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# 130 <6.03> The Stranger within
(revised 03/13/2023)

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Jeff comes back to his Tuscany Valley cabin at the beginning of this episode, which is still portrayed by the western side of the Duchess Ranch, a former exterior set at CBS-MTM STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER; see # 122 for details).
Click here for a sketch of the multi-purpose use of this exterior set and its surroundings. LORIMAR's original map of this part of the studio lot is available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Exterior Sets section.
Melissa's pool is seen. But it is different from the locations used in # 084 and 103. In this episode, # 134 and 136 as well as in # 156 through 158, the Agretti pool is portrayed by the very same pool that was previously used as Darryl's (# 027) and Terry's pools (# 072), the pool at the former Inglewood Estate Winery (nowadays Sinegal Estate) in St. Helena, CA.
Real-life allusion: Julia mentions the Braille Institute, a private non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate blindness.
Mistake: In the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion sun room, Lance takes a red rose out of the basket in the wide angle shot. In the subsequent close-up, however, he hands a white one to Julia.
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
This scene was originally staged in the Falcon Crest Rose Garden in early script drafts, beginning with Angela pointing out roses she wants Chao-Li to clip and place in a small basket. The Falcon Crest Rose Garden was only shown once during Vickie and Nick's wedding (# 040). It seemed over budget to shoot the current scene on location so it was rewritten. Besides, it is very unlikely that the producers would have shot the current scene at the same location used for # 040 (Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Garden in Arcadia, CA). This would have caused further inconsistencies concerning the locations anyway.
Inside joke: The last name of Richard's lawyer, Donald Nelson, is "borrowed" from DICK NELSON, the previous episode's writer. In early script drafts, his first name was David.
Richard quotes from a poem by RUDYARD KIPLING (British poet, 1865 — 1936): "If you can keep your head when all those about you are losing theirs, you'll become a man, my son."
Inconsistent intercuts: When Wainwright watches Maggie in the front yard at the Gioberti Estate, his POV through the binoculars is filmed from the south-eastern corner of the Gioberti House veranda. They do not match with his position near a tree as seen in the intercuts. It is also obvious Jeff is not supposed to be on the veranda because he would have to be seen by everybody.
Chase test drives a red 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS Targa.
Early script drafts suggested as picture cars for the test drive also a historic Auburn or a Lamborghini Countach (like the one Lance later drives this season; compare # 136).
Product placement: Chase mentions a Lamborghini car.
Rumor has it SUSAN SULLIVAN was afraid of playing the scene in Maggie's front yard at the Gioberti Estate because the grounds of Stags' Leap Winery are a notorious hangout for plenty of rattlesnakes after being washed out of the Mayacamas Mountains by the early pre-summer rainfalls.
SUSAN, however, stated in a 2007 DFCF interview that there was no truth in that rumor. The interview is available here.
Mistake: When Maggie tells Vickie about the rape in the Gioberti House front yard, she puts her head on Vickie's shoulder. The camera being on Maggie, Vickie's head is tilted down. In the subsequent frame filmed from across, however, Vickie's head is straight. All of a sudden, Vickie's right hand is on Maggie's left shoulder now although it has not been there in the preceding frame.
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Another mistake of the same kind happens shortly after in the same scene: In the close-up of Maggie, her left hand is nowhere near Vickie, but she grabs at Vickie's shoulder in the very next frame filmed from across.
Kit purchased a Krughian painting (fictional artist).
In early script drafts, Kit's dialog mentioned her buying a "William Whitaker original". This would have been an allusion to painting artist WILLIAM FERRIN WHITAKER, Jr. (1943 – 2018), a brother to CLAIRE WHITAKER PETERSON (executive supervising producer in seasons 4 and 5) and uncle to E.F. WALLENGREN (script writer and supervising producer).
The San Francisco restaurant where Richard and Erin have dinner is actually what used to be the Pini Fini's at the Beverly Center, a shopping mall in Los Angeles. Nowadays, the Piazza Lounge is in its place on the mall's 6th floor.
Edited scene: When Richard talks with Erin at the restaurant about how to be cleared, he shows her a counterfeit cash withdrawal slip, allegedly proving that Terry withdrew $ 100,000 from her bank account to hire someone to shoot Chase and make Richard the culprit. He wants to convince Erin that he is convinced that Terry was behind it all. This part of the scene was removed in post-production.
Deleted scene: This episode's director's cut contained an act 2 night scene in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion study in which Kit steals a page of checks from Angela's checkbook and a winery invoice with Angela's signature as a sample for a later forgery. Emma, who has had nightmares because of Dwayne's death, is wandering around in a white nightgown and surprises her. Kit says she could not sleep and wanted to look for a book to read, and Emma is so out of it that she believes Kit. This scene was removed in post-production.

