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# 069 <4.01> Requiem
(revised 01/15/2024)

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This is the first episode of the series where a recap is used to remind the viewers of the events of the previous season's finale before the main titles.
It is striking how careful the producers were not to use footage of MEL FERRER and CLIFF ROBERTSON. The plane going down to the ground is new footage, which was not part of # 068.
Different camera angles: The recap features a close-up of Chase's final lines before the plane goes down whereas the respective scene in # 068 was shown in a full shot of the cockpit.

The picture of JANE WYMAN is specifically filmed for this season's main title (shot 08/24/1984; directed by REZA BADIYI). For the other actors' pictures in the main title, especially those coming from various scenes, see the information listed in the respective episodes.


The shot of the 2300 block of Hyde Street in San Francisco (before DAVID SELBY's main title card) is previously unused footage filmed in 1982; it is an earlier part of a scene from # 027 (Lance and Lori in the cable car).

The picture on SUSAN SULLIVAN's main title card is identical with the one from season 3; see there for details.
The establishing shot of the wreckage of the plane on the crash site is stock footage that originated on "Dallas". In the "Dallas" episode "Survival" (# 014 <1.09 — original count> / <2.09 — DVD count>), the same shot was used to establish the site of J.R. and Bobby's plane crash, just in broad daylight (right screen capture). For "Falcon Crest", the day shot was filtered in post-production, similar to creating a "day for night" (details see below). The Southfork logo on the plane from the "Dallas" episode is still visible on "Falcon Crest" in the upper right corner of the frame (yellow mark on the left screen grab).
The jetliner's wreck does not match any part of the various plane types that portrayed Richard's jetliner in the preceding episode (compare # 068). Except for the the wing rib visible in the left part of the camera angle, the parts of the wreck in the current episode primarily come from a Stinson Voyager 108-3, a much smaller light aircraft. The origin of these parts can be concluded from this plane type's distinct horizontal corrugation on the tail section, primarily on the rudder.
Inconsistency: Cole's hair is shorter than at the end of the previous season's finale (# 068) where it was long and kind of feathered in the back although only a few hours have gone by since he met Melissa. WILLIAM R. MOSES got a new haircut during the filming hiatus.

The jet Cole rented for himself and Melissa to travel to the rescue site is a Lockheed JetStar.
The clip is stock footage from a film library.

The plane crash site near the lake in Truro County, CO is portrayed by a part of Lake Hennessey, a big lake in Napa Valley, CA.
The identification code of the patrol car — a 1982 Dodge Diplomat — taking Melissa and Cole to the rescue site in Truro County, CO is 4078.
Abnormality in the police car in Truro County: When Melissa and Cole arrive at the staging base, they both open their rear doors of the patrol car. Police vehicles in the U.S., however, are usually modified from regular cars; the usual "police package" for a patrol cruiser includes child safety locks for the rear doors, leaving the door handles deactivated so an arrested person cannot escape. The only way out is if someone opens the doors from the outside. For security reasons, there is usually no device to unlock the rear doors from the front seats either.

Inside joke: The shoulder patches on the uniforms of the Truro County Sheriff Department (CO) are reused wardrobe parts from DAVID SELBY's previous LORIMAR series, "Flamingo Road", which was set in a fictional town called Truro, FL.
For more details, check out the Beyond the Show – Wardrobe section.


In contrast to the aforementioned shoulder patches, some of the deputies at the rescue site are wearing different uniforms with a generic shoulder patch simply saying "Sheriff's Dept.". It remains a mystery if these are just different uniforms, but from Truro County, CO also, or if these deputies might be from a neighboring county.


JOE LERER, the actor who plays the TV news director at the rescue site this episode, also portrayed various rôles in season 3 (compare # 049).

The medical helicopter is a 1984 Aérospatiale Alouette III model.
Mistake: While in the first shot of the helicopter "UCDMC" can be read, the same spot on the helicopter is covered with a prop sign saying "MEDIC" in later scenes.
UCDMC is the abbreviation for University of California at Davis Medical Center from which LORIMAR rented the picture chopper. UCDMC had just started its helicopter program for the transportation to its trauma center in 1984.

