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Season's Greetings to the DFCF
[The parts in brackets were edited for publication purposes.]
writers, executive script consultants and co-producers (seasons 2, 3 and 8):


Dec 13, 2014
Dear Thomas,
Happy Holidays to you and Dörthe too. We wish you a healthy prosperous 2015. [...] Enjoy the holidays with your family.
Henry and Steve

writer, executive story consultant, director and supervising producer (seasons 1 through 3):


Dec 13, 2014
Thomas —
Thanks for touching base.
Best possible Holiday greetings to you and yours as well.
[...] We're having a Christmas filled with kids and animals... we have both our granddaughters with us [...], 2 dogs (including a new puppy), 2 cats... my younger son now back home for the time being [...] as he works on his music career (www.chancemccullough.com). [...]
Just a year ago, I left my prior employment after 4 years of brain-dead drudgery, and have returned to writing full time. Glad you liked the book ["Where Hollywood Hides — Santa Barbara"]. Very much like producing a movie... bringing disparate elements together into a meaningful whole. I'm doing quite a bit of free-lance academic and business writing. Amazing how many "successful" people can't write a meaningful paragraph. We're working on the next book, but it's a bootstrap-from-the-ground-up enterprise. "Latinos In Hollywood" will take advantage of the exploding Hispanic market here in the States.
We recently interviewed Ana Alicia for the podcast. Should have it up in another week or so. Planning to interview David Selby and Billy Moses as well...
Be well and keep the faith!
Cheers —

writer, story editor and supervising producer (seasons 6 and 7):


Dec 14, 2014
All is well here, hope you are doing just fine. Thanks for the holiday good wishes, I hope next year is a good one for all of us!
Kind regards,

writer, director and executive producer (seasons 6 and 7):


Dec 15, 2014
Nice to hear from you, Thomas!
I just finished a new series for Netflix (will run in Germany, too) starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston called "Grace and Frankie" (a serious comedy) and am back in Atlanta for the second season of "Halt and Cathc Fire" (for AMC).
Yet... my fondest memories remain those two seasons on "Falcon Crest" and the incredible talent I got to work with. Over the years, you have helped preserve those memories for me and for that I am extremely grateful!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that you continue to stay in touch.
Jeff Freilich

Napa Valley assistant (seasons 1 through 7):


Dec 16, 2014
Dear Thomas!
How LOVELY to receive your beautiful Falcon Crest calendar today!!! You did a wonderful job on it and I will look forward to putting it to good use very soon!!!
Hope all is super good with you both and that the Christmas season is treating you well! I still have so much to do!!! The kids are arriving home in 2 days and nothing is wrapped, tree is half done... more presents coming through the door every day!! ... AAAAGHHH!
Wishing you and Dörthe a VERRRY MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS and a magical NEW YEAR!
Lots of love,
Kathy and family

set costumer ("The Vintage Years" and seasons 2 through 9):


Dec 18, 2014
Dear Thomas:
Glad to hear from you and that you & Dörthe are doing well.
I do have to report to you that Martha Manor, who was Jane Wyman's long time stand-in, has died at age 86. She had worked more hours as a stand-in & background extra than anyone else in the Screen Actors union. [...] She was a genuine character and I will miss her.
Do hope you, Dörthe & all your family have a great Christmas and all the best wishes to you for the new year. Take care.

writer and story editor (seasons 1 through 3):


Dec 31, 2014
Dear Thomas,
A belated Merry Christmas.
Sorry for the delay but things have been more chaotic than usual this year. [...]
All the very best in 2015. [...] Take good care.
Warmest regards,