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# 126 <5.28> Captive Hearts
(revised 01/11/2021)

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"Captive Hearts", the episode title, alludes to the title of chapter 28 of Jeff's book, "Consumed".
Inside joke: The final chapter of Jeff's book, which he wants to rewrite with Maggie this episode, being the 28th chapter, is no coincidence. This is the 28th episode of the season. WILLIAM SCHMIDT, this episode's author, enjoys adding subtle allusions to his writing.
Mistake: For the opening scene, an old establishing shot of the Gioberti House is reused; it features Chase's 1981 GMC High Sierra on the driveway although he replaced it with the same yet facelifted model after season 2. For the differences in the models, see the entry in # 054 about a similar error. A wrong clip (shot during season 2 and first used in # 020) was selected in post-production.
The same error occurs later in this episode again when that exact same establishing clip introduces the night scene when Cole returns from Boston.
The establishing shot of Reno, NV is filmed in southern direction from the northeastern corner of North Virginia Street and West Commercial Row. It is stock footage from a film library. The Reno sign is now remodeled; the Fitzgerald's Hotel & Casino was also rebuilt in 2013-14.
Previous script drafts suggested a different setting for Emma and Dwayne's attempt to get married: Whereas this episode features the Arabesque Chapel in Reno with Reverend Mustafa and his wife, Fatima, the original drafts spoke of the Chapel of Bliss with Reverend Luke and his wife, Esmerelda.
The establishing shot of Boston, MA is stock footage from a film library. It is filmed from the Charles River Reservation Park and features the Longfellow Bridge (in eastern direction) first, then panning towards Beacon Hill (in southeastern direction).
Inside joke: Interesting prop photo — Sarah Baker, who was stalked by Jeff, is DONNA SCHMIDT, the real-life wife of story editor and writer BILL SCHMIDT.
Sarah's mother says she was only 18 when Jeff stalked her. She was murdered shortly after. DONNA SCHMIDT looks older on the photo though.
Edited scene: The final scene in act 1 was originally longer: When Cole leaves the Bakers' house, James accompanies Cole to the door. Out of Helen's earshot, he tells him that Jeff had taken Sarah to his family's hunting cabin somewhere in Vermont, but when the D.A. tried to prove that this was the place where he kept her, he found out that the cabin burned to the ground the day after Sarah's body was found at her Boston apartment, and any evidence was charred. This part of the scene was cut in post-production.
The San Francisco restaurant where Richard and Erin meet is actually what used to be Michael's Los Feliz Restaurant in Los Angeles. Compare # 094 for a previous use of that location.
The same location is used later this episode in the scene with Jordan (as Monica) and her date, Fred.
The place used to be the Los Feliz branch of the legendary restaurant chain The Brown Derby between 1940 and 1960.
Ace Rent-a-Car is the name of the Tuscany rental car company where Jeff rented an automobile.

Angela's rental limousine in River Bend, OR is a stretched white Lincoln Town Car.

Deleted scene: The act 2 segment when Gilmore leaves the Gioberti House was initially longer in the directors' cut: Melissa arrives with Joseph because it is Cole's day with his son according to their joint custody agreement. Chase asks Melissa to keep Joseph under a pretense, without telling her about Maggie's abduction. This scene was removed in post-production.

During a little tremor, it is the only time all through the series that the door next to the staircase in the Gioberti House foyer is ajar. It leads to some other first floor rooms (compare # 019 and 099) and to the stairway to the basement.


Cameraman's mistake: The studio lights are reflecting on the coffee pot in Jeff's cabin.

Edited scene: The act 3 scene in the Agretti Residence den, when Eric and Melissa talk about the cost projection for building the Agretti Stavros Winery, was initially longer: It started with Melissa telling Eric that something strange is going on at the Gioberti House and that the Sheriff was there. This part of the scene was also cut (compare above).
Inside joke: The last name of Pete Spellman, the FBI agent assigned to the Wainwright case, is "borrowed" from the show's location manager, JEFFREY T. SPELLMAN.
Edited scene: The act 3 scene in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion with Chao-Li and Li-Ying was initially longer: It began with Emma and Li-Ying entering the house and Li-Ying thanking her for spending the day with her. The part of the scene with Emma was cut off in post-production.
Early script drafts suggested as the act 4 opener a day scene at the Agretti Stavros Winery construction site with Melissa and Eric cuddled together in a sleeping bag, obviously having gotten a kick out of spending the night there together. This scene was omitted during script revisions.
The filming location for the construction site of the Agretti Stavros Winery in this and the following episode is the construction site of GTE (General Telephone & Electrics) in Thousand Oaks, CA. The building finished long after the shooting is nowadays owned by the Verizon company, which bought GTE out.
The site looks different from the one used in the groundbreaking ceremony in # 124 though due to the different filming locations.

License plate number of the red / white 1979 Chevrolet C-20 3+3 Crew Cab used by Lance and Manny Snyder: 1A35406.


Lighting inconsistency: There seems to be too much light in the trailer on the construction site of the Agretti Stavros Winery. It is a night scene.
This interior scene is filmed at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, CA.

License plate number of "Monica's" (Jordan's) new red 1985 Ford Mustang III Convertible: 1DUN916.
Script writer BILL SCHMIDT suggested a Jensen Interceptor as a picture car in early script drafts, but the idea was changed due to the intervention of LORIMAR's prop department.

License plate number of the patrol car following "Monica" (Jordan), a 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury: 99986. The four-digit identification code of the police vehicle starts with 6.

"Monica's" (Jordan's) car is filmed driving along the same section of California Road in the Tuscany Valley multiple times in both directions to create the illusion of a longer drive.
The scenes involving "Monica's" car are filmed near Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, CA — very close to the meadow where the groundbreaking ceremony of the Agretti Stavros Winery was filmed for # 124.
Erin Jones drives a gray 1986 Lincoln Continental Mark VII now.
Erin's description of the place where Maggie is held captive is as follows: Four miles north at the Peterson Cross Road, there is a country road. The cabin is a mile down that road. Inside joke: The Peterson name alludes to executive supervising producer ROD PETERSON.

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