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The DFCF is a non-commercial association which does not circulate or pass on personal data. Personal data are collected and used exclusively when visiting this website as well as for the purpose of membership and of orders of information material.
In case personal data are collected by the DFCF, this is done on the basis of the following data privacy statement:
Legal Source for the Processing of Data

As far as we have received the consent of the affected individual regarding the processing of personal data, the legal ground for processing is article 6 section 1 subsection 1 litera a of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR).
If the processing of personal data is required for the fulfillment of a contract with the affected person or for precedent actions, which were caused by the affected person, these actions are based on article 6 section 1 subsection 1 litera b of the GDPR.
In case the data processing is the result of a legal obligation which we have to meet, article 6 section 1 subsection 1 litera c of the GDPR serves as the legal basis.
If processing of persona data occurs in oder to protect essential interests of the affected person or any other individual, then the legal ground is article 6 section 1 subsection 1 litera d of the GDPR.
In case data processing serves the purpose of public interest or the execution of public authority, article 6 section 1 subsection 1 litera e of the GDPR applies.
To the extent that processing of personal data becomes necessary in order to protect a legitimate interest of the responsible or any other third party, without jeopardizing the interests, basic rights or fundamental freedom of the affected person, then article 6 section 1 subsection 1 litera f of the GDPR serves as the legal basis.

Access Data

Due to its essential interest (cf. article 6 section 1 litera f of the GDPR), the DFCF, as the operator of this website, collects data about the access to this website and saves them as server log files on this website server. The following data are recorded:

  • visited website
  • time of access
  • quantity of transmitted data in byte
  • source / link from which you accessed the website of the DFCF
  • used browser
  • used system software
  • used IP address

The server log files are saved for a maximum of seven days and are then deleted. The retention of the data is performed based on security reasons, in order to clarify cases of misusage, for example. If data are to be stored for longer than seven days due to the preservation of evidence, they are not subject to deletion until the incident is eventually closed.
No analysis of data for marketing purposes is perfomed in this respect.

Data Retention Period

All personal data collected by the DFCF during your website access are deleted automatically as soon as the purpose of collecting is achieved. The website access data are, therefore, saved until the website access is terminated (e.g. by leaving the website).

Notes to Rights of Affected Parties

According to the GDPR, you are regarded as an affected party if personal data, which concern you, are processed by the DFCF. Therefore, you are entitled to execute several rights for affected parties as stipulated in the GDPR. In particular, this concerns the right to information (article 15 of the GDPR), the right of correction (article 16 of the GDPR), the right of deletion (article 17 GDPR), the right of limitation of processing (article 18 of the GDPR), the right of objection (article 21 of the GDPR), the right to appeal to a supervisory authority (article 77 of the GDPR) and the right of data portability (article 20 of the GDPR).

Newsletter Subscriptions

As the operator of this website, the DFCF offers a newsletter free of charge, in which you are informed about current events and offers. In case you wish to subscribe to this newsletter, you are asked to provide a valid e-mail address. By subscribing to the newsletter, you give your consent to receiving the newsletters and the explained processing.
The newsletter transmission is performed by service provider 1 & 1. Information on the data privacy statement of this service provider are accessible at: www.1und1.de/Datenschutz (available in German language only).
Notice of Cancelation:
You are entitled to revoke your consent to the receipt of the newsletter at any time and to cancel your newsletter subscription. Subsequent to the cancelation, your personal data will be deleted. Your consent to the newsletter transmission ends at the same time. At the bottom of each newsletter, you will find information on how to cancel.