Sheriff Kingman's patrol car (on the right in the screen grab) is a 1982 Dodge Diplomat also.

Fictional entity: One of the TV stations at the crash site is KSFB 3 News from San Francisco, as legible on the camera logo.
For more details about the KSFB 3 logo, check out the Beyond the Show – Props – Signage section.

The fire engine at the rescue site is a 1965 International Harvester 1600.

Mistake: When Cole and Melissa are waiting at the rescue site just before the chopper arrives with Terry and Lance, the wind from the chopper's rotors causes them to turn completely away in the opposite direction. In the subsequent frame filmed from across, however, their profiles are facing more the helicopter's direction and the positions of their arms are different.
This is a mistake caused by the particular filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
Inconsistency: Terry's hair is less curly than in # 068 although only a couple of hours went by between the plane crash and the survivors being rescued. The perm in LAURA JOHNSON's hair grew out during the filming hiatus.
Piner ambulances take the plane crash survivors to the hospital in Truro County. The license plate number of the one taking Linda to the hospital, a 1983 Ford Club Wagon XLT, is Colorado MWI 506 (screen capture 1); the one taking Lance and Terry to the hospital, a Dodge Ram, is Colorado PRO 736.
Subtle advertising: Piner is a privately owned ambulance company in the Napa Valley, CA.

License plate number of the patrol car taking Alan Caldwell and Padgett to the lake in Truro County, a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu with a 9C1 patrol car package: Colorado 4875.

Strangely enough, it was never mentioned that what was presumed to be Julia's ashes were "lost" in the air crash. Mysterious: How was the coroner able to find bone fragments in the debris of the Spring House in # 068? Julia survived the fire, as # 073 will reveal. So what was it that the coroner found? Or rather: whose bone fragments?! See # 075 for that question.
Fictional entity: One of the TV networks reporting about the plane crash is called KXTU 3.
The channel identification starting with the letter "K" indicates that the station is west of the Mississippi. Just as a side note, channel identifications east of the Mississippi begin with the letter "W" in the U.S.
The Truro County Hospital close to the rescue site is the real St. Helena Hospital in St. Helena, CA.
The picture in Joseph's room at the Truro County Hospital is the same prop that was used in one of the corridors at the Tuscany Valley Hospital in # 063.
Edited scene: The segment with Angela and Emma at the Truro County Hospital was initially longer: At the beginning of the scene, Angela enters Emma's room against the nurse's orders, which causes Angela to insult the nurse as incompetent. This part of the scene was actually filmed with actress ELIZABETH ROGERS playing the nurse, but edited in post-production.

The establishing shot of New York City — filmed from South Point Park on Roosevelt Island towards west — is a view of Midtown with the United Nations headquarters (left) and the Chrysler Building (in the background, right). The clip is stock footage from a film library.

Fictional entity: An issue of the New York Chronicle, a daily newspaper, is lying on Spheeris and Elke's bed in their hotel room in New York City.
The name and design of the lettering of this fictional newspaper were used in various TV series and movies. Further information is available in the Beyond the Show – Identical Names section.
Phillip, Linda and Michael are buried at the Tuscany Valley Public Cemetery, not at the Gioberti Family Cemetery. There seems to be a family habit that — besides Gioberti family members — the only people to be buried at the Family Cemetery are those, who married into the family and fathered or gave birth to another Gioberti, but only if the deceased was still married to a Gioberti family member at the time of his or her death.
The funeral scene is filmed at the Public Cemetery in St. Helena, CA.
Mistake in the scene at the Tuscany Valley Public Cemetery: After Father Bob finishes the prayers, Maggie (standing behind Vince and Cole) starts to make the sign of the cross. Before she finishes, the scene abruptly cuts to a straight close-up of Vince with her in the background — but her arm is not moving; the position of her head is different also.
In the usual process of making a movie or a TV show, scenes are shot at least twice — as a wide angle shot and in close-up, which bears the risk of inconsistencies. Compare # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for the advantages and disadvantages of this shooting procedure.
There are several vehicles parked in the background of the funeral scene: Angela's black Merecedes-Benz 600, Richard's silver Cadillac Sedan DeVille Limousine and — far back (yellow arrow) — a black limo. This is the rental limousine used by the Giobertis and Vince Caproni. It is a black 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood 75.
The shot of Chase in the Gioberti House dining room in this season's main title (right screen capture) is from an unused version of the scene in this episode (compare the left screen grab for the version used this episode).
Scenes with an actress named NORA BOLAND as Alma Miller were shot for this and the following episode. When the rôle had to be recast for # 071, LESLEY WOODS took over. Therefore, all the scenes with Chase and Maggie's housekeeper in the first two episodes of this season were cut from the final version.
In this episode, the dinner at the Gioberti House (Chase, Maggie and Cole) initially included Joseph and Mrs. Miller at the beginning: Mrs. Miller is trying to convince Cole to eat more. This part was deleted in post-production.

