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Season's Greetings to the DFCF
[The parts in brackets were edited for publication purposes.]

Dec 9, 2018
Thomas, Merry Christmas and thank you!


Dec 9, 2018
Dear Thomas:
Thank you kindly for your effervescent message. Indeed, it has been a few years now but only fan clubs keep pleasant and shining memories alive.
Traditionally, and now it's been sixteen years, last night we concluded the enormous and lavish pageant of "La Virgen de Guadalupe" at the great Cathedral of Los Angeles. I play the Bishop in the 1532 story of the apparition of the Indian Virgin to Juan Diego. Packed with some 3,500 people who keep coming back each year along with new arrivals. It usually kicks off the season with superb spirit, color and beauty.
This year I played a Judge in "Shooter" and a returning role as the President of Mexico in "Madam Secretary". I also had the fortune of doing two films in Argentina. I feel fortunate to have been a part of all these.
Thank you again for your pleasant message. May you and your team at the fan club enjoy a lovely end of the year season.
Best wishes,
Cástulo Guerra


Dec 9, 2018
Thank you, Thomas! I have very sweet memories of our interview. You're such a kind man.
Happy holidays to you too!


Dec 9, 2018
Hi Thomas,
Lovely to hear from you! [...]
All is well with us. Fires have abetted and life moves on. "Kominsky Method" on Netflix has me in a short but poignant part. If you by chance get that service.
[...] My love to you both. Enjoy the holidays.


Dec 9, 2018
Oh, that's so sweet!
Wish we could make [Warner Bros.] release my two seasons! They are fun! And crazy!
Keep me posted and love to you and Sascha and Ingo!
Good to always hear from you,
Jill aka Erin Jones


Dec 9, 2018
[...] Thank you for your continuing to support "Falcon Crest". You and Dorothy have a lovely holiday and a great new year.
My best and love to you both,


Dec 10, 2018
Dear Thomas,
So nice to hear from you. [...]
I'm in very good shape, and at age 87, am taken for being very much younger. Although I work at being mentally and physically fit, I know that genetics plays a big part in this. This is one grateful young old man. I'm getting a standup comedy routine together and will be auditioning soon. [...]
All the best,


Dec 16, 2018
Hi Thomas,
So good to hear from you.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Those of us connected to the show are lucky to have such a dedicated German fan club. I was only in the first two seasons so I'm satisfied [with the DVDs]. But keep on putting pressure on the company to release the rest.
Mario Marcelino (Padilla)