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# 128 <6.01> Aftershocks
(revised 10/16/2023)

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Whereas all LORIMAR shows — including "Falcon Crest" — were introduced by a logo card saying "LORIMAR Presents" until the 1985-86 season, the 1986-87 season no longer continues this habit.

Before the main title, not only a recap of last season's finale and a sneak preview of the current episode are featured, but also a sneak preview containing scenes of the first twelve episodes of this season in random order to thrill and mislead the audience. The following episodes will feature both a recap and a sneak preview of the current episode before the main title.
While, in # 127, a part of Lance and Eric's fall on the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion stairway was missing during the tremor (compare the first two subsequent frames from # 127 in screen grabs 1 and 2 as well as the note in # 127 for details), the recap before the current episode's main title contains additional footage (screen captures 3 through 5), which had been cut in # 127; these shots cover the entire shot of the beam hitting Eric on the head.
BILLY PITTARD revised the main title design with a swirl effect, relating to swirling wine in a goblet. For more details about this concept, consult the Production Office – Main Titles section.
The Benguiat Book typeface was kept (the credits now in small caps and no longer in bold print though), now in shades of gold. The modifications GENE KRAFT applied to the capital "F" and "N" letters in the show's title in the preceding season (screen grab 1) were visually enhanced by elongating the stems of these letters even more (screen capture 2).
Unlike in season 5, the "C" in "Crest" is slightly thicker than usual in the lower left quadrant; compare the same letter in the word "Falcon" in the season 6 title card to see the difference. It will be the same in year 7. From season 8 on, the complete title lettering will be far less accurate (compare # 184).
The wine glasses used in this season's main title are made by the French Baccarat company. They are red wine crystal glasses called "Masséna" (6.4" tall) and are used for the main titles until season 8.
The glasses used for filming were owned by BILLY PITTARD, who created this season's main title. Further information about the show's visual identity is available here.
The pictures of JANE WYMAN, ROBERT FOXWORTH, LORENZO LAMAS, ANA-ALICIA, WILLIAM R. MOSES, MARGARET LADD, JOHN CALLAHAN and DANA SPARKS are specifically filmed for this season's main title.
JANE's picture was filmed in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion living room in front of the grand piano while shooting # 133.
ROBERT FOXWORTH asked the crew to film his picture for the title card (08/13/1986, in a vineyard near the Gioberti House) with his horse, which he newly acquired in the Napa Valley when shooting this season started.
LORENZO LAMAS was filmed on the Del Oro driveway on 08/11/1986. The beginning of the segment with his taking off his sunglasses was cut.
ANA-ALICIA's shot was taken in the gazebo at the Agretti lake while shooting # 130 on 08/20/1986.
WILLIAM R. MOSES was filmed near the Gioberti House on 08/13/1986. MARGARET LADD was filmed on the veranda of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion on 08/12/1986.
JOHN CALLAHAN wears the same outfit as in an interior scene in the Del Oro lobby in # 137. The shot was taken at the entrance of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion.
DANA SPARKS' picture was shot at Del Oro main building on 08/11/1986.
For the other actors' pictures in the main title, especially those coming from various scenes, see the information listed in the respective episodes.
The pictures on DAVID SELBY's and SUSAN SULLIVAN's main title cards are identical with the ones from season 5; see there for details.
It remains a mystery why specific new title shots of both actors were filmed, but remained unused (see General Information).
The background footage in the main title is primarily reused clips from previous scenes.
New, however, are the clips of the Del Oro (LORENZO LAMAS and JOHN CALLAHAN); for details about the filming location, the Silverado Country Club & Resort, see # 130.
The clip of the Golden Gate Bridge (DAVID SELBY) is previously unused footage shot during season 3.
The clip of Cole's sailboat in the San Francisco Bay is unused footage from the filming of # 137 (compare there).
The clip of San Francisco (CESAR ROMERO) is a southwestern aerial view over piers 1 through 9 in the foreground and with the Financial District in the background. It is footage taken during the filming of season 3; this is a continuation of the same helicopter flight which was featured in # 098 and which also delivered footage — from a later time in that aerial view — presented in # 053 (piers 47 and 45) and # 087 (Hyde Street Pier).