Product placement: Richard's dart board was made by Pub Master.

Spheeris speaks German in Crane's farewell scene: "This is goodbye, not auf Wiedersehen [see you]!"
Spheeris addresses Johann as "Herr [Mr.] Riebmann" and sometimes answers "Ja [Yes]".
PAUL FREEMAN is British. He speaks Gustav with a German accent.
Labeling name: Gustav Riebmann's first name is an allusion to his ruthless fight for the leadership of the cartel and the discovery of the Riebmann treasure. Gustav (Germanic origin) means "stave of the Goths".
Edited scene: After Melissa's farewell, the scene with Angela and Emma in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion dining room was originally longer: Emma tells her mother that she cannot remember the plane crash. Although this part was filmed, it was edited in post-production.
Sam Gianinni, a vintner, who is a neighbor to Falcon Crest, is mentioned for the first time.
The "Gianinni" name is often spelled in different ways, such as "Giannini" or "Gianini", also in scripts and secondary sources. But the winery sign, as seen in # 074, says "Gianinni", which makes this the right spelling for the show; this spelling is used consistently and continuously throughout the series.
Inside joke: "Giannini" (sic, however!) is the name of EARL HAMNER's maternal grandparents. The correct spelling in terms of the show's universe is apparently wrong compared to the spelling in real life.
Terry's Mercury Cougar is filmed driving along the same section of the tree-lined Falcon Crest main driveway from the Gioberti House twice to create the illusion of a longer drive to her home (filmed from different angles).
This episode features the only aerial view of Richard's home on Hilltop Road. This is the only exterior shot of the complete house; compare # 048 for this filming location.
The bedroom — first shown in this episode — is the only interior set ever built for Richard's home.
Right before the interior scene, an exterior scene at Richard's tennis court with him and Lance talking about Lance's stock in the New Globe was supposed to be featured. Although it had been filmed, the scene was deleted because the episode was too long. It was shot at the tennis court of Arden Villa in Pasadena, CA (see below for details on this location).
The white circular shelf unit in Richard's bedroom will later be used in LORIMAR's "Dallas". Further information is available in the Beyond the Show – Props – Set Dressing – Cabinets & Chests section.

Product placement: Richard wears a Fila sports outfit.

Mistake: In the scene in Cole's kitchen, Melissa first opens the lower compartment of the refrigerator, and the salad bowl drops. She closes that compartment of the fridge again. But in the later frame filmed from across, the compartment that can be seen closing is the upper one (the freezer).
This is a mistake caused by the particular filming technique — check # 001 (Chase and Maggie at the Gioberti Family Cemetery) for details.
The establishing shot of the Gioberti House is not a real night shot. It is actually a "day for night", a cinematographic technique to simulate a night scene while it was actually filmed in daylight; it is usually underexposed and processed through a special filter in post-production to create the illusion of darkness.
In # 112 (compare there), the original daylight footage of this establishing clip will be used.
The character of Greg Reardon was originally called Brad Reardon in early script drafts.
Labeling name: Greg Reardon is given a rather symbolic first name for an attorney with a sharp eye on Angela's best interests: Gregory (Greek origin) means "watcher".
Inside joke: SIMON MacCORKINDALE also loved horses in real life and had many horses just like Greg.

