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# 088 <4.20> Forsaking All Others
(revised 12/04/2023)

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Music score: Composer DANA KAPROFF uses SHIRLEY WALKER's "Melissa & Cole" score (compare # 076) in the first scene with Melissa and Cole in the Agretti Residence bedroom in this episode. Elements of that score are also used during Melissa and Cole's wedding ceremony at the end of the episode.
Deleted scene: Act 1 contained a night scene in the Gioberti House master bedroom: Chase and Maggie are happy that the cartel is finally history, but Chase wonders if it was the right decision to keep quiet on Julia for now. This scene was filmed, but removed in post-production.
A poster with an artwork by American artist SUSAN PEAR MEISEL (born 1947) — "The Washington Monument" — can be seen in the hallway in Melissa's gynecologist's practice.
The same prop was already used in different areas at the Tuscany Valley Hospital in # 041, 048, 059 and 064.

Another picture in the hallway in Dr. Mitchell's practice was previously used in her office in # 065. The same prop was previously used in a Tuscany Valley Hospital corridor in # 043 and in Spheeris' hotel room in # 061.

Real-life allusion: Angela mentions journalist HARRY REASONER (1923 – 1991).
Product placement: Angela mentions Peter Rabbit, a children's book character.

According to Richard, Serafino's Cafe (Renaldo in earlier script drafts), a food takeaway, has the best hot dogs in San Francisco.
The filming location is Ocean Front Walk under the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA.

Uncredited stand-in GORDON HODGINS appears as an extra again — this time in his usual rôle as a Tuscany Valley gentleman at Serafino's Cafe (yellow arrow).
Compare # 182 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about GORDON HODGINS, compare # 001.
MELODY McCORD (Melody; red arrow) is sitting right next to him. She was this gentleman's party escort at de Bercy's housewarming in # 076 already.
There is a change in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion veranda set: The two small windows (main tower / first floor) are finally made to look like stained glass, matching the real ones in the Villa (compare # 029). Compare the photos from # 074 (screen grab 1 in the above row of pictures) and # 040 (screen capture 1 in the set of photos below).

The veranda set, however, is different from the real Villa in two respects:
First: Whereas the tiles on the floor of the entranceway are now properly replicated, the single step from the veranda to the entranceway (also see # 040) is gone. Sectional elevation drawings of the Victorian Mansion's set (veranda and foyer) are available in # 001 (illustrating the former steps) and in # 121 (current set without the steps).
Secondly: In real life, there is a lamp above the front door; the set on the sound stage being without a ceiling, however, only two lamps could be installed on either side of the entranceway. Fortunately, the real Villa has also been propped with these two lamps for the outdoor scenes since the beginning of this season.
Now and then in this and the following seasons, the editors, however, use old establishing clips of the Mansion without these lamps out of negligence (e.g. compare the screen capture from # 070 — picture 4).
LORIMAR's original blueprints of this set and many others are available for DFCF members in the Show - Production Office - Filming Locations - Movie Studios - Interior Sets section.
Wilder Advertising is housed on the 20th floor of the Bigelow Tower in San Francisco.
Inside joke: Bigalow (same pronunciation) is a character name from the 1980 movie "Raise the Titanic" starring ANNE ARCHER and DAVID SELBY.
Labeling name: The writers' choice of the first name for Cassandra Wilder foreshadows her manipulative character, particularly revealed later in her seduction of Richard. Cassandra (Greek origin) means "the lady who entangles men".
This episode's director's cut contained the following scenes in act 2, which were filmed, but removed in post-production:
  • Chase and Cole uninstall the alarm system in the Gioberti House dining room. Chase says he will no longer wear a gun. Melissa arrives with Joseph and asks Chase if he would like to give her away in the wedding ceremony since her father is dead. It is an awkward situation for Chase, but he agrees, and she surprises him with an embrace.
  • Emma is feeding Apollo on the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion veranda. When Julia joins her, Emma says she has thought about freeing the falcon, but Julia says that somebody might try to hunt him, and Falcon Crest is at least a place where he is taken care of. The sisters speak about Gustav, and Emma says how much she wanted someone to love her and someone to make love to. Julia tries to cheer her up by reminding her that, as Melissa's matron of honor, she might catch the bride's bouquet.
The San Francisco restaurant where Melissa's bridal shower takes place is the Black Forest Inn (nowadays Wilshire Restaurant) in Santa Monica, CA in real life.
In # 084, it was used as two different restaurants. Different corners were filmed every time to make it look like completely different places.
Melissa's favorite perfume is Jasmine.