As in the previous season, Jeff Wainwright's last name is misspelled in the credits: "Wainright". Refer to # 119.

Negligent set dressing: In the Falcon Crest Winery Building, some of the boxes and barrels are in different places than in the previous episode. The wine, which was spilt over the floor, is gone. Did the wine go down the drain in the meantime (only a couple of minutes)? Were the boxes moved into their current position due to an aftershock?
One of the pictures on the wall in the upstairs hallway of Richard's house is a prop that was used in the bedroom in Jordan's apartment in # 115. This is one of the measures to cut down production costs.
Mistake: Richard pushes some fallen plaster and wood from the ceiling in his house away from Michael's crib in the nursery. He shoves the first piece of debris aside, so it lands behind himself between the crib and the black folding screen. He moves the second piece sideways, and it comes to rest at an angle on the edge of the crib (yellow arrow on screen capture 1) and on the wall of the nursery. When, after the POV of Michael in the crib, the camera cuts back to Richard, this piece seems to have slid down fully between the crib and the wall although nobody touched it in the meantime, and there was no noise indicating its sliding down.
This is a mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Channing House interior set — inconsistency: From the sitting room, the hallway now leads straight out and then makes a right turn whereas it used to be leading directly to the left in the previous season.
The set designers, however, are not the only negligent crew members; the prop master and set dressers did not pay attention to detail either: The stand for the black vase in # 127 is placed closer to the door now, and the stone statue has vanished.
Neither LAURA JOHNSON nor DANIEL GREENE are rehired for this episode. Terry's and Dwayne's dead bodies were portrayed by extras.
Terry's death was originally planned to happen after three or four episodes this season. Unhappy about her character being written off, LAURA JOHNSON, however, decided not to come back for just a few episodes.
LORIMAR had a four-year option after the end of season 5 to have DANIEL GREENE play his character on "Falcon Crest". But the show's new regime decided not to make use of it.
Early script drafts suggested a scene with Lance, Eric and Chao-Li staggering out of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion and going towards the Winery Building. This scene was omitted.
Mistake: On the driveway to the Falcon Crest Winery Building, Lance first lifts his right hand in the wide angle shot, but lifts his left hand in the subsequent close-up. Basically the same mistake occurred with his knees.
This is a mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Another mistake of the same kind happens only a few seconds later: When Peter tells Carlos and Henry to get the van, Eric is standing up beside him in the shot from the side. In the subsequent far shot from behind, Eric is already on his haunches, getting ready to lift the stretcher with Julia on it.

Uncredited extra KEVIN G. TRACEY appears in this episode again — this time as a doctor at the San Francisco Metropolitan Hospital.
Compare # 185 for a list of all his appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 001.

There are different pictures on the wall in the hallway to Chase's room at the San Francisco Metropolitan Hospital when compared to the hallway in # 127. Chase may have been taken to another floor (with the same layout) after his surgery.
The real reason is the change in the decoration in the filming location over the hiatus, of course.
Inconsistency: Maggie's hair has apparently grown between # 127 and 128 although the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6 are the same day. SUSAN SULLIVAN's hair grew during the hiatus.
There is a similar problem with some other characters: Lance, Emma and Cole also got slightly changed hairdos during the show's hiatus, whereas Angela will get her new hairdo in the course of the current episode — she really had the opportunity to see her hairstylist after the quake.
The Oakville Carmelite Monastery in Oakville, CA (used as Convent Magdalena in River Bend, OR in # 099) is used as as the Tuscany Valley Parish Church again — as in # 104. This episode also features detailed interior shots.
License plate numbers of the first two Riner ambulances at the Tuscany Parish Church grounds in the close-up shots: 2T14387 on the 1980 Ford Econoline E-Series and 2A28215 on the Dodge Ram.
The name on the paramedic's shoulder patch in front of the Tuscany Valley Parish Church reads Piner; it is the name of a privately owned ambulance and medical equipment company in the Napa Valley, CA. While the prop masters changed the "P" into an "R" on the ambulances by using black tape in order not to advertise for the Piner company, but to create a fictional entity (Riner), they missed to modify the paramedic's uniform.
MARTHA MANOR appears again in this episode — as an earthquake victim whom Angela provides with her blazer. MARTHA's face is completely obscured by the bandages around her head. Since it is a small speaking rôle, she receives billing in the end credits of this episode.
Compare # 202 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about MARTHA MANOR, compare # 001.
The close-up of the deputy who knocks at the rear of ambulance, indicating that the driver may drive off, and signaling to the next ambulance to come up, is used twice in this episode: for the first time when the first-aid station is established; the second time prior to the first interior scene in the church. The only difference is that the reused segment is immediately followed by an aerial view of the church grounds.
Fictional entity: A KSFB 3 News camera is visible again this episode. KSFB 3 News was first visible at the rescue site after the plane crash in # 069. The logo was also visible on a camera outside the QVH in # 099. A KSFB 3 News crew was also seen at the QVH in # 102.
For more details about the KSFB 3 logo, check out the Beyond the Show – Props – Signage section.
Fictional entity: Tracy Allen, the reporter trying to interview Angela about the quake, works for a TV station called KTF News.
The channel identification starting with the letter "K" indicates that the station is west of the Mississippi. Just as a side note, channel identifications east of the Mississippi begin with the letter "W" in the U.S.

