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Celebrating 40 Years...
On Dec 4, 1981, "Falcon Crest" premièred on CBS.
On Dec 4, 2021, the "Falcon Crest" cast and the DFCF relive the vintage years and toast to one of the most successful dramas in television history...
Exclusive Anniversary Video Message for


A downloadable version is available here.
A transcript of the cast's video messages for the hearing impaired is available here.

More Greetings from the Stars
(in alphabetical order)


My three years on "Falcon Crest" seem like yesterday. I well remember the cast and crew and what a wonderful family I had the privilege to join. It wasn't supposed to be, you know. I was to be in only two episodes. However, they liked what I did with the character and the writers took it from there. I think it was fifty-five episodes in all. It was a memorable time for me, and I am so glad to know that the fans welcomed me, as well. At 90, memories like this cheer me up. In fact, I'm ready to do it all over again.
Bis bald! [German for: "See you soon!"]



I'm thrilled to be included in this "Falcon Crest" 40th Anniversary Tribute. Working on this amazing show was some of the happiest times I've had! I felt so grateful to be able to breathe life into Miss Jones! Erin Jones was such a complicated character, a double agent that was, indeed, in love and definitely infatuated with Richard Channing. Excellent at her job, willing to go to extremes to satisfy the whims of her boss, Angela Channing, no matter how dangerous those whims might be! I got to blow up bridges and hijack large truckfulls of wine and put mealy moths in vineyards!!! How much fun could one possibly have???
Thank you, EARL HAMNER! Loved every minute.



Hi Friends and Fans of "Falcon Crest":
Every actor dreams of landing a rôle in a television series. For me, the anniversary I cherish is getting the call from my agent in August 1981 that I was cast in the rôle of Mario Nuñez in "Falcon Crest". For two seasons, I had the joy of working in the Napa Valley.
I was a young man full of joy and success: immersed in grapes, drama, love and friendship of actor colleagues. I hope that comes across on the screen. Enjoy rewatching the episodes as I do.