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# 070 <4.02> Father's Day
(revised 12/04/2021)

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STU KLITSNER, the actor who plays Hawthorne, Angela's consultant, also portrayed a realtor in season 1.
Season time frame: Greg came to see Angela for the first time last week. As this happened towards the end of # 069, one week must have gone by since the last episode. So it must be the fourth week of March 1984 now (compare # 069). The statement that the plane crash was less than a month ago is also correct.

This episode features the only interior scene ever filmed in the private Napa Valley residence (see # 048) posing as Richard's home on Hilltop Road.


The Tuscany Valley Airport is portrayed by the Napa County Airport in the scene with Chase, Richard and Alan.
The jet is a Dassault Falcon 20.

Arden Villa is used as the Riebmanns' Buenos Aires home again. This episode, a lawn area near a pond and a fountain on the villa's lot can be seen.
These surroundings will be used for # 207 and 208 as the part of the Gioberti Family Cemetery where Maggie will be buried.
Deleted scene (original beginning of act 2): A night scene with Pamela and Richard in the bedroom of his house — in which Pamela says she feels that their relationship has changed compared to what it was like before she disappeared — was filmed, but removed in post-production.
Beginning this season, many Californian cars have new license plates with the sundown instead of the former blue / yellow ones. This is the reason for the numbers on most cars to be changed.
New license plate number of Angie's black Mercedes-Benz 600: 2ALE185.
In this episode as well as in # 071, 072 and 075, Greg's stables are portrayed by the bigger one of two stables at the Wild Horse Valley Ranch outside Napa, CA. In # 074, this location portrays Melissa's stables, too. It is filmed from different directions, depending on whose stables it is supposed to portray.
The same stable was used as the Falcon Crest Stables in # 042 (compare there); the smaller stable located on the same site in the Napa Valley also portrayed the Falcon Crest Stables (compare # 025 and 077). The heavily filmed lake on the Falcon Crest grounds (compare # 043) and parts of the Agretti Vineyards (see # 020) are also spots for filming there.
Product placement: Maggie reads the Femme magazine.
The back of the magazine is propped with an advert for Wade's Wintergreen, a fictional chewing gum brand. For more details about this typical 1980's prop, refer to the respective entry in # 056. Further information is also available in the Beyond the Show – Identical Names section.
Deleted scene: This scene in the Gioberti House was initially longer. It started out with Chase and Maggie entering the house and sorting their mail, while Mrs. Miller (NORA BOLAND; compare # 069) is vacuuming the living room.
The part with the housekeeper was removed in post-production.
An establishing shot of Cole and Linda's home is shown although the series was no longer filmed at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (compare # 054). It is obviously stock footage, especially considering that this episode's interior set (bedroom) is different from the one in season 3.
Petri's, the Tuscany Valley restaurant Richard and Padgett come out of, used to be a real restaurant by the same name in Napa, CA. Nowadays it is called Cordeiro's Bar & Grill.
Mistake: In the scene with Richard and Spheeris in the limousine, a car driving behind them can be seen through the rear window first, but has suddenly disappeared in the subsequent close-up.
This is a mistake caused by the particular filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.

DAVID SELBY is replaced by a stunt double when Spheeris throws Richard out of the limousine. The filming location is a bend on Atlas Peak Road outside Napa, CA quite close to the Petri's.
Strange: When Richard enters his New Globe office shortly after the scene, his suit does not look very dirty.


Greg's motorcycle is a red BMW R 80 RT.

The shot of Emma on the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion veranda in this season's main title (right screen capture) is from an unused version of the scene in this episode (compare the left screen grab for the version used this episode).

Product placement: Lance wears a polo shirt by Armani.