The Silverado Country Club on the outskirts of Napa is introduced as River Oaks Spa, which will become the Del Oro Spa & Country Club in the following episode. For a previously filmed exterior scene, refer to # 041; for a previously filmed interior scene, see # 109; for later interior shots, check out # 133 and 134. Some members of the cast and producing staff stayed at that luxurious hotel when they were filming on location in the Napa Valley.
The Del Oro Spa & Country Club was originally called Falcon Crest Spa (early script drafts).
The writing staff discussed Wild Creek Spa as an alternate name for River Oaks Spa.
Original storyline plans included seeing a nice side of Angela when she opens the spa featuring her own line of clothing. This idea, however, was dropped.
Actress KATHY CHAFFIN was one of the two finalists for the character of aerobic instructor Dina Wells. In the end, ROBIN GREER won the rôle; she is the niece of JANE GREER, who played Charlotte Pershing, Maggie's natural mother, in season 4.
License plate number of Jeff's blue / gray 1977 Chevrolet K-Series truck (a rental car): 1EIB938.
Vickie drives a gray 1986 Jeep Wrangler YJ Convertible.
Prop mistake: After Vickie leaves the Gioberti Estate, she drives along the tree-lined Falcon Crest main driveway. But the prop masters failed to install the Falcon Crest main gate there (compare screen grab from # 003).
License plate number of Tony's white Zimmer Golden Spirit: 2DXO926 — the same number Richard's former burgundy Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL had through seasons 4 and 5.
By the way, Tony's neo-classic convertible is an old LORIMAR prop, best remembered as Mark Graison's (JOHN BECK) car on "Dallas". On "Flamingo Road", JOHN BECK's character, Sam Curtis, drove a similar car; that one, however, was an Excalibur.
Original prop plans called for the use of an Auburn car.
For LORIMAR's further use of the Zimmer Golden Spirit, check out the Beyond the Show – Props – Picture Cars section.
Edited scene: The scene in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion study when Chao-Li tells Lance and Angela about Tony's arrival was initially longer: It originally opened on Julia in the adjacent sun room, asking Lance about the color of the roses in the vase on the table. This part of the scene was cut in post-production.
The filming location for the scene with Jeff running into Vickie is a San Francisco Financial District sidewalk offering a view of building 3 of The Embarcadero Center.
Early script drafts staged the scene on Union Square or Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco.
Uncredited extra JACK DOUGLASS appears in this episode again as a Tuscany Valley County Deputy — this time at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club.
It is his last appearance on the show. He was featured in previous episodes as this character (compare # 067, 068, 073, 097 and 122) and in other rôles (compare # 032, 035, 037, 041, 043, 046, 063, 065, 071, 073, 075, 081, 088, 091, 092, 095, 097, 098 and 128).
For details about the extra, compare # 032.
DAVID GUST, the tall, black-haired and mustached uncredited extra, who is best known for his rôle as an assistant district attorney (# 091, 092 and 154), but who also plays different characters in the series, is at the Turf Club again in this episode.
Compare # 187 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 063.

