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# 073 <4.05> Shadows
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Tentative title: The Haunting.
The bend and country road in the jogging scene with Maggie and Chase before they spot the Doberman Pinschers behind the barbed wire on Richard's Hilltop Road property, is actually located behind stage 4 at CBS/FOX STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER). This part of the backlot will be used for various purposes in future episodes; see # 080, 084, 089, 113, 121, 135, 137, 148, 172, 174, 176, 180, 191, 192, 196, 207 and 213.
The radio station Richard acquires and will rename KRDC is currently named KEFW (KLSR in early script drafts).
Inside joke: "EFW" in KEFW are E.F. WALLENGREN's initials.
The channel identification starting with the letter "K" indicates that the station is west of the Mississippi. Just as a side note, channel identifications east of the Mississippi begin with the letter "W" in the U.S.

Mistake: In the scene on the deck of Richard's Hilltop Road house, the shadow of the shade sail can be seen several times whenever it is moved to cover the sun and to optimize the lighting during filming.

Prop mistake: On Lance's first day at the New Globe, an issue of the paper is on his desk, which actually will appear only two days later — with the article "Mugging at Tuscany Downs" on the cover. This is day 2 of the episode. The mugging actually takes place on day 3, and the article will be published on day 4 (right screen capture). The prop masters were negligent when they placed this issue on Lance's desk.
Before the producers decided to rehire JOHN H. FIELDS as Ralph Delaney, they intended to bring in another editor-in-chief of the New Globe by the name of Maxwell Hawkins.
The shot of Terry sitting at her swimming pool in this season's main title (right screen capture) is from an unused version of the scene in this episode (compare the left screen grab for the version used this episode).
Instead of the scene with Terry and Cole at Terry's pool, early script drafts suggested a scene in Terry's kitchen: Terry bakes cookies with Cole and Joseph; in the end, Joseph tastes the cookies and says that they are terrible.
The phone booth in the Tuscany Valley (Joel calls Terry) is actually a phone booth near the transportation department at CBS/FOX STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER).
LORIMAR's original map of this part of the studio lot is available for DFCF members in the Show – Production Office – Filming Locations – Movie Studios – Exterior Sets section.

The New Globe forklift is an Allis-Chalmers model.


The shipping / receiving area of the New Globe is the Mill building (eastern side) at CBS/FOX STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER).


Product placement: In the shipping / receiving area of the New Globe, ink barrels by Bomark Inks can be seen.

Inside joke: When Lance tells Heavy-Set about his home (under the pseudonym of "Harold"), he mentions that his grandma, his aunt, his Chinese friend and a parrot live in their house. The parrot is a pseudonym for his falcon, Apollo.
Ironically, this alludes to the real-life builder of Spring Mountain's Villa Miravalle, Tiburcio Parrott, and its logo, the parrot in the stairway window, which the Falcon Cresters claim to be a falcon.
The "Falcon Crest" name as the series title is said to have been inspired also by the misinterpretation of the parrot in the stained glass window because the LORIMAR producers thought it was a falcon when they first filmed at Miravalle.
Early script drafts contained a scene with Cole and Terry in the vineyard: Terry, in designer jeans and a kerchief, wants to learn more about vines now that she owns the McKay Vineyards. When Melissa comes by and invites Cole to a picnic, Terry reminds her that it is a little too soon to be trapping Cole: "Some of us are still in mourning." The scene ends on Melissa's sarcastic reply: "So I noticed. Your new sports car has black tires." — The scene was omitted during script revisions.
An establishing clip of the Tuscany County Courthouse introduces a County Board of Supervisors meeting. Inconsistency: The board usually meets at the Tuscany County Building, and it is their usual conference room. The "secret" of this inconsistency is that after moving from THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS) to CBS/FOX STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER), the series was no longer allowed to show footage of the WARNER BROS. backlot. Therefore, the editors were unable to insert an establishing shot of the County Building (an exterior set at THE BURBANK STUDIOS; see # 013). Strangely enough, they decided to use footage of the courthouse although it would have made more sense not to insert any establishing clip.
The new County Board of Supervisors Hall is the real assembly hall in the old Napa City Hall. For the previous location, compare # 020.
In season 2, the Tuscany County Board of Supervisors had the following members (compare # 020): Max Hartman (Chairman), Chase Gioberti, Nick Hogan, John Costello and Dave Herrera. This episode, Hogan and Herrera are no longer on the board; they are replaced by Ramon Molina and Ann Brixie. There must have been another election in the meantime, probably during season 3 after Nick Hogan left the Tuscany Valley.
Uncredited extra JACK DOUGLASS appears in this episode again — in two different scenes as a patron at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club. For another appearance in this episode, see below.
Compare # 130 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 032.

Cameraman's mistake: When Chase, John and Cole leave the assembly hall after the supervisors' meeting, the shadow of the camera and the photographer can be seen on the wall in the corridor.

Cole mentions a beer bar in downtown Tuscany by the name Simones. The place, however, will never be seen on the show.
Deleted scene: Between the supervisors' meeting and the mugging at Tuscany Downs, this episode's director's cut included a scene with Angela, Lance and Emma in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion dining room in which Angela, eager to get control over Terry's vineyards, requests that Lance make an honest woman out of Terry. This segment was removed in post-production.
Uncredited extra DOUGLAS MAIDA appears as Dave in this episode again — at his new place of work, the Tuscany Downs Turf Club, again, waiting on Richard as well as Maggie and other guests.
Compare # 224 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 034.

The security guard at the Tuscany Downs parking lot looks at an issue of Mystique, a magazine with nudes posing.
It is a fictional magazine whose name was also used in other productions; compare our Beyond the Show – Identical Names section.

