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"Falcon Crest" creator related link:
http://www.earlhamner.com (English):
official website of series creator, executive producer, writer and creative consultant EARL HAMNER, friend and supporter of the German FALCON CREST Fan Club
General links about "Falcon Crest":
http://www.facebook.com/falconcresttv (English):
official WARNER BROS. Facebook page about the series
http://www.falcon-crest.blogspot.com (English):
a blog about the show, particularly with current information about the cast and crew
http://hillplace.blogspot.de/2013/01/Favoring-Falcon-Crest.html (English):
a blog with random musings on all things related to movies and television, here in particular on the show
http://falconcreststory.free.fr (French):
a recommended website with plenty of information and screen captures; maintained by PASCAL, a French partner of the DFCF
https://sites.google.com/site/mundodallases (English / Español — Castellano):
Super Soaps — a fan website about the greatest classic TV drama series ("Dallas", "Knots Landing", "Falcon Crest" and "Dynasty")
http://www.tellytalk.net/forums/falcon-crest.19/ (English):
a discussion forum about the show
http://www.facebook.com/groups/150718958384197 (English):
"Falcon Crest Fans", a "Facebook" group discussing the show
http://www.facebook.com/groups/vintagefalconcrest/?fref=ts (English):
"Falcon Crest... Long May You Live!", a "Facebook" group discussing the show
http://www.facebook.com/falconcrestonDVD?ref=hl (English):
"Falcon Crest DVD Release Campaign", a "Facebook" group requesting a speedier DVD release of the remaining seasons
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/falconcrestchat (English):
a discussion forum about the show
"Falcon Crest" main cast related Links (alphabetically by actors' last names):
http://www.kristianonline.com (English):
http://www.brettcullen.com (English):
BRETT CULLEN's website
http://www.sarah-douglas.com (English):
http://www.timem.com/starwebs/sarahdouglas (English):
a fan site about SARAH DOUGLAS
http://www.angelfire.com/ca4/sarahdouglas (English):
a fan site about SARAH DOUGLAS
http://www.facebook.com/pages/LORENZO-LAMAS-CYCLES/111218931312?ref=ts (English):
website about LORENZO LAMAS' motorcycle company, LORENZO LAMAS CYCLES
http://www.gregoryharrison.com (English):
http://www.simonfans.com (English):
a fan site about SIMON MacCORKINDALE
http://www.davidselby.com (English):
DAVID SELBY's website
http://www.rodtaylorsite.com (English):
a fan website about ROD TAYLOR
http://www.jane-wyman.com (English):
JANE WYMAN's memorial website
"Falcon Crest" guest and supporting cast related links (alphabetically by actors' last names):
http://www.morganfairchild.com (English):
http://www.morganfairchildtribute.com (English):
a fan website about MORGAN FAIRCHILD
http://www.jilljacobson.net (English):
http://www.cindy-morgan.com (English):
CINDY MORGAN's website
Links to "Falcon Crest" related writers:
http://www.WhereHollywoodHides.com (English):
official website of supervising producer, executive story consultant, writer and director ROBERT L. McCULLOUGH and writer and actress SUZANNE HERRERA McCULLOUGH
Links to "Falcon Crest" filming locations:
http://www.springmtn.com (English):
the official website of SPRING MOUNTAIN VINEYARD — filming location of the Victorian Mansion (Villa Miravalle), the Winery Building, the Guest House and some of the Falcon Crest vineyards
http://www.stagsleap.com (English):
the official website of STAGS' LEAP WINERY — filming location of the Gioberti Estate, the Gianinni/Gioberti Winery, the tree-lined driveway to Falcon Crest and various Tuscany Valley vineyards
http://www.shafervineyards.com (English):
the official website of SHAFER VINEYARDS — filming location of some of the Falcon Crest vineyards and Jacqueline Perrault's grave (La Vigne Lana)
http://www.inglenook.com (English):
the official website of INGLENOOK — filming location of the Falcon Crest Cooperage and the interiors of the Winery Building
http://www.silveradoresort.com (English):
the official website of SILVERADO RESORT — filming location of the Del Oro Spa & Country Club
http://www.thequeen.org (English):
the official website of the QUEEN OF THE VALLEY HOSPITAL (NAPA VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER) — filming location of the Queen of the Valley Hospital (Tuscany Valley Medical Center)
http://www.phoenixhouse.org (English):
the official website of PHOENIX HOUSE — whose Lake View Terrace facilities were used as the Tuscany Valley (Memorial) Hospital
Links to studios where "Falcon Crest" was filmed:
http://wbsf.warnerbros.com (English):
official website of WARNER BROS. STUDIOS (previously THE BURBANK STUDIOS) — the sound stages and studio lot where "Falcon Crest" was shot regularly between 1981 and 1984
http://www.columbiaranch.net (English):
a fan website of the history of COLUMBIA RANCH (now WARNER BROS. RANCH) — the studio lot where some scenes of "Falcon Crest" were shot in 1982
http://www.cbssc.com (English):
official website of CBS STUDIO CENTER (previously CBS-FOX STUDIOS/CBS-MTM STUDIOS) — the sound stages and studio lot where "Falcon Crest" was shot regularly between 1984 and 1990
http://www.itsfilmedthere.com (English):
a fan website by CHAS DEMSTER featuring filming locations in Los Angeles and Chicago — with a big collection of photos of WARNER BROS. STUDIOS (previously THE BURBANK STUDIOS)
Links to other series from LORIMAR PRODUCTIONS, Inc.:
http://www.ultimatedallas.com (English):
a fan website about "Dallas", the "mother" of all prime time soap operas
http://www.dallasfanzine.com (English):
a fan website about "Dallas", the "mother" of all prime time soap operas
http://www.the-waltons.com (English):
official website about "The Waltons", the family saga based on EARL HAMNER's childhood memories, the first big success of LORIMAR
http://www.die-waltons.de (German):
a fan website about "The Waltons"
Links to other productions with cross-references to "Falcon Crest":
http://www.hillstreetblues.net (English):
a fan website about "Hill Street Blues", an MTM crime drama whose courtroom interior set was used in # 154 of "Falcon Crest"