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April 8, 2022:

After the merger of WARNER BROS. and AT&T in October 2016, the newly formed WARNER MEDIA division was spun off and sold to DISCOVERY to form WARNER BROS. DISCOVERY.
With continuing regime changes at the company, it has become unlikely that older projects like the "Falcon Crest" redux remain on the agenda.


May 29, 2014:

WARNER BROS. has not made a definite decision about the "Falcon Crest" redux yet, but with the ratings of the new "Dallas" continuing to slide and the production company's avoiding a straight answer, chances for a revival of "Falcon Crest" have become less probable.


Dec 12, 2013:

WARNER BROS. has classified the "Falcon Crest" redux as a project to "think about", but is still avoiding a final decision.


Oct 10, 2013:

TV Guide's WILLIAM KECK publishes the first mass media report about the "Falcon Crest" redux in "Keck's Exclusives".


Sept 27, 2013:

Regarding the "Falcon Crest" redux, WARNER BROS. remains unwilling to commit. The main reason is the lack of success of the new "Dallas" series, which premièred in 2012; the "Dallas" reboot has been struggling with low ratings in the U.S. from the beginning, and the ratings have been continuing to slide; on an international basis, the new "Dallas" has been a flop from the beginning. However, no definite decision about the "Falcon Crest" redux has been made yet.


July 21, 2013:

According to WARNER HORIZON TELEVISION, the TNT cable TV channel has no interest in developing "Falcon Crest" as a new series at this time.


June 26, 2013:

After a series of meetings with WARNER BROS. and ongoing negotiations about the redux, GARNER SIMMONS and ROBERT L. McCULLOUGH give the GERMAN FALCON CREST FAN CLUB green light to publish the first details about the redux in the media on this website. For that purpose, a new Redux menu is created, featuring a brief overview of the concept for the show's revival.


June 6, 2013:

WARNER BROS. establishes their official "Falcon Crest" page on Facebook not only to promote the show's DVDs, but also to test the waters for the redux.


April 4, 2013:

ROBERT L. McCULLOUGH informs DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER that a meeting with WARNER BROS. resulted in offering the "Falcon Crest" redux to various cable networks.


Feb 22, 2013:

Discussions with WARNER BROS. include a potential 2-hour backdoor pilot for the redux.


Feb 6, 2013:

GARNER SIMMONS informs DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER that he got commitments from actors DAVID SELBY and WILLIAM R. MOSES for the "Falcon Crest" redux. A meeting with several producers at WARNER BROS. has taken place to discuss the proposal for the sequel.


Dec 11, 2012:

ROBERT L. McCULLOUGH informs DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER in a confidential note about the redux. Meetings with various production entities and networks are in progress to discuss the possibility of bringing the show back with much of the original cast intact.


approx. June 2012:

ROBERT L. McCULLOUGH, writer, executive story consultant, director and supervising producer (seasons 1 through 3), and GARNER SIMMONS, writer and story editor (seasons 1 through 3), are developing a "Falcon Crest" redux, a sequel to the original series.