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Season's Greetings to the DFCF
[The parts in brackets were edited for publication purposes.]
writers, executive script consultants and co-producers (seasons 2, 3 and 8):


Dec 9, 2018
Dear Thomas,
As always it's warm and wonderful to hear from you. [...] We wish you and Dorthe (sorry, my fonts are fresh out of umlauts) much happiness. Henry and I are doing fine. [...]
I'm working on a revised draft of a novel that has been 6 years in the works — it's become excitingly dark and edgy which delights me to no end. [...]
Well, Henry and I hope Kris Kringle comes to your house, December 6? [...] Thanks for keeping in touch all these years, Thomas.
Warm regards,
Steve and Henry

writer and story editor (seasons 1 through 3):


Dec 9, 2018
Dear Thomas,
Thank you for your letter.
As Warner Brothers lack of awareness regarding "Falcon Crest", it is unfortunately a pattern of behavior that does not seem likely to change any time soon. At least they released the first three seasons on DVD.
[...] May 2019 be the best year yet.
Warmest regards,

executive producers' assistant (seasons 6 through 9):


Dec 9, 2018
Hi, Thomas,
The same to you!
"Falcon Crest" was a very interesting time in my life. It's nice to see that you and others have reaped such enjoyment from the series.
Hope to see you on your next trip to L.A.

writer, executive story consultant, director and supervising producer (seasons 1 through 3):


Dec 10, 2018
Thomas —
Great to hear from you. [...]
Warner Bros. has no idea what they're doing, as I'm sure you've surmised by now. Garner and I had a meeting with them 2-3 years ago, and while they found the notion of a re-boot "interesting", they never made a move to do anything. As a writer, I can't spend too much time chasing people around to convince them of the obvious, and I've moved on to many other things.
I'm the co-founder of The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, which has been a very interesting experience. We see approximately 2,500 scripts each year. [...] I recently published Stop Screwing Around and WIN Your Next Screenplay Contest!, which is doing fairly well on Amazon with zero ad budget.
[...] I'm also collaborating on the fourth novel installment of "The Equalizer" with the franchise creator; exciting stuff, as they've already made two feature films based on the title.
[...] Do let us know the next time you're headed to California. Would be fun to see you...
All the best for a Joyous Holiday!

writer, story editor and supervising producer (seasons 6 and 7):


Dec 11, 2018
Hi Thomas,
Always nice to hear from you. Happy holidays! Not much to say about "Falcon Crest" these days. If you have any news about my former TV colleagues, do let me know!
Kind regards,

set costumer ("The Vintage Years" and seasons 2 through 9):


Dec 17, 2018
Hi, yes I am well and getting better every day. Sorry I haven't written sooner. I had my [...] surgery in September and it went well. [...]
I hope this finds you and Dörthe well, happy and enjoying the season.

writer and story editor (season 7):


Dec 18, 2018
And a happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and Dorothy. [...]
I adopted a dog last October, [...] and he's costing me more money than I expected. Today he's limping so I'll take him to the vet soon. Fortunately, he's very sweet and loving and I can't imagine life without him. [...]
You're inspiring me to return to writing my murder mystery that is based on my time at "Falcon Crest". I have to make a trip to Napa for research — come back to the States this summer and we can go together! I'm sorry Warner Bros. is being difficult about putting out more DVDs. [...]
Take care and give Dorothy a hug for me!