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# 150 <6.23> Cold Hands
(revised 09/06/2021)

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The guest bedroom in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion where Eric used to stay was not painted blue, nor was the door white (compare # 132).
According to Vickie's statement in # 149, she wanted to go to his former room with him. But they were obviously so passionate that they chose another one of the many bedrooms in the Mansion.

The grounds of Falcon Crest with the faucet where Tony tries to wash Roland's blood from his shirt is actually an area outside stage 9 at CBS-MTM STUDIOS (CBS STUDIO CENTER).

Cast and crew background: DICK O'NEILL (D.A. Fred Wilkinson) was an old and close friend of JEFF FREILICH's.

The photographed backdrop (translight) of San Francisco in the interior set of Chase's Gioberti Enterprises office is different from the previous ones (compare # 131 and 143). It is a view over Russian Hill in northwestern direction with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background now.


Francine Hope's office (suite 725) in San Francisco plus the hallway in front are actually office interiors in the 9000 Sunset Boulevard building in West Hollywood, CA.

From this episode on, Kevin is played by a different baby (now blond instead of brown hair).
Gioberti House — set inconsistency: When Vickie steps onto the veranda of the Gioberti House at night, the exterior dining room wall seems to be too wide in contrast to the real Stags' Leap Manor. The part marked yellow on the screen grab does not exist in real life; this wall is not protruding in comparison with the veranda pillars. This awkwardly protruding wall is usually not part of the set. It seems that the art department used one of the mobile wall elements of the Gioberti House to obscure something else built on CBS-MTM stage 10 at that time.
In the same scene, it is clearly visible again that the Gioberti House set has only two instead of four steps from the driveway up to the veranda (compare # 024).
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Interior Sets section.
Veronique the Slumming Socialite (Melissa's singer pseudonym) performs at the Safari Room, a bar in North Beach, San Francisco's nightclub and entertainment district.
The San Francisco shot to establish the nightclub features Broadway Street, filmed from the corner of Columbus Avenue in eastern direction. The clip is stock footage from a film library.
The filming location for the Safari Room interiors in this and the following episode is the Whisky a Go-Go rock club on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA.
ANA-ALICIA practiced a lot in order to sing herself in her scenes as Veronique. She was instructed by voice teacher BOB CORFF.
"Goody Goody", the song performed by Melissa, was composed by MATTY MALNECK in 1936 with lyrics by JOHNNY MERCER.
Product placement: The McDonald's fast food chain is mentioned at the Safari Room.
Fictional entity: There is a neon advert for Marv's Beer at the Safari Room.
The establishing shot of Los Angeles features Westwood Boulevard from the corner of Lindbrook Drive in Westwood Village in Los Angeles. The camera faces northwest; the characteristic building in the center left is the Janss Dome at the five-way intersection of Westwood Boulevard, Kinross Avenue and Broxton Avenue.

The filming location for Jean Pierre's, the Los Angeles restaurant where Maggie and Chase have lunch with Andy Stryker, is the former Shoe Galleria in West Hollywood, CA. Nowadays, the remodeled building houses a different business.


The truck at the Gioberti Winery delivery entrance is a gray 1963 Ford N-Series.

What a perfect allusion to the relationship of Angela and Richard — Angela says she would have drowned Richard at birth if he had been her child.
Fictional entity: Maggie and Chase stay at the Belle Mar Hotel in Los Angeles. The exterior footage is from the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, CA.
RICHARD GOLLANCE had used the name of the hotel, Belle Mar, three years prior in # 100, the season 5 finale, of "Knots Landing" as the name of the place where Gary Ewing was hiding during the charade of his death; a different filming location was used though. GOLLANCE wrote the episodes on both shows and, while he served as supervising producer in the current season of "Falcon Crest", had been executive story editor on "Knots Landing".

The establishing shot of Downtown Los Angeles is filmed in northwestern direction with the Aon Building, the twin towers of the City National Plaza and the Union Bank of California as the most distinct buildings from left to right.

Maggie's hotel suite in Los Angeles is the same interior set as the one used for Gabrielle's room at the Tuscany Valley Inn and for Kit's suite in San Francisco (compare # 148). Only minor changes were made to trim down production costs.
The same goes for Chase's room at the Belle Mar Hotel. Besides minor refurnishing, only the main door and the door to the (imaginary) bathroom were switched in comparison with Maggie's room.
The establishing shot of the high-rise with Stryker's office in Los Angeles shows 1900 Avenue of the Stars in Century City, CA.
The office interiors, in contrast, are from the 14th floor of the 9000 Sunset Boulevard building in West Hollywood, CA (see above).
This is the reason why the view from the office windows is different from the surroundings of the building in the establishing shot.
The L.A. residential area where Chase is looking for Kevin's alleged adoptive parents is the bungalow street on the CBS-MTM backlot across the park known from # 135 and other episodes. Chase rings the bell of house number 9418; in real life, it is bungalow 7 on the studio lot. Compare # 147 for a previous use of this place.
Stryker drives a gold-colored 1978 BMW 635 CSi Coupé.
It is, by the way, the same picture car that was used as Kit's vehicle until "Skylar's suicide" (compare # 133). For LORIMAR's further use of this picture car, check out the Beyond the Show – Props – Picture Cars section.
The interior set for Tony's hotel suite — only the fireplace can be seen — is identical with Peter's San Francisco hotel suite and the restaurant featured in # 144 and 148, Henri's (also compare # 147).

Both patrol cars in front of the Gioberti Winery are 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury automobiles.


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