The director's cut of this episode contained the following scenes, which were deleted:
  • Melissa takes Joseph back to Cole, who is still going through Linda's effects in the bedroom. Finally, Cole invites Melissa to stay for a drink.
  • On the front porch of his house, Cole and Melissa are sipping a glass of Champagne. She says she wishes that, sometime in the future, they could be friends again for Joseph's sake. She also tells Cole she has always loved him and wants to be with him again, but he rejects her, particularly because he just lost Linda. A bungalow's veranda on the backlot of CBS/FOX STUDIOS (now RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) was used for the shooting because the original filming location (see # 054) was no longer available after the show moved to its new production facilities.
  • Chase reads flight manuals in the Gioberti House living room at night because he is insecure about his abilities as a pilot. Maggie sits down next to him and rubs his shoulders.
Mysterious: Terry called her (ex-)husband Eric in a phone conversation in # 067, whereas his first name is Joel now. Is his name Joel Eric McCarthy?
The reason behind the Joel / Eric name inconsistency is based on a personal decision of two members of the producing staff. When script supervisor LEE WALKLING got this episode's script, she immediately contacted the show runners because she became aware of the discrepancy between the name in this episode (Joel) and the previously established name in season 3 (Eric). In a memo to LEE, executive script consultant CLAIRE WHITAKER stated: "Both [executive supervising producer] ROD [PETERSON] and I have sons named Eric [from previous marriages], and our coming onto the show was contingent upon changigng the name of the ski-masked rapist." So it was just CLAIRE and ROD's personal distaste that led to the name change because they did not want an unpleasant character to have the same name as their respective sons. CLAIRE's reference to the "ski-masked rapist" gives evidence that the producers had originally played around with the idea of Joel becoming a serial rapist, an idea that was abolished, but later discussed again for a new young character they planned to introduce towards the end of season 4, which did not materialize either though.
From this episode on until the season 7 finale, a picture hangs in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion study on the wall adjacent to where the sun room will be in season 5. It hangs now on the wall where the pocket doors to the sun room will be installed; as soon as the doors are installed, the picture will be on the wall to their left (looking from inside the study towards the sun room). The artwork is "Poppy Field", an 1873 Impressionist style painting (oil on canvas) by CLAUDE MONET (1840 – 1926).
As with all artwork in the Victorian Mansion, it remains unanswered throughout the series if they are originals or if they are meant to be reproductions. The original of the aforementioned artwork is located at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris / France.
New license plate number of Chase and Maggie's light ivory Mercedes-Benz 300 TD: 2DQO407.

The crop duster Chase is flying is a Grumman G-164 Ag Cat. Its registration number is N407Y.

All the scenes at the Tuscany Valley Airport involving the crop duster are filmed at Sonoma Valley Airport outside Sonoma, CA. An establishing shot of that airport will be used in the following episode.
Mistake in the scene with the crop duster: When the duster is taxiing down the runway, a dry area of dead grass and a hill at the end of the runway are visible (screen grab 1). When the camera cuts behind Chase's seat, Maggie, Richard and Pamela are visible at the end of the runway with the cars and the parked planes (screen capture 2). After the next cut, when Chase takes off, the plane is again at the end of the grassy hill, and no pavement or other people are anywhere in sight (screen grab 3).
The reason is that the segments from captures 1 and 3 versus capture 2 are filmed in different areas of the airport.
In subsequent frames of the scene at the Tuscany Valley Airport when Chase flies over Richard and Pamela, the positions of Richard's limo and the yellow-white aircraft are different — apparently by negligence of the editors, who combined different takes of the scene in post-production.
Also, the positions of Richard, his chauffeur and Pamela on the ground are inconsistent in the various camera angles, in particular Pamela is not visible in the shot from Chase's POV (screen grab 2), but is suddenly standing next to Richard in the shot taken on the ground (screen capture 3) although less than 10 seconds went by between these angles.
The Pacific Nation airline's plane at the Tuscany Valley Airport, which is visible so prominently behind Richard's limo (compare screen grabs 1 and 3 in particular), is a Douglas DC-3A with the registration number N139D; its construction number is 2165. Originally built in 1939 as a military aircraft, it was converted to a commercial passenger aircraft in 1949-50. The plane's home base is still the filming location, Sonoma Valley Airport, where it has been grounded since 2010.
Early script drafts included Everly, a male reporter, and Driscoll, a female photographer, both working for the New Globe, coming with Richard and Pamela to the airport to see Chase's struggle with flying the crop duster. These rôles were never cast, but deleted before the script went into production.
Inside joke: Johann wants Gustav to go on a business trip to Amsterdam for a few days. Amsterdam is the city where JOHN VAN DREELEN was born.
The spot where Johann's black Mercedes-Benz 600 explodes is not near the front of the Riebmann home in real life. For security reasons, the segment with the explosion was not filmed on the grounds of Arden Villa, but on the crew parking lot of CBS/FOX / CBS-MTM STUDIOS (nowadays RADFORD STUDIO CENTER) — today sound stages 21, 22 and 23 as well as the Parking North structure sit in that place. The editors managed to create the illusion of the explosion taking place on the driveway of Riebmann's house by putting the frames of the explosion site together with ones of Johann leaving the house and putting a reflection of fire in the glass element of the front door of the Riebmann house.
Inconsistency: When Johann gets into his limousine (screen grab 1), there is a large shadow on the fence and on the ground by the fence on the left side of the car, which is suddenly gone in the angle when the explosion segment begins (screen capture 2). The reason for the different lighting is that the two parts of this segment were filmed separately at different times on the same day, with the sunlight coming from different directions.

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