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# 086 <4.18> The Showdown
(revised 11/08/2021)

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Product placement: The press photographer uses a Canon camera.

Richard rented and leased winery space and equipment from the Tuscany Vintners Associate Winery.
License plate of the white 1977 Mack Super-Liner RW700 truck rented by Richard: GD 74S2.
Gustav's black / red van used by his henchmen is a 1982 Ford Club Wagon. Its license plate is 1JEK628. The vehicle will be used in the following episode by Gustav and Renée at the Myrna Mine, too.
It is, by the way, the same picture car that was used at the end of # 083 for Joel's trip to the drug rehab.
The roads the tanker truck is driving along are actually roads in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.
The place where the truck comes to a stop and where the wine is drained is the southern end of Mineral Wells Road at the intersection with Griffith Park Drive. The camera faces north on the screen grab. This spot — filmed in southern direction though — is known from # 067 (compare there) as the Old Tuscany Highway. When Chase and Angela arrive in the current episode, they park their cars on Mineral Wells Road in Griffith Park and walk down towards Griffith Park Drive.

Cameraman's mistake: When the truck with Richard's wine is abducted, there is, for a short moment, a reflection of the camera's lights on the van used by Riebmann's squad.


BUCK McDANCER, who portrays Neil, one of Gustav's henchmen in this and the following episode (this episode hardly recognizable as the driver of the abducted wine truck; screen capture from # 087), also portrayed two different rôles before and will play various other characters in the future; compare # 083 for details.

As an alternative to Angela being knocked out by Richard, the script also suggested Angela knocking out Richard with her purse.
Chase's Champagne was worth $ 1 million.
Real-life allusion: Emma mentions ROBERT REDFORD.
Dialog mistake: Gustav mentions his "listening devices" in Angela's study to Renée. His use of the plural form is odd since he only presented one gift to Angela, "Eventual Conquest", the black falcon sculpture with only one bug in its base. The script correctly says "listening device" (singular). PAUL FREEMAN apparently used the plural form by accident, and the director failed to retake the segment.
Mistake: For the night scene with Chase and Maggie in the dining room, an old establishing shot of the Gioberti House is reused; it features Chase's 1981 GMC High Sierra on the driveway although he replaced it with the same yet facelifted model after season 2. For the differences in the models, see the entry in # 054 about a similar error. A wrong clip (shot during season 2 and first used in # 020) was selected in post-production.
The fence seen on Richard's black and white photos of the cartel staff ("outside de Bercy's estate") is the very same fence on the CBS-MTM STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) backlot that is used for various other scenes (check out # 082 for details).
Inside joke: Baker and Hansen, the cartel staff members, are EARL HAMNER and ROD PETERSON.

Gustav's yacht is named Venus (legible on the lifesaver).

The filming location for the scene with Jean-Louis' yacht in the San Francisco Bay is Marina Del Rey, CA.
A popular place for filming; the brown building in the background, by the way, was also used by LORIMAR as Abby's office on "Knots Landing".
The horse that usually portrays Small Virtue is a brown horse with a white blaze. Only in this episode, however, it is a darker horse without a blaze.
Prop: The New Globe issue contains an article on the front page with the headline "At 91, Another First" (red mark). This article was already featured in # 075 (compare there) and will reappear in # 147.
For more information about the use of generic newspaper articles or layouts in other productions, check out the Beyond the Show — Props — Documents section.
The filming location for the scene with Richard and Pamela on the bridge near the San Francisco marina is actually the Ballona Creek Bridge in Playa Del Rey.
Inside joke: Executive producer EARL HAMNER (playing Baker) passes by in the background behind Richard and Pamela. Obviously, Baker, the cartel operative, follows them.

The establishing shot of the barrel room in the Falcon Crest Cooperage is previously unused footage filmed in 1982; it is an earlier part of a scene from # 019 (Lance and Chase enter).

Season time frame: The Agretti grapes will be harvested "tomorrow".
Inside joke: Maggie grins and asks Chase if he would like to go bowling rather than to relax a bit. ERNIE WALLENGREN, one of this episode's writers, made regular arrangements with a bowling alley for cast and crew meetings after work.

The filming location for the street where Richard's stretched Cadillac Sedan DeVille limo (with Richard, Chase and Greg) drives along is Forest Lawn Drive in Los Angeles. In the exterior shot, the camera faces west; the Forest Lawn Memorial Park can be seen in the background.

When Renée Davenport introduces herself to Angela, she uses the false name Cheryl Russell. The writers' original choice for the false name was Janet Roberts in early script drafts.
After they decided against that name, by the way, the writing staff later considered Janet Roberts as the name for MORGAN FAIRCHILD's character in season 5. It became Jordan instead of Janet in the end though.
This episode's director's cut included additional scenes, which were deleted from the final version to stay in the one-hour program frame:
  • Act 1: In a commercial hot tub at the Tuscany Valley Inn, Lance and Lorraine get a surprise visit from Angela. Again, she demands that Lance terminate his relationship with Lorraine.
    The filming location is what used to be L.A. Waterworks, a commercial hot tub company, on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA; nowadays, the building houses a different company.
  • Act 3: Terry gets a massage from John (played by BRETT CLARK) in her back yard when Greg appears. After the masseur has left, Greg and Terry start making love hungrily. The result of this scene's deletion is that it transpires only in # 088 that Greg and Terry have started a relationship.
  • Act 4: During dinner at a Fisherman's Wharf restaurant in San Francisco (filmed at a restaurant in Playa Del Rey, CA), Lorraine is unable to tell Lance that she is pregnant. Lance notices that she has no appetite though, but thinks she might be worried because of his upcoming trial.

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