555-1711.
Different footage: The sneak preview for this episode features a different take of the moment when Melissa tells Dan in front of his house: "A lot of things turn me on, Dan Fixx." Her line is presented in the episode itself with the camera being behind her shoulders (screen grab 2) whereas the sneak preview features a long shot filmed towards her (screen capture 1).
Allusion to the movie industry: Melissa wants to meet Dan "High Noon" (like the movie title) at the Coit Café.

Cameraman's mistake: In the Del Oro lobby, the missing ceiling of the set can be noticed on the upper edge of the screen for a short moment; the greenbeds, where the lights are hung above the set on the sound stage, can be noticed.


Another similar mistake of the cameraman happens just in the following scene: In the Tuscany Country Courthouse hallway, one of the studio lights is visible far back on the upper edge of the screen for a short moment.


Inside joke: Gollance Self Storage, the warehouse where Lance tries to keep Kit hostage, is named after the show's co-producer, RICHARD GOLLANCE. Nice prop!
The filming location for the exterior shot, by the way, is one of the warehouses at Van Nuys Airport, CA.

This episode alludes to the famous "Casablanca" movie in two respects:
First, Richard and Maggie's famous "Casablanca night" — Richard's surprise for Maggie, whose favorite movie is "Casablanca". The player piano plays "As Time Goes by", the song that was made most famous by being used in "Casablanca". Various lines Richard quotes are also from that movie, including the most famous one: "Here's looking at you, kid."
Secondly, the flashback with Roland and Susan (Kit) at the airport, which sort of resembles the scene with HUMPHREY BOGART bidding farewell to INGRID BERGMAN in "Casablanca". ROBERT STACK even wears a coat and hat similar to HUMPHREY BOGART's clothes in "Casablanca".
Music score: JEFF FREILICH and HOWARD LAKIN, this episode's writers, originally planned to use "I Can't Get Started" by BUNNY BERRIGAN and "This Love of Mine" by TOMMY DORSEY and FRANK SINATRA as the background music for the love scene between Maggie and Richard in their "Casablanca night". In the end, however, MARK SNOW composed a new score: an amalgamation of elements of his "Maggie's Theme" (compare # 137) and "Richard's Theme" (compare # 138), combined with new parts to create a highly emotional background music.
Different takes in the sneak preview and the scene itself:
The sneak preview shows an intense, passionate kiss between Richard and Maggie in their "Casablanca night" while the scene itself features a closer shot of their kissing.

When Chase begins to attack and throw Lance over the armchair in the den at the Agretti Residence, ROBERT FOXWORTH and LORENZO LAMAS are replaced by stunt doubles. This is only the case in the part with the camera facing Lance's back.

Mistake: In the scene when Chase finds out Melissa must have arranged Kevin's phony adoption, the close-ups are from various takes that were combined in the editing process. This becomes apparent because Lance's holds the envelope in his right hand first, but in his left hand in the subsequent frame filmed from across. Also, Lance is suddenly closer beside Chase.
This is a mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Melissa's address can be read on the envelope she received with Chase's stolen blood sample: 12 Lake Road, Tuscany Valley, CA 90058. Prop mistake: It is more than strange that Tuscany is supposed to have a zip code of Vernon (a part of Los Angeles). Comparing other Tuscany zip codes (e.g. Del Oro in # 173), the zip rather has to start with "945-", but not "900-".
For the addresses of the Agretti Residence, also compare # 172 and 187.
The restaurant with the large terrace the main characters — this time Melissa and Dan — often go to is now called Coit Café, as revealed this episode. It used to be Blainfield's (see # 145) probably renamed by a new owner.
It is actually the northern terrace of the CBS-MTM Administration Building; compare especially # 074.
LORIMAR's original map of this part of the studio lot is available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Exterior Sets section.
As the establishing shot suggests, it is supposed to be near the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.
Dan mentions the movie based on LEO TOLSTOI's novel "War and Peace".
Mistake: In the scene with Melissa and Dan on the terrace of the Coit Café, Melissa's left hand is in different positions in subsequent frames — depending on the direction from where she is filmed.
Once again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.