License plate number of Greg's beige 1973 Ford F-100 pickup truck: 15 396 Y (old blue California plate with yellow lettering).


When Terry and Angela come out of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion, the stained glass element in the brown-framed window of Spring Mountain's Villa Miravalle's library can be seen in detail. The interior set of the study, however, has a white-framed window without any stained glass elements.


Strangely enough, Terry's new 1983 Lotus Esprit Turbo sports car (type 82) has no license plate.
For LORIMAR's further use of this picture car, check out the Beyond the Show – Props – Picture Cars section.

The location used as Norton Crane's New York home, a mansion on Hudson (southern terrace as filming site — screen grabs 2 and 4), is also used as the Buenos Aires Riebmann home (driveway, front — screen grabs 1 and 3 — and interiors as filming site).
It is actually Arden Villa, a privately owned mansion in Pasadena, CA.
In # 212 (see there), this Villa will be used again — as Michael and Savanna Sharpe's residence; but it will be repainted yellow at that time instead of the rust-brownish color as seen in this episode.
Arden Villa was a heavily filmed mansion in the 1980's, which also stood in for the Carrington Mansion in some exterior scenes on "Dynasty". Inside jokes: The house also used to be Michael Tyrone's (DAVID SELBY) home on "Flamingo Road" in 1981-82 and was the home to "Knight Rider", the action series "Falcon Crest" story editor WILLIAM SCHMIDT previously worked on.
The Riebmanns' limousine (screen capture 1 above) is a black 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood 75. It is, by the way, the exact same picture car that portrayed the rental limo used by the Giobertis and Vince Caproni at the funeral (see above).
The shot of Gustav in the study of the Riebmann home in this season's main title (right screen capture) is from an unused part of the scene in this episode (compare the left screen grab for the version used this episode).
Arden Villa was specifically dressed by LORIMAR for filming. Riebmann's desk is the same prop that was used as Jacqueline's desk in her Whitewood Industries office in # 040.
Maybe the Riebmanns even grabbed possession of her furniture after taking over the cartel. The use of this prop almost seems like their "silent" trophy.
For LORIMAR's further use of this desk, check out the Beyond the Show – Props – Set Dressing – Tables & Desks section.
The Riebmann Treasure was originally called "Berchtesgaden Treasure" (early script drafts). The writers apparently skipped that idea because it could have been associated directly with the Nazis — the Kehlstein House, which was owned by Adolf Hitler, is located in the city of Berchtesgaden / Germany.
It is rather mysterious how Gustav got access to the pictures on his photo board because they were taken in private situations, e.g. Chase, Maggie and Cole in front of the Falcon Crest Winery Building after Chase being released from the hospital (# 045), Emma in Richard's New Globe office (# 045), Melissa and Joseph in front of Cole and Linda's house (# 063) and Richard and Pamela at Michael and Terry's party (# 058).
The photo of Angela was taken while shooting # 002.
The photo of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion is from the season 1 and 2 main titles; the photo of the Gioberti House is an establishing shot, which has been used several times since season 3.
Series time frame:
It is a full moon. Giving respect to the interpretation in # 068 — around mid-March 1983 — and to the phase of the moon, the plane crash must have taken place in the night of March 17/18, 1984 (beginning of the episode).
The end of the episode must depict the events around the third week of March 1984. This can be derived from the fact that Richard got Johann's invitation to come to Buenos Aires two weeks ago ( in # 068). So these two weeks must have gone by during # 069 The only logical conclusion is that they remained unseen between the scene with the Riebmann's phone conversation with Spheeris and the funeral of Phillip, Michael and Linda. Returning from Truro County to Tuscany and making the arrangements for the funeral seem to have taken some time.

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