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# 108 <5.10> Inconceivable Affairs
(revised 07/18/2022)
Tentative title: Something Borrowed, Something Blue...
The theme music is slightly changed; a few different musical instruments are used from this episode on. This is the first change of the main theme within a season — disregarding mere extendings or shortenings of the main title necessitated by actors being added or taken off during a season.
Series time frame:
One month before Robin is due to have her baby. This means this episode takes place eight months after Robin slept with Cole, which was in # 093. Giving respect to the time frame interpretation stated in # 091, 092 and 095, # 093 must have depicted the events around the end of November 1984, which means that Robin's baby is due approximately in the first week of September 1985. So this episode must depict the events around the first week of August 1985.
This leads to the following conclusions:
The civil lawsuit Angela vs. Lance and Richard taking place on Monday (as stated in # 107), must be on Monday, 08/05/1985 when the episode opens.
Cole and Melissa get married on Friday, which must be 08/09/1985.
Peter and Angela's wedding is scheduled for Sunday, which must be 08/11/1985 (last day of the episode and first day of # 109).
As the scene with Melissa and Chris at the Agretti gazebo (# 105) was on 05/22/1985 and the current episode opens around the beginning of August 1985, about two months must have gone by between the end of # 105 and the beginning of # 108. # 106 opens the morning after the final scene of # 105; only one week passed by between Angela's invitation (# 106) and her lunch with Robin (# 107); # 108 finally opens the night after Angela and Peter's engagement party, which took place on the last afternoon of # 107. All that make it very clear that there are some time gaps with unpictured events in the course of these episodes. Giving respect to the chronology, there can only be one time gap towards the end of # 104 — between the scene with the Tuscany County Board of Supervisors in session and the scene with Emma's first meeting with Dwayne at the cowboy bar — and another one in # 107 — between Angela and Robin having lunch and the scene with Terry and Costello at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club.
The Napa Valley Courthouse is used as the Tuscany County Courthouse again. The southern view of the building is featured only in this episode. The foyer with the stairway was featured previously in # 045.
Mistake: Depending on the direction of the camera, the position of judge Carl Fuller's microphone in the courtroom at the Tuscany County Courthouse is different in subsequent frames. In frames filmed from behind the judge, it is placed approximately in the center of his bench; in frontal shots of the judge, it is placed on the side.
This is a mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
In early script drafts, the scene with Angela and Peter in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion study, in which they speak about their upcoming wedding, was slightly different: It was originally staged in the sun room, beginning with Angela going over the dinner menu for the wedding reception with Chao-Li. Peter enters just when she says she wants the soft shell crabs in the first course replaced with a cold lobster bisque; he says he loves the crabs and wants to keep them. They also disagree over the question whether Angela should take the Stavros name after their wedding, but she definitely wants to keep the Channing name because she has been known as Angela Channing in the business world for ages. In the final version, these parts were replaced with Peter's being angry on the phone because the producers wanted to foreshadow the differences between Peter and Sofia. The remainder of the dialog was basically the same as in the final version.
The filming location for the scene in the rectory garden is the small terrace of the Carmelite Monastery in Oakville, CA.
In early script drafts, the act 2 opener — breakfast in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion dining room — was slightly different: Since Angela and Peter, according to his wishes, want to split their lives between the Tuscany Valley and Europe, going back and forth in the future, Lance, Emma and Chao-Li are becoming sentimental. In particular, Chao-Li prepares some special dishes Angela likes a lot all through the week, including French toast for this morning. Script revisions put much less emphasis on this topic.
JULIE CARMEN, who portrays Sofia Stavros, found out she was pregnant two weeks after she signed the contract for her guest starring rôle. When she told the producers, they decided to write her pregnancy into the plot.
Early script drafts called for Philippe Stavros to be Peter's son and Sofia's brother. In rewrites, however, the rôle was changed to Sofia's husband, Philippe Hubbert, also to include Sofia's pregnancy more organically into the plot.
The interior set used as the room where Sofia and Philippe are having breakfast is the Agretti bedroom, which has undergone minor redecoration for this scene — a simple way to keep production costs low.
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Interior Sets section.
The chairs Sofia and Philippe are sitting on during their breakfast (not the armchairs in the background) are the same props that were used in Julia's bedroom in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion in season 1.
Early script drafts contained an act 2 scene near the Falcon Crest garage, in which Peter becomes nostalgic in a chat with Dwayne, who is loading up some provisions in Ursula. Similar to a scene in # 107, Peter tells him of the beginning of his ship fleet, particularly of his run with his first boat from Torremolinos, a seaside town in Andalusia, to Majorca / Spain, and draws some parallels in their lives. Rewrites omitted this segment.
Early script drafts planned for the scene with Richard and Jordan, in which his executive office at the New Globe is refurnished (partly with some of his previous furniture), to show Richard getting rid of Maggie's former furniture from season 4 — stating that the office looked like a 'ladies' salon' after the favor Terry did Maggie. This part was changed in rewrites, particularly because Delaney had already refurnished the office with some hardly prestigious standard equipment from a generic editorial office, as already shown in # 106 in particular.
Apollonia and Walker McDowell have lunch at the Cooperage Club courtyard. The filming location is the Tuscan Courtyard of the former St. George Restaurant (later Tra Vigne, nowadays The Charter Oak) in St. Helena, CA.
Later this episode, Apollonia is to be seen in an interior scene at the restaurant as well.
Also refer to # 106 for this filming location.
Real-life allusion: Walker mentions singer NEIL DIAMOND in this and the following episode.
In early script drafts Walker mentions KENNY ROGERS and DIANA ROSS instead.
The Gioberti House interior set has changed: This season, a big window to the west veranda was installed in the living room; this detail can be seen particularly well this episode. Last season, there was a cupboard in front of the wall there. In the real Stags' Leap Manor House, however, there are two smaller windows.
Early script drafts included a line in Richard's conversation with Cass (in bed in his house), saying that — besides his stepdaughter, Lorraine — he had a biological son, who died at birth. This part was omitted in the final version.
In even earlier drafts, Richard managed to cleverly manipulate Cass in this scene and to trick her into a special sign of confidence: Her gift to him is the Bigelow Tower, the Wilder Agency building in San Francisco. This was omitted also.
Mistake: Cole calls the church where he and Melissa get married St. Martin, but the establishing clip shows an exterior shot of St. Timothy.
The location used for the interior scenes is different from the one seen in season 3 (left screen grab). It is the St. Helena Catholic Church. This smaller nave was used for # 106, too; the entry was used in # 101. So there must be a third church (besides St. Timothy Church itself and the Parish Church; also see # 104), i.e. this chapel, on the vast grounds of the convent.

