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Season's Greetings to the DFCF
[The parts in brackets were edited for publication purposes.]
writer, executive story consultant, director and supervising producer (seasons 1 through 3):


Dec 16, 2013
Hey, Thomas —
Thanks for the kind note. I apologize for not being able to get together with you on your last US visit.. but my wife is thinking about dragging me to Paris next summer... who knows? We may be able to touch base either there or London.
I love your [e-mail] signature line below (uncork a classic) [...]. I still believe that a true tsunami of ["Falcon Crest"] fan interest would be impossible to ignore... but so far, we only have a nice "wind swell" from fans.
In the meantime, we all pursue our lives / incomes as best we can.
I'm no longer working my "day job", which is allowing Suzanne and me to push hard to complete our celebrity-centric book within the month, while continuing to pump out the podcasts, etc.
I trust that you and yours will be well and thrive throughout The New Year!  
All the best,

writer, executive script consultant and co-producer (seasons 2, 3 and 8):


Dec 16, 2013
Hi Thomas,
Thank you so much for the holiday wishes. Steve and I wish the same to you and Dörthe. Your trip to Hawaii sounds wonderful.
We spent a month in Europe in November / December, mostly in Paris and Rome before sailing back to the U.S. We had a wonderful time. [...]
Otherwise all is well here.
Have a wonderful holiday.

writer, executive script consultant and co-producer (seasons 2, 3 and 8):


Dec 16, 2013
Hi, Thomas,
Thank you for the Holiday wishes. We're sending ours back at you. :) Hope you and Dörthe have a wonderful fun holiday. Your trip to Hawaii sounds like the perfect respite from snow and cold... however, Kris Kringle Marts are special and worth heading home for. [...]
Warmest regards,  

set costumer ("The Vintage Years" and seasons 2 through 9):


Dec 16, 2013
Dear Thomas and Dörthe:
Sure was great visiting with you both on your visit to L.A. Hope your trip back to Germany went well. Thank you again for the lovely dinner and the flowers.
[...] I want to wish you both the very best holiday season and a great new year. Take care. XOXO

writer and story editor (seasons 1 through 3):


Dec 16, 2013
Dear Thomas,
Thank you for the kind wishes and the same in return. My apologies again for not being able to meet with you while you were in LA. That aside, I hope your trip was a great success. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the very best in the coming year.
Warmest regards,

writer, story editor and supervising producer (seasons 6 and 7):


Dec 16, 2013
Thank you, Thomas. Ironically I am reading your email while my wife Leslie and I are sitting on the balcony of our hotel room in Hawaii, escaping the cold of Northern California in winter! Great minds think alike, especially in December.
I hope you both, as well, have a lovely 2014. It is always a pleasure hearing that you are in good spirits.
Kind regards,