The blonde woman (uncredited extra) who is best remembered as the Coit Café cash counter lady from this episode also appears as an extra in various other episodes.
Compare # 195 for a list of appearances throughout the series.

The courtroom at the Tuscany County Courthouse in this episode is a borrowed interior set from "Hill Street Blues". It was a permanent set on that police drama, standing on stage 12 at CBS-MTM STUDIOS; it was established for its second season (1981-82) and used until the show ended in the 1986-87 season. The two screen captures above are examples from "A Hair of the Dog" (# 044 <3.09>; original U.S. airdate: 11/25/1982, NBC). The wooden paneling was originally dark brown, but repainted in a lighter brown color for the final season of "Hill Street Blues". For the use on "Falcon Crest", the set from "Hill Street Blues" was slightly redressed; in particular, the seats in the gallery were replaced. The set became available for "Falcon Crest" because "Hill Street Blues" had already wrapped up its final season when the current episode was filmed.
The extensive courthouse corridors were not part of the "Hill Street Blues" set though, but added by LORIMAR.

Compare # 152 for the "Tuscany County" seal in another courtroom at the Tuscany County Courthouse.

DAVID GUST, the tall, black-haired and mustached uncredited extra, who is best known for his rôle as an assistant district attorney from # 091 and 092, but who also plays different characters in the series, reprises his rôle as A.D.A., this time sitting next to district attorney Fred Wilkinson.
Compare # 187 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 063.

Uncredited extra GAYLE FRANK plays the court stenographer again — this time in Tony's criminal trial at the Tuscany County Courthouse.
Compare # 215 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 017.

The filming location for the Tuscany Valley road (Chase and Maggie see Dan) is Wentworth Road in Sunland near the Hansen Dam in Greater L.A. The first angle is shot south from the intersection of Wentworth Street at Coal Canyon Road and Shadow Hills Avenue. In those days, there were hardly any houses around there. The later segment (Chase turning the Porsche abruptly and the conversation with Dan) is shot in both directions in a long curve a little further north.
Different takes in the sneak preview and the scene itself: During Chase and Maggie's search for Dan, the scene shows a much tighter close-up of Chase's Porsche 928 during the fast U-turn (a different take; right screen grab) than the one used in the sneak preview.
In the more dangerous parts of the scene (Chase's Porsche sliding into a fast 180 and Dan's motorcycle being stopped), ROBERT FOXWORTH and BRETT CULLEN are replaced by stunt doubles.
Wilkinson lists Kit's aliases: Obviously, her real name is Susan Cameron. Kit Marlowe is only a false name she uses most times. Additional information on her false names in # 128, 132, 147 and 149.
Inside joke: Susan Cameron is the name of KIM NOVAK's agent during her time on the set. The name for her character was KIM's own idea.
The interior set of Susan's (Kit's) bedroom in the flashback is the redressed living room of the standard Del Oro suite (compare screen capture 1 from # 131). The doors were changed, the sliding doors to the usual bedroom in the Del Oro suite were covered with a movable wall and the set was furnished differently, but parts of the fireplace are still visible (yellow arrow on screen grab 2).
Real-life allusions: Wilkinson mentions U.S. Presidents GEORGE WASHINGTON (1732 – 99), ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1809 – 65) and ANDREW JACKSON (1767 – 1845).
The airport in the flashback scenes with Kit, Roland and Nick is the real Mill at CBS-MTM STUDIOS where sets and props are manufactured. The same building was used as a San Francsico warehouse in # 141 (compare there).
Roland's limousine in the flashback is (just like in the scenes in California in # 148 and 149) a stretched black 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood.
It is, by the way, the same picture car that has been in use as Richard's limo since # 140 and that was also used as Kit's rental limo in # 141.

The small plane Susan (Kit) rented in the flashback scenes is Cessna 210K Centurion II aircraft.


In the flashback scenes, little Nick Cameron, Susan's (Kit's) son, is portrayed by NICHOLAS FREILICH, JEFF FREILICH's son. The first name of the character, by the way, is also "borrowed" from JEFF's son.


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