The establishing shot of New York City — a nightly clip of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from the corner of Adams Street and Plymouth Street in Brooklyn (under Manhattan Bridge; filmed towards northwest) — is stock footage from a film library.

The filming location for the New York City restaurant where John Kent, Kit Marlowe's lover, is shot, is the former St. George Restaurant (later Tra Vigne, nowadays The Charter Oak) in St. Helena, CA in real life.
The same location portrayed the Cooperage Club, a Tuscany Valley restaurant, in # 106 and 108.
A sketch of the dining room in the New York City restaurant (not to scale) is available here to visualize the suggestive production technique that is described as follows.
In the scene in the New York restaurant, the photography creates the illusion of a much longer dining room than in real life. After the cut, when Kit has passed by the bar (screen grabs 1 and 2), the viewer gets the impression from the following segment that it is still the same room that continues beyond the bar. In real life, however, the moment when Kit arrives at the dining table (screen capture 3) was filmed in front of the opposite wall in the dining room of the former St. George restaurant. The dining room with the tables is partitioned into two areas by a wooden half-wall in the middle of the room. This divider is always out of the camera angle and, therefore, not visible on the show (it is out of the frame on the right on screen grabs 1 and 2 and out of the frame on the left on screen grab 3). Kit basically enters the room through the entry (in wall 1 on the sketch) and then passes by the bar (along wall 2). After the cut to the next part of the scene, walls 4 and 1 can be seen.
The show, however, suggests a different layout of the room. From the different camera angles of the assassin, Frank Ryan, one gets the impression that he changes positions while shooting John Kent and his bodyguards: At first, Frank stands in front of a wall with green wallpaper and a painting (screen capture 4; wall 3 in the sketch), i.e. across from the head of the table where Kit, John and the bodyguards are seated. From this spot, he shoots the first bodyguard. After that, Frank's position is more towards the side of the table where the (already shot) first bodyguard was seated, i.e. wall 4 (made from bricks). From this spot, he first shoots the second bodyguard (screen grab 5) and then, after a small turn, John Kent (screen capture 6). It is quite doubtful whether Frank could have changed his position in front of these two walls in such a short time: First of all, the time suggested on screen is too short and, secondly, it would have been too risky for Frank if one of the men at the table (John and his bodyguards) had pulled a gun while Frank was moving around the table. It is obvious, though, that Frank is standing closer to the table at the end of the gunshots because Kit, now terrified, looks at him practically straight ahead over the table instead of to her right (screen grab 7) when he tries to also shoot her, but his gun misfires.
The original name for John Kent was John Kellogg in early script drafts.
Inside jokes concerning KIM NOVAK:
"Kit Marlowe" was the pseudonym HARRY COHN, CEO of COLUMBIA STUDIOS, suggested to her in the old Hollywood days. But the young and talented actress wanted to use her own last name. So they made a compromise, and MARILYN PAULINE NOVAK became KIM NOVAK. The actress, however, suggested the name Kit Marlowe as her stage name on "Falcon Crest"; the original spelling of the last name in the season 6 bible was Marlow though. Also refer to # 132, 147, 149 and 154.
KIM plays sort of a "multiple" rôle this season — a fabulous allusion to her best-remembered dual rôle in ALFRED HITCHCOCK's classic thriller, "Vertigo".
According to one of LORIMAR's inter-office memos, KIM NOVAK wore always wigs throughout her stint on the show. Although KIM NOVAK's real hairdo (she is a blonde in real life) is most similar to the styling she uses in her disguise as Skylar Kimball, she wore a blond wig even for all these scenes. All other hairdos this season are wigs as well.
According to the National Enquirer, JANE WYMAN flipped her wig (!) when she discovered producers had been paying $ 2,500 apiece for KIM NOVAK's wigs and only $ 1,000 for hers. She made a stink so the producers agreed to buy her wigs in the same price range — thus resulting in Angela's new hairdo this season. JANE WYMAN's wearing wigs on the show is one of the oldest myths about "Falcon Crest", but has never been confirmed by an official source while the show was in production. In an exclusive DFCF interview, hair stylist LAURA LEE confirmed that JANE always wore wigs on the show and also shared a lot more details about other actors who wore hair pieces on "Falcon Crest". The interview is available in volume 5 of the FALCON CRESTers Tell It All! newsletter series.
Inside joke: Kit's car is parked at Virginia Beach exit during the night. Virginia is the U.S. State where series creator EARL HAMNER stems from.
This scene was staged in Maryland in early script drafts.