Uncredited extra DOUGLAS MAIDA appears as Dave in this episode again — as usual, as a Tuscany Downs Turf Club waiter.
Compare # 224 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 034.

Uncredited extra PAUL VAN appears in his usual rôle as the mustached Tuscany Valley doctor again — this time as a patron at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club.
Compare # 227 for biographical details about PAUL VAN's primary minor rôle and a list of all his appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 001.
Yet a new picture hangs in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion dining room on the wall adjacent to the stairway. It replaces the painting of Kallos / Greece, which had just been installed in the previous episode (compare # 129). The new picture will be visible in detail only in the next few episodes. It is the 1935 painting entitled "Le coup de lumière" ("Effect of Light"; oil on canvas) by Belgian painter JAMES ENSOR (1860 – 1949). Compare # 206 for its later position in the dining room.
As with all artwork in the Victorian Mansion, it remains unanswered throughout the series if they are originals or if they are meant to be reproductions. The original of the aforementioned artwork is located at the Tate Gallery in London, England / UK.

The location manager originally intended to film the scene with Tony and Julia (on the swing) at the St. Helena Lower York Creek Reservoir, which is best known from the main title in the background behind the Mansion, instead of in front of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion.

Early script drafts suggested that Julia mention the first name of Tony's second wife in their conversation in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion front yard: Lydia. The name was dropped from Julia's dialog in rewrites. By the way, Tony's second wife's name was Tanya; she was featured in # 039.

The phone booth from which Jeff calls Vickie at night is actually located in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles (compare above).

Inside joke: The announcer at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club mentions the race horse Easy Ernie. As in # 083 (compare there), this is an allusion to supervising producer ERNIE WALLENGREN.
Product placement: Maggie mentions Wine World magazine. This was a quarterly magazine published in Van Nuys, CA at the time.
Changes in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion interior set (as a result of major reconstruction after the earthquake):
The second part of the stairway to the second floor has mysteriously vanished although it was still there in # 128 and 129 (supported by temporary construction poles). A piece of wall has replaced that part of the stairway — leaving doubts how to get to the upper floors now...
The banisters half way up the stairway now consist of three elements only whereas there used to be four elements before the earthquake. The stairway railing is also attached to these banisters in a different way.

As it can be seen in detail by comparing shots of the previous episode and the current one, the fireplace in the living room is no longer on the eastern wall (front of the house; see screen capture from # 129), but on the western wall (back of the house; see screen capture from the current episode). As seen on the exterior photo of the house, there cannot be a fireplace there because there is no chimney on the back. This alteration, however, was a deliberate decision as it transpired from a handwritten note of unit production manager ROBERT ENRIETTO to the art department: "When do we change over? French doors / fireplace — show 2 or 3?"
For more information on this "strange" fireplace, also see # 143.
The living room, the dining room and the foyer were redecorated and refurnished after the earthquake. Everything looks very elegant this season.
More changes in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion living room are seen in detail for the first time: As pictured on the last screen grab in the above group of pictures, there are two French doors in the western wall on either side of the new fireplace, which resemble the real windows in Villa Miravalle much better than the old four-casement window of the previous interior set did (compare the screen capture from season 5 on the left in contrast).

Through the open French door, terrace banisters made of brick are visible (screen capture 1). They look pretty much the same as the brick banisters on the front terrace (in front of the main tower and dining room; refer to photo 3 to compare). The set designers seem to install these brick banisters wherever needed; they will also be seen in # 133 — behind the other French door in the living room (screen grab 2).

