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The Sun Sets.
The Falcon Rises.
Out of a Bygone Era —
A New Beginning...
Steeped in tradition and built with the blood and sweat of generations, "Falcon Crest" is more than a vast winery cradled in the rolling hills north of San Francisco — it is the story of a family and a heritage.
Created by EARL HAMNER, "Falcon Crest" made its début on December 4, 1981 on CBS and was among the top-rated primetime TV series for nearly a decade. Since its departure from the network lineup, legions of fans have been patiently waiting for the show's return.
Two of the original and most prolific writers of the show, series developer and Supervising Producer ROBERT L. McCULLOUGH and Story Editor GARNER SIMMONS (who has since gone on to a career as a writer / producer as well) have now developed a concept for a redux — the revival of "Falcon Crest". Today, there are ongoing negotiations with WARNER HORIZON TELEVISION, a WARNER BROS. production company developing scripted series for various cable networks and broadcast channels for a spectacular return of "Falcon Crest" to primetime TV.

"Traveling north on Highway 101 out of San Francisco, across the Golden Gate, you find yourself in another world. Beyond the affluent suburbs of Mill Valley, you are seduced by the verdant rolling hills, unaware that the lush vineyards will ensnare you in the people and passions of... Falcon Crest..."

That's how BOB McCULLOUGH introduced this classic show's Season 2 bible; it's a promise that "Falcon Crest" still stands for today. He and GARNER SIMMONS have known the classic series from the beginning, as they were intimately involved in redeveloping the pilot episode from its predecessor, EARL HAMNER's "The Vintage Years". BOB and GARNER have conceived more than a mere "update" of the series. The new "Falcon Crest" won't be a simple reboot; it will be a genuine sequel, taking the characters and their passions into the 21st century.
In an exclusive sneak preview, GARNER SIMMONS said:

"The new 'Falcon Crest' will, of necessity, be linked to the past through the two most prominent surviving characters — Cole Gioberti and Richard Channing. Lance may also eventually join them depending on how things play out. The rest of the cast will be young — the next generation of young foxes in the vineyards.
More than 25 years have passed since Cole Gioberti sailed into the sunset. His return will be to a different world.
We need to reimagine 'Falcon Crest' in a way that captures the spirit of the original three seasons while not carrying the burden of all the contradictions from subsequent ones."

The sequel will feature Richard Channing (DAVID SELBY), who is now the patriarch of the Channing family just as Angela Channing (JANE WYMAN) was the dramatic fulcrum in the original series. Cole Gioberti (WILLIAM R. MOSES) will return to find his roots on the Gioberti lands and honor his father's dream. The Tuscany Valley may have evolved over the last 20 years, but the passions, conflicts, and dramatic personalities endure.
The new series will be surprising, outrageous, inventive, calculating, shocking, bold, aggressive, horrifying and even... diabolic. Most importantly, the audience will once again be swept along in the tide of competing desires, insatiable greed, and thinly-veiled lust... the same compelling elements that made the original series a major hit with viewers across multiple generations.
For the show's everlasting and loyal audience, it will feel like coming home to the Tuscany Valley... to the familiar surroundings of a palatial estate, the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion as a masterpiece of fine architecture set amidst the lush vineyards... to the family we have grown to love, respect, and despise in the same breath.
For new viewers, it will be an exciting journey... meeting a family of strong-willed but somehow flawed characters who are caught up in the struggles that challenge both the innocent, the guilty, and the super-rich. The conflicts between traditional and contemporary values will be on full display, populated by characters sharing a long history and dark secrets; the show will be seasoned with moments of "living history" from the original series to contribute valuable and compelling backstory.
The sequel will appeal to an audience still longing for the elegance of the past... yet hungry for the passions of youth, all driven as lovers of "the good life". The foundations of the new series will draw younger viewers along with original fans as contemporary story-telling and dynamic new characters are woven among the classic elements that made "Falcon Crest" what was once called "must-see TV". It's going to be nothing less than a sip of vintage high drama and irresistible intrigue when this classic is finally uncorked...
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Date of publication: 06/26/2013.