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Season 9 is available for streaming through the following service:

Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) / Amazon Prime Video

From 03/01/2022 on, all episodes of the series (seasons 1 through 9) can be watched for free through this streaming service, which is exclusively available for people with a U.S. IP address and a residential address in the U.S. Due to geo-blocking, streaming is not available for customers outside the U.S.
The quality is much better than in TV airings, but varies from episode to episode. No picture remastering was applied so the picture quality is not as good as the season 3 DVD release.
All season 9 episodes are unedited.
All season 9 episodes contain the sneak preview for each following episode (between act 4 and the end credits), introduced by an announcer: "Next on 'Falcon Crest'". Although the footage of the preview is identical with the one presented in the teaser before the main title of the following episode, the music score is different.
There is no information available at this time if and when Amazon will be streaming the series in Europe.