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Season's Greetings to the DFCF
[The parts in brackets were edited for publication purposes.]

Dec 20, 2016
Thomas, Love to you.
[re: terrorist attack on Berlin Christmas market] What a hard time our world is going through. Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
It would be wonderful to revisit FC. All is well. Been a very busy year. Sadly, we lost Earl... a dear man.
Take care,


Dec 20, 2016
Dear Thomas and Dorothy,
So sorry I missed you while you were in L A. Hope you had a grand old time!
Have a wonder filled and healthy New Year.
We are well and staying in the game in our fashion.
Sending love,


Dec 20, 2016
Glad to hear from you and thanks for the good tidings.
As luck would have it I "landed" an excellent theatre venue two years ago that has been quite successful. It is called "Destiny of Desire", written by Karen Zacarias and directed by LA based director Jose Luis Valenzuela. We premiered at the Arena Stage in Washington DC in 2015. Then it was done again (with some new cast members) at the South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa this year. Now we will be taking it to the Chicago Goodman Theatre February through April. Interestingly, it is a political, feminist piece based on the format of the telenovela. It is poignant and hilarious. And it compresses an entire season of a Latin telenovela into two and a half hours. Great roles, flashy costumes, amazing sets, lights and sound. Audiences love it. This, of course, has kept me away from film and TV. The last appearance I had was on "Jane the Virgin", opposite Rita Moreno.
Be well and have a delectable season,
Cástulo Guerra


Dec 21, 2016
Hope they play my seasons of FC! Then I can plan a trip to Germany!
Hope all is well and you and Dorothy are happy and healthy.
My very Best,


Dec 22, 2016
Merry Christmas, Thomas.
How lovely to get your e mail and I am so pleased that you and Dorothy are well and I send you both love and Seasons Greetings.
Happy to hear the fan club continues and I do so hope that you're right about Warners and they hurry up with more releases...
I am ok but now caring full time for my 95 year old Mum so my life is a fine balance between my acting and my commitment to her. We shall have to see how things go!
Love to you and a Happy and Peaceful 2017,


Dec 23, 2016
Thank you for your Christmas note. [...]
I'm glad the club is still active and, yes, I wish WB would hurry up and get to where I was in the show.
Incidentally, I've gone back to work at the age of 85 after many years. It's going well, and I am having a good time.
I guess I will always have my Sarah with me, even though I have a lady friend.
I went to the 50th Star Trek anniversary in Las Vegas and made a small fortune in selling my autographs and photos. The fans are simply kind and wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised.
Thanks for being in touch. Wishing you the best for the holidays and coming year. [...]


Dec 24, 2016
Mario Marcelino here. Thanks for staying in touch.
I wish the best for all of you there as well. Keep up the good work. Let's hope Warner Bros. finally comes through with the release.