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Celebrating 30 Years...
On Dec 4, 1981, "Falcon Crest" premièred on CBS.
On Dec 4, 2011, the "Falcon Crest" cast and the DFCF relive the vintage years and toast to one of the most successful dramas in television history...

Photos (left to right): © 1987 LORIMAR; © 1981 LORIMAR; © 1982 KATHY B. HAMPTON; © 2011 KEVIN PARRY – THE PALEY CENTER FOR MEDIA.
Thirty years! But feels like just a breath in the scheme of things...
I am filled with fond memories of our "Falcon Crest" days and family. I am delighted to still be in touch with so many of my fellow actors and producers. Now that the series is out in DVD it is fun and a little strange to be able to drop in my younger self and revisit our old haunts in the Napa Valley.
I would also like to express my deep appreciation to Thomas for keeping the "Falcon Crest" family of fans together. He has been the touchstone and knows more about the series than any of those actually involved with the show remember. So I would like to embrace Thomas and indeed all the fans who have held onto the characters in their minds and hearts.
It is a rare gift to live on as a young vibrant woman somewhere in the digital world of our fans.
All my best to you all... with love,
Susan Sullivan ... Maggie


Photos (left to right): © 1982 LORIMAR; © 1981 LORIMAR; © 1982 LORIMAR; © 2007 JAMIE ROSE.
Playing "Vickie" was one of the high-points of my acting career.
I can't tell you how much it means to me when I hear that you loved the character. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans of "Falcon Crest" for being a continual source of support and inspiration.
Jamie Rose