License plate number of Kit's blue-gray 1975 Chevrolet Camaro: New York 267B-HSR.


The patrol car of the Virginia Beach Police Department's policeman is a gray 1980 Dodge Aspen.

Julia is taken to San Francisco Memorial Hospital according to a paramedic (and the script) — the exteriors of the James W. Wadsworth Building of the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in West Los Angeles in real life. Later, Angela meets Maggie in a waiting area adjacent to Chase's hospital room. According to the script, this is also at the San Francisco Memorial, but this is very strange because if we believe the establishing shots in # 127, Chase was taken to San Francisco Metropolitan Hospital. This problem comes from a writing inconsistency in the script of # 127 (see there). Solution: Julia is in Memorial, Chase in Metropolitan — after visiting Julia (in Memorial), Angela must have just come by to see how Chase is doing (in Metropolitan).
The interiors of the Memorial Hospital are also portrayed by the Pacoima Hospital (see above).
The character of Dr. Scott (Julia's physician) was originally called Dr. Garner in early script drafts.
Mistake: In Julia's hospital room at the San Francisco Memorial, the digital clock says 08:06:22 PM in the first frame. In a later close-up, however, it says 08:03:35 PM. These time errors occur various times during these scenes.
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Another mistake of the same kind happens shortly after during another tremor in the Gioberti House: When Cole protects Melissa and Joseph from the aftershock, the last frame of the far shot shows him looking towards the staircase. In the subsequent close-up, however, he is looking off to the side and up towards the ceiling.
In contrast to the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion, Richard's house and the Agretti Residence, the earthquake hardly caused any damage to the Gioberti House. As the aftershock segment shows, there are not even the slightest cracks in the limestone walls; neither are any windows broken. This is in accordance with Chase's statement to Maggie in # 001: "It withstood earthquakes and fires." The Gioberti House is made entirely from solid limestone whereas at least parts of the other mansions are built from redwood.
Uncredited extra NICK STEVENS appears in this episode again — this time as the waiter in Maggie's nightmare. Apparently, Maggie's bad dream does not only involve Jeff, Cole and Chase, but also Reuben Corsair from the Tuscany Valley in an odd context.
Compare # 182 for biographical information about the minor rôle of Reuben Corsair and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 008.
Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion veranda set: Broken windows and stained glass elements in the front door can be seen in the night scene (Angela and Peter on the veranda). It is the usual veranda set on sound stage 10 at CBS-MTM STUDIOS (nowadays RADFORD STUDIO CENTER).
In the real outdoor scenes at Spring Mountain, the stained glass elements in the front door are covered with carton or some other interim construction material (the reason is the real windows were not damaged, of course).
The original draft of the season 6 bible listed Paige Kimble as the original name for Peter's stepdaughter. The producers, however, decided to change the first name because, on 06/15/1986, "Knots Landing" had just introduced NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN as Paige Matheson at the end of its 8th season (i.e. before the summer hiatus). It seemed inappropriate to use the same first name for two major characters on two different shows from the same company. So the name was changed to Amanda Kimball, later to Skyler and finally to Skylar.