The KBRR recording room with the grand piano is actually the CBS-MTM STUDIOS scoring stage (compare # 103 and 107 for another use).

Early script drafts planned for an early act 3 scene in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion study with a growing argument between Peter and Angela about where to live after their wedding. While Peter wants to change places all over the world every couple of weeks during the year, Angela primarily wants to stay at Falcon Crest. Their argument climaxes in Peter's calling off the wedding and moving to his yacht at the marina in San Francisco. This scene was completely omitted when the writers came up with the storyline for Sofia and Philippe.
The apricot colored couch in the living area of Jordan's apartment (back against the wall on screen grab 1) is the same prop that was previously used in Cassandra's office at Wilder Advertising.

The table lamp on the desk in Jordan's apartment is the same prop that was used on Angela's desk in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion study in season 2 and in the groom's dressing room at St. Timothy in # 066.

Director's mistake: On her phone in her San Francisco apartment, Jordan only dials seven digits to call Greg, who lives in the Tuscany Valley — only the phone number without an area code. The Tuscany Valley area code, however, is different from the one of San Francisco, which the director apparently forgot in stage directions.
Emma and Dwayne have lunch at Pearl's, a burger restaurant.
The filming location is what used to be Zebedee's Gourmet Burgers (nowadays Press St. Helena) in St. Helena, CA. Compare # 106 for an exterior use of that location.
Mistake: Depending on the direction of the camera, the position and size of Dwayne's burger on the plate as well as the filling level of the drinks are different.
This is a mistake caused by the particular close-up filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Fictional entity: Wallen & Green Publishers is the company publishing Maggie's book, "Sudden Friendship".
Inside joke: The name of the publishing company is a pun on ERNIE WALLENGREN's last name.
The character name of the Wallen & Green agent is "borrowed" from DAVID CALLOWAY, the show's camera operator, who will take over the job as the director of photography on the "Falcon Crest" set towards the end of the following season.
Maggie's novel begins with a quote from 18th century author JOHN GAY: "From wine, what sudden friendship springs." This inspired her for the selection of the book's title.

The filming location for Jordan and Greg's picnic is a vineyard at Stags' Leap Winery in the Napa Valley.

The picture in the hallway to Jordan's apartment (across from her double doors) is the same prop that previously hung on the wall behind the couch in Cassandra's office at Wilder Advertising.
Early script drafts contained Peter's farewell in act 4: First, Chao-Li enters Angela's study with a package from Peter containing all the necessary documents for her to get Falcon Crest back in its entirety. She spontaneously decides she cannot let Peter go like this. At the marina in San Francisco, his yacht is ready to set sail. In their emotional goodbye, Peter recalls a similar farewell scene from 40 years ago — at a restaurant on the beach in Malaga after his first proposal of marriage to her. They both realize that they are just too different to live with each other permanently despite their boundless, everlasting love. They say goodbye, sharing a laugh. This scene was omitted completely, too, when the writing staff developed the storyline about Sofia and Philippe, the reason being that CESAR ROMERO's interaction with JANE WYMAN was so well received with the audience that his initially limited special guest appearance called for an extension.

The scene with Chris and Melissa in the dining room of the Parish Church rectory is filmed at the Carmelite Monastery in Oakville, CA.

The scene on the Tuscany Valley country road where Peter is abducted is filmed on Yount Mill Road in the Napa Valley; going north on Yount Street from Yountville, the exact place is the first bend on Yount Mill Road.
Peter's rental limousine is the same stretched black 1983 Cadillac Sedan DeVille known from # 104 (compare there for details).
Sofia and Philippe's rental car is a black 1980 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (type W123).
License plate number of the white van used to kidnap Peter, a 1980 Ford Econoline E-Series: 2J43624.
On the back door of the van, the number 42 can be read; below that, the real zip code 90365 for Simi Valley, CA is legible. It is obviously a rental vehicle, which is usually based there.

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