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Season's Greetings to the DFCF
[The parts in brackets were edited for publication purposes.]

Dec 13, 2014
Thank you for the warm wishes. Hope you and your family enjoy the holidays. Have a happy new year.
PS enjoy the book ["LORENZO LAMAS: "Renegade at Heart: An Autobiography"]!


Dec 13, 2014
Hi Thomas:
I appreciate your kind message. I can't tell a lie... "Dallas" was fun. I enjoyed playing a billionaire for a change! (Came a long way from my role in "Falcon Crest"!)
A great team of actors. I had never been hugged more (except in Brasil, that is). I had the honor of working with Larry Hagman, as well as with Patrick Duffy (a true Montana gentleman), lovely Brenda Strong, gorgeous Julie Gonzalo (also from Argentina). A fantastic team. All of them. But, Voilá, all good things must come to an end.
Once again, many thanks for your message. And may I return the good wishes in kind. Happy Everything to you and yours.
Cástulo Guerra


Dec 13, 2014
Dear Thomas,
All is well... Did a play with Susan Sullivan... wonderful production. Then went to Japan and later Singapore to work on a film, "Equals",... among others so keeping busy.
You have a great Christmas and let's get together in the new year!


Dec 13, 2014
Thanks, Thomas and Dörthe...
Wishing you both peace and joy over the holidays and into the new year!!!


Dec 13, 2014
Dear Thomas,
[...] I am sure you will all be doing your best to make the most of your togetherness at Christmas.
With affection and fondness,
Carl Held


Dec 16, 2014
Hey Thomas,
thanks for remembering me. I wish you all the best too.
Mario Marcelino (Padilla) AKA Mario Nuñoz [Nuñez]


Dec 25, 2014
Dear Thomas,
Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done in remembering "Falcon Crest". And Happy Holidays.
I was writing to ask for your thoughts on my currently small role in "Mozart in the Jungle" which is on Amazon.com. It will be opening also in London and in Germany, as well as the US.
I play Claire who is the wife of the Maestro (one of the leads) and I appear in the fourth segment. I would love to continue with the show but need some help and wonder if you have some thoughts about how to get people to write about me and their memories of Emma or whatever.
I know "Falcon Crest" was done in Germany [...]. So maybe letting the producers know that German viewers remember my character...
In "Falcon Crest" they told me I would only be in it five times, but the audience loved the character of Emma, and I remained until the end.
My manager asked where to send any mail in this regard if any fans wanted to write in to support my character. Interestingly, Claire has the potential to be an innocent, as Emma was, in a corrupt world of power. An observer with a big heart. A kind of "The Emperor Has no Clothes" character, or the Fool in "King Lear", who speaks the truth without getting into the ugliness around her.
I don't think they know how to use the character but I think she has the elements of a feisty, wise, funny innocent. So any thoughts?
I hope you are having a lovely holiday.
Warmest wishes and much thanks for all that you have done.
Margaret Ladd
Editorial note:
You can write to the following address to support MARGARET's character on the new series:
"Mozart in the Jungle" Season 1
c/o Eastlight Studios
21-29 45th Road
Long Island City, NY 11101