Inside joke: Skylar is an onomatopoetic play on Schuyler, VA, EARL HAMNER's home town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is pronounced the same way.
Interesting prop: Skylar's address is listed in Peter's address notebook:
Skylar Kimball
25730 Ocean View Drive
Palm Beach, FL 33480
phone (305) 555-9822
There are also several other people listed (as follows), who will never appear in the plot in person. All addresses in Peter's notebook are fictional although some of the streets do exist in real life.
  • Richard Kent
    156 Delano
    New York, NY 10011
    phone (212) 555-8723
  • Steven Kraft
    725 North Las Palmas
    Los Angeles, CA 90038
    phone (213) 555-3369
  • Patrick Kelly
    2160 East 67th Street
    New York, NY 10038
    phone (212) 555-7273
  • Inside joke: Patrick Kelly is named after LORIMAR employee P.K. KELLY.
  • Jon Kemp
    237 East 46th Street
    New York, NY 10038
    phone (212) 555-6435
  • Ralph Kendruck
According to an early draft of the season 6 bible, Skylar's place of residence was a Midtown Manhattan apartment in New York City, NY instead of Palm Beach, FL.
The exteriors of the Ocean View Drive apartment house where Skylar lives in Palm Beach, FL is actually located at the corner of Calistoga Avenue and Jefferson Street in Napa, CA; it is the Napa Creek Manor, a senior citizens' home for assisted living, in real life. The building was repainted in a brighter color after the Falcon Crest days, and the trees around it have grown pretty much.
Next to it on Calistoga Avenue, there is a row of small Victorian homes, one of which was used as Apollonia's house in season 5 (see # 103).
Skylar's apartment is the same interior set as Jordan's duplex apartment from season 5 after a few changes. The stairway is gone, one of the doors of the double doorway was used to create a single door with frozen glass windows on either side. But the doors to the walk-in closet and kitchen (room itself never seen in Jordan's apartment) are still in the same place; even the floor vase next to the entranceway is the same (for the multiple use of this prop, also in Richard's bedroom in his Hilltop Road house, compare # 109). The wallpapers and the rest of the apartment and furniture, however, are different. An easy way to trim down production costs.

The picture behind the door near the dining room table in Skylar's apartment is the same prop as the one used in Maggie's New Globe office in season 4 and near the bar in the living room of Jordan's duplex apartment in season 5 (compare # 113).


Kit's painting in Skylar's apartment is entitled "Woman with a Dream". Inside joke: It was painted by KIM NOVAK herself.


Both patrol cars in front of the Gioberti House are 1980 Chevrolet Malibu models with 9C1 patrol car packages; the one in the front is a 1980 model, the one closer to the Gioberti House a 1984 model.

DAVID GUST, the tall, black-haired and mustached uncredited extra, who is best known for his rôle as an assistant district attorney (# 091, 092 and 154), but who also plays different characters in the series, helps clean up the mess in the Falcon Crest Winery Building this episode. Not a wise decision to choose this extra because of his usual appearances as a Tuscany County A.D.A.
Compare # 187 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 063.

Uncredited extra JACK DOUGLASS appears in this episode again — this time as the brunette construction worker in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion (without his mustache).
Compare # 130 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 032.

