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# 151 <6.24> Body and Soul
(revised 10/10/2022)

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Tentative title: Swan Song.
The final episode title refers to the song performed by Veronique the Slumming Socialite (alias Melissa), "Body and Soul".
That song was composed in 1930 by JOHN W. GREEN with lyrics by EDWARD HEYMAN, ROBERT SOUR and FRANK EYTON.
Different takes: The moment when Lance shockingly watches the cell block door close at the Tuscany County Jail as Tony is arrested, was presented in close-ups in the preceding episode (screen captures 1 and 2) while the recap features long shots of both the door being locked and Lance's reaction (screen grabs 3 and 4).
Early script drafts suggested that Melissa's singing "Body and Soul" continue over the opening scenes, a number of night scenes to be featured without any other audible dialog to show what is happening to the other Tuscany Valley characters at the same time. This idea was dropped. The original plans for these scenes were as follows:
  • Moonlight streams through the cell window on Tony's face in the Tuscany County Jail, washing his face in light, illuminating his deep fear.
  • Lance is in bed with Dina in a Del Oro suite. He stares into the night, feeling the isolation of a life gone haywire.
  • Chase comes back from L.A. When Gabrielle awakens in their bedroom at home, they begin to make love.
  • Maggie has fallen asleep in front of the fireplace in Richard's sitting room, Michael in her arms. Richard is overjoyed and carefully slips the baby from her grasp. He covers Maggie lovingly with a comforter.

The blonde woman (uncredited extra) who will be best remembered as the Coit Café cash counter lady from # 154 is among the audience at the Safari Room when Melissa performs as Veronique in this episode.
Compare # 195 for a list of appearances throughout the series.

Mistake: Tony's hands are around different round bars (red arrows) in his Tuscany County Jail cell in subsequent frames filmed from different angles — once towards Tony, the other time towards Wilkinson (screen grabs 2 and 3). This becomes apparent in comparison with the position of the rectangular bar with the lock plate (yellow arrow on each screen capture).
Once again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Peter's suite at the Del Oro is the usual interior set used for any suite at the spa (compare # 132 and 141). As usual, only minor changes in the furniture and other equipment were made to match budget criteria.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Interior Sets section.
The picture hanging above the bed in Peter's Del Oro suite is the same prop that was hanging in the hallway to the bedroom suite in Richard's home for a while early this season (screen capture 1 from # 136).
Real life allusions:
Peter mentions the Queen of England.
Fred Wilkinson mentions BURT LANCASTER and TONY CURTIS starring in the movie "Sweet Smell of Success".
The Tuscany street Fred and Jake, the coroner, walk along from the forensics to the movie theater is actually North Wetherly Drive at the corner of West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Product placement: A Versateller, an ATM by the Bank of America, can be seen in the background when Fred and Jake go around the corner.
Richard rented a white 1971 Rolls-Royce Corniche I Drophead Coupé (a convertible) for the picnic on the beach with Maggie as seen in the establishing shot.
Different from popular myth, it is not the same prop used as Peter's car in the previous episode.
The exterior shot of the tent is an establishing clip which comes from a shortened scene from # 026 of LORIMAR's "Flamingo Road" (1982). Inside joke: In that "Flamingo Road" episode written by JEFF FREILICH, DAVID SELBY, in his rôle as Michael Tyrone (whose regular car on that show was that particular Rolls-Royce), had a picnic on the beach with Lute-Mae Sanders (STELLA STEVENS). JEFF had the idea to create a sort of remake of this scene with DAVID as Richard in the current "Falcon Crest" episode.
Richard says he got so damn romantic five years ago at Angela's house when he first saw Maggie. It remains a mystery when exactly that happened.
The first possibility in season 2 would have been Carlo Agretti's funeral reception in # 022. But Richard did not talk to Maggie then. While he was there, she was standing in the background in the doorway to the dining room; they were not introduced to each other by anyone; Richard did not even notice her because he just rushed in for a very short time.
The original script of the current episode contained a line that it happened at the Founders Day party (# 030). This part of the dialog was dropped, however, because some sort of action in the "background" during that party was definitely not their first meeting. They both had already gotten to know each other before that particular point of time (compare the New Globe board meeting in # 030, in particular, where Maggie was in attendance as well).
Most likely, they both met at the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion some time off screen in early season 2 — unseen by the audience. But what event could it have been?
Mistake: In the scene between Angela and Dan in the Del Oro lobby, the close-up of Angela features a dark-haired man wearing a dark brown sports coat and a dark-haired woman in a gray blazer at the reception. Not in the subsequent frame, but a few moments later, however, the very same extras are walking towards the reception again in a long shot although they would have to be there already. Due to the shortness of time, it is impossible that they moved away from the reception desk and went back there again.
Once again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Inconsistency: In her conversation with Fred, Angela says Julia ran off to the convent "this year". But she went back to River Bend in 1986. The writers obviously meant "this season", but were not careful with their choice of words.

