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Letter to DFCF board members THOMAS J. PUCHER and SASCHA KURZ in response to the club's interview request and the "FALCON CRESTers Tell It All!" newsletter:
[The parts in brackets were edited for publication purposes.]
Jan 2006
Dear Thomas and Sascha
I enjoyed reading your F.C. book — and would be happy to answer your questions when you are next in L.A. — In general my memories of F.C. have softened over the years, melting into a haze of grapes, beautiful vistas, talented people, challenging scenes and a way of life that allowed me to grow as an artist (actor) and individual... What more can I ask for... and it gives me great satisfaction that people still remember the series. I hope it comes out in DVD.
I am still in touch with some of the cast members from the show and just finished a play with Bob Foxworth... ["Honor" on stage in Los Angeles] which was a joy. David [Selby] and I have done "Love Letters" together and I have seen Margaret Ladd and Ana Alicia.
Janet [Morris, a DFCF member] has been a great source of information and keeps me in touch. She is a wonder and I am glad to have her in my life and since I am rarely in one place for very long, she is an excellent way to reach me.
I continue to work as an actor but am interested in expanding my life experiences at this point. I still share my life with Connell and we are in a new home which gives us great pleasure. We are both concerned with the state of the world and hope to have the planet in better shape than we found it which looks to be a tall order.
Again — thank you for your continued interest in F.C. It is my hope that I am saving a tree by writing on the back of your questions.
My best to you and your group -
With Love
Susan Sullivan