Despite these changes, the small southern tower of the real Villa Miravalle was not added to the living room set this time either.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Interior Sets section.
Above the fireplace in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion living room hangs "Woman with a Parasol (facing right)" ("Femme à l'ombrelle") now until # 140. It is an 1886 Impressionist style painting (oil on canvas) by CLAUDE MONET (1840 – 1926). To match the format for the wall above the mantle, the upper and lower parts of the picture seem to have been cropped, which seems quite odd. The actual MONET artwork, by the way, is one of several similar pictures — there is another one with the woman (actually MONET's wife) facing left and the most popular one that also includes the artist's little son.
As with all artwork in the Victorian Mansion, it remains unanswered throughout the series if they are originals or if they are meant to be reproductions. The fact that it was apparently cropped seems to indicate that it is not meant to be an original in this case. The original of the aforementioned artwork is located at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris / France.
Compare # 141 to see where the picture will be hanging in the Mansion later.
After the earthquake, particularly the living room and the foyer of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion have been refurnished with Empire style pieces, such as tables and chests of drawers, etc., which give these rooms a considerably lighter and more elegant appearance. They are all made of wood with mahogany veneer and ebonized columnar legs as well as brass mounts. The two largest of these items are two matching sideboards, which are placed on either side of the double doors to the living room (one is pictured on the screen grab from # 131 on the left); these two items' measurements are 58" (width) x 16" (depth) x 31" (height). All these Empire style pieces apparently come from one set of furniture. They were used to dress the living room until the end of season 7 and used again in season 9.
For LORIMAR's further use of the sideboards and the side tables from this set, check out the Beyond the Show – Props – Set Dressing – Cabinets & Chests and Beyond the Show – Props – Set Dressing – Tables & Desks sections respectively.
The two matching sideboards are still available for other productions from the WARNER BROS. property department since the studio "inherited" them from LORIMAR. At this time, no documentation is available, however, about what happened to the other pieces from this set.
Angela and Peter can hear the music and noise from the party at the Gioberti Estate from the open left French door in the western wall in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion living room. Inconsistency: Peter is listening to the music coming from south-west; Lance, however, came back from the Gioberti Estate from the south-eastern direction, riding on his horse in # 001.

The party guest dancing with Vickie is KIM NOVAK's real-life husband, ROBERT MALLOY.

Peter now drives a silver 1977 Rolls-Royce Corniche I Drophead Coupé (a convertible) with exterior wood trim.
Peter and Angela arrive on the lower part of the driveway at the Gioberti Estate. In real life, this would not be possible in the driving direction presented on film (coming from the south, driving in northern direction) because the lower drive at Stags' Leap is accessible by vehicle from the north only (i.e. in the opposite direction) since both drives are arranged in a circle; arriving in the direction as photographed in the episode, Peter and Angela would have had to follow the upper drive, leading them in a circle to the lower drive, which would have been impossible due to all the guests on the upper drive. The series seems to imply, however, that the lower drive is accessible by vehicle from both directions — contrary to the real topography of Stags' Leap. In its universe, the show also implies that the Gioberti Estate driveway leads to the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion and Winery Building in southern or eastern direction.
The shot of Peter on the Gioberti Estate driveway in this season's main title (right screen capture) is from an unused version of the scene in this episode (compare the left screen grab for the — slightly different — version used this episode). It was filmed 08/02/1986.
Despite LORIMAR's "new wardrobe for new season" policy, this episode, Angela wears the green gown she already wore in season 5 (# 113).

The nightclub at the River Oaks Spa ist the former nightclub at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles (compare above).


Product placement: In the nightclub at the River Oaks Spa, Lance and Melissa are having Perrier-Jouët Champagne (Fleur de Champagne).

Season time frame:
The Giobertis' party takes place on a Saturday. This must be Saturday, 05/17/1986 (compare # 129). As the current episodes depicts three days only, some time must have gone by between # 129 and 130 or within the current episode (most likely before the day of the party).
At the party, Emma says that day was supposed to be her wedding day with Dwayne. In # 113, they set the date for Valentine's Day; 02/14/1986, however, was a long time ago. They probably rescheduled their wedding day a few times. They also tried to get married in # 125, which was prevented by Angela. They probably set a new date in that particular situation. In # 125, it was mentioned they would get married "next week". Considering that # 125 depicted the events shortly before 05/06/1986, this is absolutely correct.

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