The small park area near office building 5 on the backlot of CBS-MTM STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) — known from # 135 (compare there) and other episodes — is used again as a playground (Emma and Vince play with Wendel). Bungalow 8 can also be seen again (compare # 143 and # 149).


Product placement: Vince wears a Fila sports outfit — as Eric did in # 129 and 131.

Early script drafts planned for the scene with Angela and Vickie in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion sun room to start out on Chao-Li's carrying the teapot. On his way through the study, he walks a little unsteadily due to his illness. This initial part of the scene was omitted.
Mistake in the interior set of the Falcon Crest Guest House: While the establishing shot — stock footage filmed at Spring Mountain in the Napa Valley at the beginning of this season — shows ferns hanging in front of the sliding door, the plant is missing in the scene inside filmed on the sound stage. In contrast, there is a trellis in front of the entrance visible from the inside, which is not there in the exterior shot. The curtain covering the open door and moving in the breeze in the establishing clip is missing completely in the interior set.

License plate number of Peter's white 1985 Lincoln Town Car limousine: 2NBO647. It is the number we already know from Peter's Rolls-Royce and — once also — Angela's Rolls-Royce (compare # 132). This prop policy is sort of ridiculous!

Mistake: Peter's left hand is on Tony's right shoulder in the first frame of the close-up scene, but no longer there in the next frame filmed from across.
Once again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Mistake in the scene when Angela calls the Falcon Crest Winery Building from Fred Wilkinson's office at the Tuscany County Courthouse: Sie dials six digits only, which does not make any sense because U.S. phone numbers (excluding the area code since this is a local call) consist of seven digits, a three-digit prefix plus a four-digit number.
Peter apparently still has the silver Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible with exterior wood trim, too, although he has the white Corniche (compare # 149) as well. This can be concluded from the establishing clip of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion with the silver car parked on the driveway during his visit there.
The "secret" of that prop policy is, of course, that the silver rental car used in the Napa Valley for location shots is no longer available and had to be replaced for the remainder of the season filmed in Los Angeles (white picture car).

Both patrol cars in front of the Gioberti Winery are 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury automobiles again.


The waiting room in Dr. Ross' practice is a permanent standing set at GMT STUDIOS in Culver City, CA (the same studio where Julia's prison block in Fairlawn was filmed in season 3).

The eastern view of the CBS-MTM (RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) Administration Building is used as the San Francisco International Airport. Refer to # 074 for the heavy use of this filming location.
LORIMAR's original map of this part of the studio lot is available for DFCF members in the Show — Production Office — Filming Locations — Movie Studios — Exterior Sets section.
The original choice of filming location was outside stage 16 at CBS-MTM (RADFORD STUDIO CENTER). These plans were changed on short notice though.
Meredith poses as a flight attendant when she investigates Kit's departure to Zurich. In her phone call with Richard, she mentions "Coffee, Tear or Me?", the 1967 novel by American autor DONALD BAIN (1935 – 2017), which deals with the memoirs of two airline stewardesses.
Season time frame: This episode depicts the events around Saturday, 03/07/1987 because Meredith says Kit flew from San Francisco to Zurich two weeks ago. Her flight departed Saturday, 02/21/1987 (compare # 149).
The introduction of Richard and Maggie's picnic on the beach with an establishing clip (stock shot) of the sea at full moon was not a wise choice in post-prodcution because the moon reached peak fullness 03/15/1987. The picnic was at least two days prior to Meredith's aforementioned quote though.
Early script drafts contained an act 4 scene in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion in which Angela learns from Mrs. Whitaker that Chao-Li did not stay at Dr. Ross' practice for further tests as he should have, but that he returned to Falcon Crest in a cab. Alarmed, Angela learns from her secretary that he is in the gym in the basement of the Victorian Mansion. This scene was omitted.
The room used for Chao-Li's tai-chi-chuan exercises is located in the basement of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion as the establishing shot reveals. As the position of the stairway and the dimensions of this training room show, it is different from the room in the Winery Building Lance usually uses for his workout (compare # 112, for example). Refer to # 152 for elements of the same interior set being used for both rooms.
As in # 101, a bathrobe is used to hide the tattoo on LORENZO's right shoulder instead of covering them with camouflage make-up although, in a previous night scene in the current episode, the tattoo was camouflaged.
The phone number of the San Francisco TV station (Maggie talks about Kevin's adoption) is (415) 555-1218.
The courtroom at the Tuscany County Courthouse where Tony's arraignment takes place in this episode is a permanent standing set at GMT STUDIOS in Culver City, CA (the same studio where Julia's prison block in Fairlawn was filmed in season 3). This courtroom set was heavily used on various other TV shows, too, including "Dallas" and "Dynasty".
Inside joke: Judge Pat Ambrose (male) is named after LORIMAR program executive PATRICIA AMBROSE (female).
Early script drafts planned for Melissa's song ("Body and Soul") to be performed in the final scene again, her singing continuing over Tony being escorted from the courtroom to the holding cell. This idea was dropped.

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