For the first time, an establishing clip of Ghirardelli Square — the San Francisco chocolate factory and shopping complex — is shown. It is stock footage from a film library.


Greg's rental car, his surprise for Melissa, is a white Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II.


Uncredited extra KATHRYN JANSSEN appears as the gray-haired lady from the Tuscany Valley again — this time at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club.
Compare # 227 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 021.

Uncredited extra WALTER M. SPEAR appears as the bald and bearded Tuscany Valley gentleman again — this time as a patron at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club, again alongside the lady played by KATHRYN JANSSEN, his real-life partner (see above).
Compare # 148 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 048.

Uncredited extra DOUGLAS MAIDA appears as Dave in this episode again — as usual, as a Tuscany Downs Turf Club waiter.
Compare # 224 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 034.

The view over San Francisco from Cassandra's office is the same photographic backdrop (translight) that has been in use behind the interior set of the New Globe executive office since season 2 and behind Richard's KRDC office (compare # 078).
Mistake in the interior set of Cass' office at Wilder Advertising: The panoramic windows are curved towards the exterior. In # 092 (compare there), the establishing shot for the Bigelow Tower will feature the International Building in San Francisco, which has straight windows only.
The script suggested Cassandra be a smoker. The final version never showed her smoking a cigarette though.
The exterior shot of the Medical Arts Building in San Francisco where Lorraine wants to have an abortion is actually from the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, CA.
The filming location for the Tuscany Valley Wedding Courtyard where Melissa and Cole want to get married is Lawry's California Center (nowadays the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens) in Los Angeles.
At the wedding site, Lance arrives in a red Porsche 928. This must be either a new car, which is identical to his previous one, or it is his old one, which had been impounded, but was returned to him by the police and repaired in the meantime.
Melissa and Cole's wedding limousine is a white stretched 1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI.

Uncredited extra KEVIN G. TRACEY appears as the thick-eyebrowed Tuscany Valley gentleman again — this time as a guest at Melissa and Cole's wedding attempt.
Compare # 185 for a list of all his appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 001.

The curly haired blonde played by uncredited extra BETTY JEANNE GLENNIE is a guest at Melissa and Cole's disastrous "non-wedding" in this episode.
Compare # 175 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 015.

Uncredited extra JACK DOUGLASS appears in this episode again — this time as a guest at Melissa and Cole's non-wedding.
Compare # 130 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 032.

Season time frame:
Cole and Melissa's wedding that ended up in a disaster must have been scheduled for Friday, 10/12/1984:
# 085 depicted the events around the end of September 1984. According to # 087 (depicting just a few days), Cole and Melissa were going to get married "next week"; at the beginning of the current episode, Melissa said: "This time next week, we will be married." In # 088, Lorraine's appointment for the abortion and Richard's meeting with Cassandra are scheduled for "Friday"; the wedding is scheduled for the same day. The only logical conclusion is that it cannot be a later date than Friday, 10/12/1984; otherwise, it would rather have to be "this week" in # 087 than "next week". On the other hand, it cannot be Friday, 10/19/1984 because the periods of time mentioned in the following episodes until Robin's visit would be too short in that case — giving respect to the fact that Robin's visit was scheduled to begin with her mid-term break and, therefore, not later than the beginning of November 1984 (arrival: end of # 091; compare there). Taking into consideration that Melissa mentions two and a half weeks to Robin when she arrives, that would make Melissa and Cole's wedding date approximately 10/14 or 10/15/1984. Since a few days went by between the original date they had set for the wedding (# 088) and their real wedding day (# 089), the original date must have been 10/12/1984.

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