Although Tuscany Downs opened this year, there are big cracks in the asphalt of the newly built parking lot.
Although it was the location manager's negligence to select such a parking lot for the shooting, it is, by coincidence, in accordance with the later result of the building security inspection after the earthquake in # 132 when it will be revealed the race track will not pass the inspection for safety reasons.
In real life, it is the former crew parking lot of CBS/FOX / CBS-MTM STUDIOS (nowadays RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) — today sound stages 21, 22 and 23 as well as the Parking North structure sit in that place.

On the Tuscany Downs parking lot, the usual light yellow Ford Pinto Runabout, a well known picture car, is parked in the background (yellow arrow). Compare # 001 for details.


License plate number of the white 1983 Ford Mustang III Convertible Joel uses: Florida E9N 284 (both car and plates stolen).

Early script drafts suggested that, during Maggie's testimony at the Sheriff's Office, a female bus driver appear, reporting that she was also mugged near Tuscany Downs. This idea was dropped in later script revisions.
Besides his two scenes as Tuscany Downs patron in this episode (see above), uncredited extra JACK DOUGLASS appears another time in this episode — as a Tuscany Valley County Deputy at the Sheriff's Office in the Tuscany County Jail.
Compare # 130 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 032.
Original script drafts suggested the scene with Melissa, Greg, Lorinda Ash and Gustav be filmed at the Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford, CA. This restaurant was used for # 023 (see there) as a filming location in the wine country. During the script revisions, it was decided to use the Tuscany Downs Turf Club interior set, which was specifically built for this season, for the scene.

Uncredited extra KEN ALLEN appears in this episode again as Jay, the Tuscany Valley County Planning Commissioner — this time at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club.
Compare # 191 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 013.

DAVID GUST, the tall, black-haired and mustached uncredited extra, who will be best remembered for his rôle as an assistant district attorney in # 091, 092 and 154, but who will also play different characters in the series, is seen at the Turf Club in this episode.
Compare # 187 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 063.

Uncredited extra ROBERTA STORM appears in this episode again as Mrs. Winslow — this time as a patron at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club.
Compare # 219 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 035.

The establishing clip of the Falcon Crest vineyards prior to the scene with Melissa and Cole is from Stags' Leap in the Napa Valley, the scene itself, however, from the vineyards of Flora Springs.
This episode's script originally contained scenes with Vince Caproni explaining he is selling his bakery and leaving town.
The first of two scenes showed Chao-Li and Angela arriving in front of Caproni's Italian Bakery, seeing a "For Sale" sign in the window. Angela goes inside and tells Vince that Chase was responsible for the plane crash, which really shocks him. Actor HARRY BASCH was a no-show at the Sebastiani Building in Sonoma, CA, the filming location that had already been dressed as Caproni's Italian Bakery (see photos above). The scene was rewritten the very last minute, so only JANE WYMAN and CHAO-LI CHI remained in it. The scene, however, remained unaired in the end.
For the second scene with Vince, see below.
For the establishing clip of downtown Tuscany to introduce the scene(s) with Vince, compare the entry listed under "Knots Landing" — # 112 in the Beyond the Show – Clips section.
Mistake: In the scene with the laborers in the New Globe shipping / receiving area when Lance is in the process of firing Ike Tower, the employee in the green shirt (an uncredited extra) is first standing almost centered between two palettes with newspapers readily packed for distribution. In the subsequent frame featuring Delaney's close-up, however, he is now standing in front of the last palette over in the shop room, with Delaney more in front of him. The position of the laborer's head is different also.
In the usual process of making a movie or a TV show, scenes are shot at least twice — e.g. one shot in one direction and another shot in the opposite direction, which bears the risk of inconsistencies. Compare # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for the advantages and disadvantages of this shooting procedure.
The curly haired blonde played by uncredited extra BETTY JEANNE GLENNIE works in the shipping / receiving department of the New Globe now. She must have given up her job as a nurse (compare # 015).
Compare # 175 for biographical details about this minor rôle and a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 015.

Uncredited extra JAMES MOHLMANN appears in this episode again as the tall, white-haired and mustached man — this time as a New Globe laborer.
Compare # 174 for a list of appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 026.

Uncredited extra PAUL VAN appears in this episode again — not in his usual rôle though, but — in a totally different outfit — as a New Globe laborer.
Compare # 227 for biographical details about PAUL VAN's primary minor rôle and a list of all his appearances throughout the series.
For details about the extra, compare # 014.
When Melissa and Greg meet at the pavilion on the Agretti property, Melissa says her father built the pavilion for her mother. The pavilion is a prop installed near a pond on the grounds of the former Inglewood Estate Winery (nowadays Sinegal Estate) in St. Helena. Compare # 027 and 072 for this location. This pond will also be seen in # 076, 105, 109, 131 and 137. Refer to # 137 for ownership information in the storyline.
The next to last scene in the director's cut featured Vince Caproni, drunk, pounding at the Gioberti House door at night. He blames Chase for Linda's death and says he will be leaving the valley. Cole is unable to calm down his father-in-law, and Chase is shocked at Vince's words. This scene was removed in post-production, which is why it was never mentioned what happened to Vince Caproni.
Edited scene: Initially, this episode's cliffhanger also featured Angela, who comes into the vineyard and hears Emma calling Julia's name; she thinks that Emma is losing her mind. These parts of the scene were removed in post-production. At the beginning of the following episode, however, it will be pretty obvious from Angela's reaction she has noticed that Emma must have seen or heard something unusual in the vineyards.

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