Mistake: In the Falcon Crest Winery Building and the Victorian Mansion, Angela's blue-white tie seems to be longer than in the driveway exterior scene between those scenes. Did she re-tie the loops on her way?
The actual reason is that weeks went by between shooting the interior scenes at CBS-MTM (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) and the exterior scene at Spring Mountain.
Mistake: In Julia's hospital room at the San Francisco Memorial, the clock says 2:20 PM, but the digital clock says 21:02:11 (i.e. 9:02 PM) and does not change anymore during the daylight scene. Negligence of the prop department.
The restaurant where Richard and Erin have dinner is actually a part of the Commissary at CBS-MTM (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER).
In # 071, the Commissary (before its renovation) portrayed the Tuscany Valley Airport cafeteria. Beginning in # 163, it will be seen more often as the restaurant from the current episode; it is called Nick's Diner and is located in the Tuscany Valley.
Uncredited stand-in GORDON HODGINS appears as an extra again — this time in his usual rôle as a Tuscany Valley gentleman in Nick's Diner.
Compare # 182 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about GORDON HODGINS, compare # 001.
Richard has a black stretched 1983 Cadillac Sedan DeVille limousine now; it is a custom extended limousine by Dillinger Coachworks / Dillinger-Gaines.
It is, by the way, the same picture car used as Peter Stavros' rental limo in # 104 and 108 as well as J.J. Roberts' limousine in # 109 and beyond in season 5, actually not a LORIMAR owned prop, but a rental car from the Napa Valley.

Erin uses a white 1985 Chevrolet Astro this episode.

This is the first time the real interiors of Richard's house can be seen — the vast foyer / stairway / living room area. The previous interior scenes were filmed on sets on the sound stage.
The house was a private Napa Valley residence. On 10/09/2017, the house burnt to the ground in the Napa Atlas Peak Fire, one of many disastrous wildfires in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.
After a three-year absence, Vickie Gioberti returns to the Tuscany Valley. The character, however, is no longer played by JAMIE ROSE (who left in # 044), but is now portrayed by DANA SPARKS.
The Tuscany Valley Sheriff's Department obviously changed the logo. The new cars have a different star with a caption saying "Tuscany Sheriff" instead of the old one with the previous caption "Tuscany Valley Sheriff".
As many real-life police logos in the United States of America, the center of the logo shows the state seal, in that case The Great Seal of the State of California (compare right picture of the authentic seal in color).
Gilmore drives a 1984 Chevrolet Malibu with a 9C1 patrol car package this episode. The identification code is 6583.

Contrary to the wardrobe and make-up departments' usual efforts to hide LORENZO's tattoos for his Lance rôle, the one on his right forearm can be seen in the hospital scene with Julia.

Mistake: When the camera begins moving during Father Bob's prayers at Terry's funeral, Sabrina is holding Michael with her right hand upward and her left hand under him. In the subsequent close-up, however, she is now holding him with her left hand up towards his head and her right arm under him.
Again, this is the typical mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Mistake: When Richard is arrested at the Tuscany Valley Public Cemetery, the following characters are standing (from left to right) in the background behind Richard and Gilmore: Maggie, Angela, Vickie, Cole, Eric and Peter. In the subsequent close-up of (Maggie and) Angela, Vickie and Cole are nowhere to be seen.
This is a mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
The filming location for Terry's funeral is the St. Helena Public Cemetery again. It is in the same row of graves as Michael's, Linda's and Phillip's (# 069); the same area was also used for Lorraine's grave (# 099).
Early script drafts planned for Richard's arrest to be the episode cliffhanger. The order of scenes was changed in later revisions.
Fictional entity: An issue of the New York World newspaper can be seen in Skylar's apartment.

Hitman Frank Ryan drives a black 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue.

Prop inconsistency: In the interior set of Skylar's apartment, the curtains are rose-colored, but they are white in the real apartment building as seen from outside.
Series time frame: This episode depicts the events from Thursday, 05/08/1986 (the day of the earthquake; compare # 127 and 129 for details) through Saturday, 05/10/1986.
The final title card after the end credits no longer shows the yellow LORIMAR logo (designed by PAUL PASCARELLA) as it was in use during the first five seasons of the series, but now shows the logo of the newly formed LORIMAR-TELEPICTURES (following the merger of LORIMAR PRODUCTIONS and TELEPICTURES CORPORATION).

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